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What Is Healthcare Consulting And Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Rxeconsult.com

  • For healthcare consulting firms and other healthcare related business, healthcare consultants provide expertise or support that is not available in-house and is usually needed for a limited time

Health Insurance
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Build Your Network & Find Healthcare Jobs And Business

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  • RxEconsult is your podium for sharing your ideas and starting or joining the conversation - your message can reach the world
  • Do you want to improve health care knowledge, change your profession, report health care trends or news, share your experience or solutions?

Healthcare Jobs
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What Is Managed Care, Managed Care

Healthcare Rxeconsult.com

Managed Care is a healthcare delivery system with goals to manage medical costs, streamline healthcare utilization and maintain expected quality standards. A managed care organization (MCO) contracts with Medicare and Medicaid to provide for the delivery of health services.

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Your Professional Personality And Your Healthcare Career

Examinations Rxeconsult.com

As a healthcare professional, your personality determines how you approach your career. Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, therapists and physician assistants must complete years of costly education and then obtain licensing through standardized examinations, hands-on training and usually even some type of validation of personal ethical standing.

Healthcare Careers
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Affiliate Marketing For Healthcare Professionals And

Affiliate Rxeconsult.com

Healthcare professionals able to commit to building and maintaining a blog or website may use affiliate marketing to generate revenue. Professionals should also find ways to leverage their virtual and real-world social and professional networks to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Health Insurance
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The IPad Pro And Your Medical Practice: What You Should

Apple Rxeconsult.com

  • What You Need to Know Before Buying an iPad Pro for Your Medical Practice
  • Apple introduced the iPad Pro in fall 2105
  • It is the newest release to the iPad family which features an impressive 12.9-inch display, foldable keyboard and the Apple stylus dubbed the Apple Pencil
  • The iPad Pro is now available for purchase and has been positioned for the enterprise user.

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Common Medical Record Documentation Errors Jane Jackson

Documentation Rxeconsult.com

  • Medical record documentation is a critical component of quality reporting for health care plans
  • Audits and reviews are performed for the collection of HEDIS (Health Information Data and Information Set) information and for the review of Medicare Risk Adjustment payment validations
  • Many good medical records “fail” due to documentation errors.

Mens Health
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What Is The 5 Star Rating System For Managed Care

System Rxeconsult.com

  • The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses a 5 Star quality rating system to grade health care plans
  • Star ratings are a crucial part of maintaining a contract with Medicare and Medicaid
  • Here is an explanation of the quality rating system and how the data is collected.

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5 Free Mobile Health Apps For Patients Colleen Malloy

Health Rxeconsult.com

  • Health Tap is a free app for those seeing medical advice directly from doctors
  • A patient can ask or search for specific question regarding an illness or health habit, and licensed physicians will answer the question.

Health Insurance
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Reducing Employee Stress With A New Wellness Program

Health Rxeconsult.com

“Chronic stress has been shown to increase the risk of a number of negative health outcomes, including heart disease, cancer and dementia.” “About 133 million Americans—nearly 1 in 2 adults—live with at least one chronic illness, and more than 75% of health care costs are due to chronic conditions.”

Wellness Healthcare
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The Real Benefits Of A Medical Career Heidi Moawad, MD

Health Rxeconsult.com

  • Health care is a field for those who are not intimidated by academic pressures
  • All of the positions listed above require a balance of sympathy and levelheadedness at times of patient stress and uncertainty
  • Unpredictability is a hallmark of the workday for a health care professional.

Healthcare Careers
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Opioid And NSAID Combinations And Stomach Bleeding Adam

Bleeding Rxeconsult.com

  • Opioids and NSAID combinations can cause serious bleeding from the stomach and intestines
  • A review of bleeding risk associated with this combination and how to reduce the risk of bleeding

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Pharmacists And Healthcare Provider Status Steve Soman

Providers Rxeconsult.com

  • Recognizing pharmacists as healthcare providers and changing the compensation structure will increase availability of individualized pharmacist care
  • Surgeon General signed a letter of support in December of 2011 to recognize pharmacists as health care providers in health care reform.

