'The Hospital' Author Brian Alexander On America's Health


The Hospital proves that Phil Ennen or any other executive do-gooder can’t solve America’s health care problem. It has to be solved by all of us, or it will remain everyone’s problem.

Health Insurance
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Coronavirus Is About To Radically Change U.S. Healthcare


  • I have bad news for health care shareholders invested in making people healthy
  • The market is in the worst downturn since 1987
  • I have worse news for humans invested in being healthy.

Coronavirus Health
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QAnon Is Taking Over The Yoga And Wellness Influencer


The beliefs central to QAnon, such as a distrust of the establishment and alternative ideas around health care, are particularly attractive to members of the …

Wellness Healthcare
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Covid 19 Vaccines: Is It OK To Travel To Get A Shot


Poynter says that the state does know that there is a fairly large population of part-time winter residents who rely on their health care institutions, and tend to be older adults, and thus more

Covid 19 Health
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Dua Lipa Talks Life With Universal Healthcare With Bernie


Dua Lipa Discusses the Wonders of Universal Healthcare in England With Bernie Sanders “For us Brits, we consider the [National Health Service] a …

Life Healthcare
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With Trumpcare, GOP Takes Women's Health Hypocrisy To A


The American Health Care Act, which passed in the House last week, is a cornucopia of Republican hypocrisies. Republicans claimed the problem …

Mens Health
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CDC Declares Racism A 'Serious' Public Health Threat


Public health specialist and physician Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones explained to Scientific American in 2020 how racism, public health and the pandemic have intersected to …

Health Insurance
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Coronavirus Is Wreaking Havoc On Our Mental Health


If you are struggling with mental health conditions, please reach out to a mental health care professional or contact the National Alliance on Mental Illness …

Coronavirus Health
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Performers' Mental Health: Is Porn Industry Doing Enough


She believes mental health care should be just as accessible and routinely offered to performers as STI testing, which is mandated every two weeks by an industry trade group.

Mens Health
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Pharmacy Workers Are Getting COVID 19 But Can't Afford To


“This is a health care crisis,” he said on Monday night, his voice laced with phlegm, “but Walgreens is behaving like it’s business as usual.” Do you have information you’d like to

Covid 19 Health
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5 Ways The New GOP Health Care Bill Is Even Worse Than


Earlier today, the House passed the American Health Care Act, the Obamacare replacement plan President Trump long promised, by a vote of 217 to 213. As you read this, House Republicans are

Health Insurance
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The World Health Organization Faces A Crucial Test In The


Why the World Health Organization’s Response to COVID-19 Is Crucial to the Future of Public Health The coronavirus is a stress test for the U.N. agency trying to rehabilitate its image.

Beauty Face
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Arkansas Doctors Will Be Able To Refuse To Treat LGBTQ


“Making it easier to deny people health care isn’t just wrong, it’s dangerous,” Holly Dickson, ACLU of Arkansas executive director, said in a statement when the bill first passed. “This

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The Shocking Verdict On Trumpcare


The Dark Strategy at the Core of the GOP Health Care Plan Related Country's 15 Highest Drug Odes 'Baby, It's Cold Outside': A Brief History of the Holiday Song Controversy Trump’s Health

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A New Low In Health Care Rhetoric


I thought it was a flawed bill, rushed into being for political reasons, that was destined to leave a huge chunk of our health care problems unsolved, in the process creating complex new burdens

Health Insurance
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How The Music Industry Is Fighting The Mental Health


The goal is to gather data on the mental-health problems that artists and crew members face (the survey will be sent to about 10,000 industry members worldwide) and use it …

Mens Health
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Obamacare Supreme Court Oral Arguments


Obamacare also requires that preventive health care be covered free of charge, which means people now have access to vaccines, contraception, and …

Mens Health
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Trump Appears To Not Understand What Health Insurance Is


While the GOP health care bill was on life support the weekend before last, Trump spent two days golfing at his resort, followed by a photo-op event that featured him in a fire truck.

Health Insurance
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Biden Executive Order Expands Obamacare To Uninsured In


  • President Joe Biden signs a series of executive orders on health care, in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, Jan

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Andrew Cuomo Takes Charge


Health care should be, “I’m going to keep you healthy so you don’t go into a hospital.” And that is a nationwide reorientation that we’re doing here in New York, and it’s the current

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Xavier Becerra: Will Biden Health Nominee Prescribe A


How Biden Health Nominee Xavier Becerra Could Prescribe a Better Climate The pandemic will be Becerra’s first order of business, but there is a lot the health

Health Insurance
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The Washington Post Fact Checked Bernie Sanders. It Went


  • Medical debt is a major driver of personal bankruptcy
  • This is a fact that Bernie Sanders highlights on the stump in support of his Medicare for All proposal

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GOP Wants To Shut Down The Government Over Women's Health


In fact, House Republicans have tried for years to defund the reproductive health care provider, and have failed to do so session after session. This time, in order to strong-arm their fellow

Mens Health
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Congressional Republicans Are Desperate To Repeal


Congressional Republicans Are Desperate to Repeal Obamacare GOP senators, running out of time to act on health care, are now pushing the so-called Graham-Cassidy bill

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'Lenox Hill' Series Follows New York Health Workers: Watch


Although Lenox Hill was filmed from April 2018 to November 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic’s arrival in the United States, the series is a reminder of how essential frontline health care

Health Insurance
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Echoes Of Philip Morris And Hillarycare


The current campaign to defeat health care reform bears an uncanny resemblance to the one secretly implemented by Philip Morris and its third-party allies in the early 1990s to defeat Hillarycare.