Health Insurance
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Best US Cities For Healthcare Jobs And Quality Of Life

Population Rxeconsult.com

The Health Care and Social Assistance program is also attractive to healthcare workers because it helps workers find sustainable and secure employment. Raleigh, North Carolina has been experiencing a population growth boom of 41.85% since the census count of 2000 and is not expected to slow down anytime soon, with the population predicted to

Healthcare Jobs
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HEDIS And The Patient's Right To Refuse Care Jane

Patient Rxeconsult.com

A health care plan cannot obtain FIVE STARS from HEDIS without patient compliance BUT doesn't the patient have rights? Can't the patient refuse to undergo preventive testing, or chose not to quit a bad habit or even chose which medications to take or not to take? What do providers and healthcare plans do with these patients? Disown them?

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6 Ways Healthcare Centers Can Prevent Data Breaches

Security Rxeconsult.com

Electronic health records might have taken over the traditional record-keeping in healthcare systems, but organizations still keep sensitive data on paper. To ensure the security of this data, service providers and the organization must implement physical security as well.

Health Insurance
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12 Brain Foods For A Healthy Powerful Brain Katleen

Brain Rxeconsult.com

  • In fact, every person experiences loss of focus and concentration or weak memory from time to time
  • There are many things you can do to boost your brain health and to make some high fiber diet adjustments is one of them
  • This article brings you 12 superfoods you should add to your menu to improve brain health

Beauty Food
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Healthcare Professionals Need Excellent Communication And

Professionalism Rxeconsult.com

  • This can leave health care professionals feeling as if they failed when they don't achieve perfection
  • It is important for providers in the medical world to recognize that it takes years to hone professionalism
  • It is the rare doctor, pharmacist or nurse who can honestly claim to have been as adept at professionalism early in their career as later.

Cats Health
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10 Advantages Of Being A Pharmacist Omudhome Ogbru

Considering Rxeconsult.com

If you are considering pharmacy careers then you have probably wondered about the advantages of being a pharmacist. Pharmacists who are considering other professions or have forgotten why they chose pharmacy years ago, may require a reminder of the benefits of their chosen profession.

Home Healthcare
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How Heathcare Data Security Rules Affect Your Organization

Handled Rxeconsult.com

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has helped ensure industry-wide standards for the handling and release of sensitive patient records and billing information are handled properly and confidentially. Here are a few ways healthcare data security rules can affect your practice.

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Tips For Healthcare Professionals Who Want Be Authors

Pharmaceutical Rxeconsult.com

  • Starting a Health Care Business
  • Best Approach for Finding a Non-Clinical Job in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Physicians Leave Medicine
  • From Clinical Medicine to Pharmaceutical Industry - Physician Experience
  • From Physician Practice to Pharmaceutical Industry Career
  • Apply For Jobs At The Healthcare

Health Insurance
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Effective Tips For Medical Practices To Reduce Incoming

Phone Rxeconsult.com

  • Apply For Jobs At The Healthcare Career Center
  • Envision this scenario for a moment
  • You are working at the front desk in your practice and the phone rings
  • You pick up the phone and it’s a patient calling to schedule an appointment.

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How To Build A Factory Efficient Medical Practice Tony

Medical Rxeconsult.com

Building a Factory Efficient Medical Practice By Reducing Non-Value Work. In the first article in this series, Improving Medical Practices by Adapting Manufacturing Processes, I illustrated some of the similarities that exist between how medical practice and manufacturers conduct business.To recap, medical practices and manufacturing factories perform three types of work.

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Growth Projections For Doctorate Level Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare Rxeconsult.com

  • Healthcare practitioners are the foundation and framework of our healthcare system
  • They work together to ensure patients receive proper treatment in a timely manner
  • With the expected growth in demand for healthcare services, healthcare providers will continue to have job security and satisfying healthcare careers.

Healthcare Jobs
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The History Of US Healthcare Insurance Jane Jackson, RN

Reduce Rxeconsult.com

The first Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) was formed for Los Angeles’ Department of Water and Power employees providing a wide range of health care services at a set rate. The American Hospital Association was created when community hospitals organized with each other to offer hospital coverage and to reduce competition, leading to the

Health Insurance
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5 Things To Know For American Heart Month RxEconsult

Healthy Rxeconsult.com

  • When it comes to heart health, action means staying in touch with your body
  • Know the 8 essentials of a heart-healthy diet
  • There are thousands of books, studies and other publications about healthy eating
  • The renowned Mayo Clinic narrows it down to 8 essentials: 1) Choose healthy portions

Heart Disease Health
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Healthcare Data Breaches And Cloud Computing Alycia

Management Rxeconsult.com

  • The migration process can be, however, a little daunting for healthcare organizations since they have to deal with tons of data on a daily basis
  • Securing medics from data breaches
  • Coming to the health care industry, the cloud has surpassed the conventional healthcare data management systems by being super-efficient with the management of data.

Health Insurance
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Medical Identity Theft Rises. How To Protect Yourself

Taking Rxeconsult.com

Taking healthcare into the digital age can help streamline the organization and lower overhead costs but opens up Pandora's box where hackers can steal your medical identity to receive health care or obtain personal information like social security numbers.

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New Health Devices For Seniors RxEconsult Team RxEconsult

Lives Rxeconsult.com

  • Check out new devices for seniors to improve their health
  • Technology is changing every aspect of our lives
  • Today, more leading innovators are focusing on cutting-edge technologies to help seniors lead longer, healthier and happier lives
  • Here are some examples of technologies for seniors.

Health Insurance
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How Nurses Should Handle Difficult Patients Bianca

Needed Rxeconsult.com

  • To pursue a career in the healthcare industry, one has to be equipped with a particular set of skills
  • Strong people skills and a compassionate nature are needed, regardless of your position within the health care system
  • But difficulties always arise, for both care practitioners and patients.

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Healthcare Jobs Without Doctorate Degree Requirement Van

Providers Rxeconsult.com

  • Healthcare providers play a very important role in a patient’s health
  • The need and demand for healthcare providers continue to rise as the elderly population increases
  • The rate of employment for healthcare providers is higher than the average occupation in the United States
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of

Healthcare Jobs
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Integrated Care And The Future Of Medical Technology

Mental Rxeconsult.com

  • However, perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to increased access to mental health care is the patients themselves
  • According to the World Health Organization, 15 percent of adults aged 60 or older suffer from a mental disorder such as dementia or depression
  • Part of why these mental health problems tend to be under-identified is because people

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How To Start A Medication Therapy Management (MTM

Kaiser Rxeconsult.com

  • In 2005, I was offered a position by Kaiser Permanente, a well-known Health Maintenance Organization
  • I gained new perspectives at Kaiser where I served as the pharmacy manager in a highly clinical environment
  • In this capacity, I worked closely with the (doctor-nurse-patient-pharmacist) healthcare team to improve the medication therapy

Cats Health
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Top 6 Free Pharmacy Apps For Patients Randeep Hans

Costs Rxeconsult.com

Medication adherence is a hot topic in health care because non-adherence costs the healthcare industry billions of dollars each year. Not to mention the costs incurred by patients that forego medication and end up in the hospital with a substantial medical bill.

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Ethics For Healthcare And Public Administration

Public Rxeconsult.com

Oftentimes, healthcare administrators work with public administrators to advance laws, programs, and policies that help people on a broad societal level. In recent years, there has been the emergence of what’s called the “new public sector,” which expands the definition of public service administration to include nonprofits/NGOs

Health Insurance
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Mobile Device, Health IT Security, Health Information, And

Healthcare Rxeconsult.com

  • Mobile Devices and Healthcare Information Security
  • Healthcare has come along way in the 21st century
  • Today one can find out almost anything on the World Wide Web
  • Similarly, when it comes to monitoring one’s health there are several technology tools designed to cater to people’s needs.