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The Planned Parenthood Power Struggle That Ousted Leanna


Planned Parenthood is a massive health care provider, serving more than 2.4 million patients at some 600 health clinics across the country, and a …

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As Women Try To Survive COVID 19, Politicians Take Away


Health care workers, the majority of whom are women, going to work on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Low-wage workers deemed essential, some leaving their children at …

Covid 19 Health
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Bill And Hillary Clinton Will See You Now


In 1980, health care consumed nine percent of the gross national product. By 1992, it gobbled up half again as much –– fourteen percent of GNP, or more than $800 billion.

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Warren's Medicare For All Plan Asks Rich People, Companies


Lack of health insurance will kill some of those 27 million people, yet somehow that fact always gets lost amid an endless focus on taxes and on a …

Medicare Health
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Eco Anxiety In The Age Of Climate Change


A lack of diversity and cultural competence in the mental health care field may also be a barrier — as recently as 2015, 86 percent of U.S. psychologists were white.

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Taibbi: Single Payer Effort Shows Life Post Trump May Not


They want health care, a decent wage, free higher education, an end to abusive policing, and a few other things. No matter what people like Scher says, these aren’t huge asks.

Life Healthcare
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How Entertainment And Health Care Industries Address


  • What can a health-care organization do to address a problem like homelessness? As it turns out, quite a lot

Mens Health
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Why Supreme Court's CA Prison Ruling Is Good For Health


A competing dissent from Justice Alito (co-signed by Roberts) reasons that the heinously inadequate health care delivery in California prisons must be judged against the heinously inadequate

Health Insurance
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Ideology, Not Tactics, Killed Trumpcare


Ideology, Not Tactics, Killed Trumpcare Republicans couldn’t come up with a good plan in seven years because a Republican health care bill is an oxymoron

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Seth Moulton Wants To Bring Mental Health Into The 2020


Moulton’s advocating for a 511 national mental health hotline, pushing mental health as an essential part of basic health care, advocating for regular mental health check ups for active duty

Mens Health
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QAnon: How The Anti Vaxxers Got Red Pilled


Our current health care system produces wildly disparate outcomes for people of color, including a maternal death rate that’s 2.5 times higher for black women than for white women.

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5 Reasons Decriminalization Protects Sex Workers' Rights


Such a move would also reduce mistreatment of sex workers and increase their access to human rights, including health care.” 5. Decriminalization is just one …

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What Are We Learning About Kamala Harris


Health care will be a core issue in the Democratic primary, and it’s going to be difficult for a candidate to advocate for anything other than universal coverage or a single-payer system

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Tennessee Has A Medicaid Plan To Cut Health Spending On


The plan, called TennCare, requires approval from the federal government, leaving the fate of health care for poor Tennessee residents in the hands of Donald Trump’s Health

Health Insurance
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Coronavirus Timeline: How President Trump Failed To


Department of Homeland Security study predicts a severe flu epidemic could result in 6.5 million hospitalizations and 2.3 million ICU admissions and “could overwhelm the Healthcare

Coronavirus Health
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Texas Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional


  • Now Congress must pass a STRONG law that provides GREAT healthcare and protects pre-existing conditions
  • Mitch and Nancy, get it done! — Donald J
  • Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 15, 2018

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Why Aren't HIV PrEP Pills Going To The People Who Need


The head of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation panned the once-daily pill as a “party drug.” Other health officials claimed that taking Truvada would cause a wave of wild unprotected sex.

Hiv Health
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Death Of Sha Asia Washington Highlights Devastating Trend


Death of Sha-Asia Washington, Pregnant 26-Year-Old Black Woman, Highlights Devastating Trend The maternal mortality rate has been on …

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Don Berwick On The Fate Of 'Obamacare'


A professor of health policy at Harvard and a newly-minted fellow at Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, Berwick is a widely-admired leader in the field of healthcare

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Why Are Black Communities Being Singled Out As Covid


Healthcare workers administer the COVID-19 vaccine to residents living in the Jackson Heights neighborhood at St. Johns Missionary Baptist Church on January 10, 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Covid 19 Health
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4 Disturbing Takeaways From The New Trumpcare Report


While stupefying, the figure is a hair better than the first incarnation of the GOP health care bill, which the CBO estimated would have left 24 million people uninsured by …

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