Health Insurance
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Differences Between Acute And Chronic Conditions Jane

Health Rxeconsult.com

  • Health care workers see patients regularly for acute conditions
  • I think my blood pressure is high
  • Do we use the “treat what’s here in front of us” or “investigate the cause of the …

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Healthcare Management Jobs And Openings Nationwide

Management Rxeconsult.com

Healthcare management is the business aspect of healthcare and is responsible for care management which includes establishing policy, reimbursement issues, hiring personnel, ensuring compliance with laws, tracking and measuring quality of care, enforcing guidelines, purchasing drugs and durable goods, and making sure that the healthcare organization is financially sound.

Healthcare Jobs
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Improving The Patient Experience Abhinav Shashank

Improving Rxeconsult.com

  • Reducing the per capita cost of healthcare
  • Fortunately, health systems know that patient satisfaction isn’t just a tool for a performance bonus
  • Improving patient satisfaction is a way to identify gaps in care delivery and develop quality services.

Experience Health
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What Is Health Information Technology Or Health IT Moji

Healthcare Rxeconsult.com

Health Information Technology (HIT) or healthcare IT or health IT is the application of information processes involving both computer hardware and software that support the storage, retrieval, sharing, and use of health care information, data, and knowledge for communication and decision making. When healthcare services converge with technology

Health Insurance
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Telemedicine, Healthcare Delivery, And Medical Tourism

Healthcare Rxeconsult.com

Pushing healthcare access to the Third World. In developing regions, where cellular connectivity has become largely ubiquitous, telemedicine shines as a solution for expanding the reach of healthcare services, bringing skilled medical diagnosis, treatment, and …

Liver Cancer Health
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How To Leverage Nursing Technologies To Save Time And

Hospital Rxeconsult.com

There are countless essential employees working within your hospital, but by far one of the most important groups are the nurses. Nurses have the most personal contact and interaction with patients staying in the hospital, offering them more than just help medically, but also often becoming a confidant, an advocate, and a friend.

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Innovation In Corporate Health And Engagement Josh

Increasing Rxeconsult.com

An innovative approach to the increasing need for employers to make health and engagement an integral part of their culture and core values in order to increase workplace satisfaction and reduce employee turnover, sick days, PTO, while simultaneously increasing productivity, collaboration and happiness. Keas describes their approach.

Mens Health
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How To Increase Cybersecurity For Practice Management

Contact Rxeconsult.com

Health insurance identification numbers used to create fraudulent insurance claims and can also be sold to a person desiring free healthcare for medical services. Patient contact information; Physician’s name, potential contact information, ID data; Fraud is fraud.

Mens Health
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Practicing Proper Hand Hygiene Saves Lives Gillian

Health Rxeconsult.com

  • According the World Health Organization (WHO) health care associated infections (HCAI) affects millions of patients every year
  • It is the most common adverse event in the health care setting and it can be prevented by good hand hygiene

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Healthcare Venture Capital And Investments In 2017 Emily

Healthcare Rxeconsult.com

Everything one should know about healthcare venture capital and investments in 2017. A discussion about valuations, impact of political changes on healthcare, consumer-driven healthcare, preparing a business plan, and what to expect from healthcare investing in 2017.

Mens Health
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Health Benefits Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Fish Oil

Benefits Rxeconsult.com

A review of health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. Scientific evidence for reported benefits of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are discussed.

Health Insurance
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Lipitor And Diabetes, HbA1c, Blood Glucose Omudhome

Increased Rxeconsult.com

Does Lipitor cause Diabetes? The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on February 28, 2012, that the prescribing information for Lipitor (atorvastatin) and other cholesterol reducing drugs in the statin class will include warnings about risk of increased blood sugar levels, increased HbA1c, and diagnoses of diabetes.. The Food and Drug administration used the Pravastatin or

Diabetes Health
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