Healthcare Quality: Basic Concepts


Healthcare Quality The extent to which health services provided to individuals and patient populations improve desired health outcomes. The care should be based on the strongest clinical evidence and provided in a technically and culturally …

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Access To Health Care


Access to Health Care 1. A Presentation by: Cynthia Brown, MBA, RHIT, CCS 2. Healthy People 2020 Objective:Emphasize the role of community partnerssuch as businesses, local governments, andcivic, professional, and religious organizationsas effective agents for improving health in theirlocal communities (Shi & Singh, 2010).

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Healthcare Systems


Health System Strengthening for Human Resources Human Resource Issues Possible National-Level HSS Interventions Continuing education and training for public, private sector, and community health workers -Investment in health training institutions -Integration of child health training curricula into local medical and nursing schools -Linking training to job roles, supervision, and …

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Demand For Healthcare Umadhay


The Demand for Health Care• The effect of education on the demand for healthcare is not predictable– If education makes a person more efficient inproducing health, an increased awareness ofthe value of good nutrition and prevention ofdisease will reduce the quantity of health carerequired to produce a given stock of health 3.

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Healthcare Industry Ppt


Objective To study the various aspects of the Health care industry in India with respect to the Marketingsegmentation, issues at hand and opportunities of growth. 3. Flow of Presentation Brief Overview of Indian Medical Tourism HealthCare Sector Ayurveda Emerging and Re- Surgical Equipments emerging diseases Pharmaceuticals in India Indian

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Ethics Of Health Care Introduction


Ethics of health care introduction 1. ETHICS OF HEALTH CARE INTRODUCTION Brenda Holmes MSN/Ed, RN 2. GOAL <ul><li>At the end of this introductory material, the student should understand the need for the health professional to develop the science and professional conduct aspects of his or her craft. </li></ul> 3.

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Definition & Concept Of Health


2. Definition of health • The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO, 1947). 3. Concept Of Health • An understanding of health is the basis of all the health care.

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Health Care Agencies


Types of health care agencies • Health insurance schemes – E.S.I (Employees state insurance) • Introduced in 1948 • Employees working under the scheme are given, – maternity benefits – Medical care in cash and kind – Benefits in case of employment injury – Pension for dependents on death of worker due to employment injury 8.

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Health Inequalities


• Inequity in health and health care Inequity in health is a normative concept and refers to those inequalities that are judged to be unjust or unfair because they result from socially derived processes. Equity in health care requires active engagement in planning, implementation, and regulation of health systems to make unbiased and

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5S Lean For Healthcare


Company Background 1998 MarketLab founded to provide Unique & Hard-to-Find Products to the Clinical Laboratory 2002 Clearform, Inc. acrylic fabricator is founded 2005 MarketLab expands into the Healthcare Market Approved supplier of 95% of hospitals in North America 2010 MarketLab expands into the MRI Suite with the acquisition of Newmatic Medical 2012 MarketLab launches 5S Lean for Healthcare uniquely bringing together expertise in 5S process strategy and Healthcare

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Ethics In Healthcare


Healthcare ethics is a thoughtful review of how to act in the bestinterest of patients and their family. It is also about making good choices based on beliefs and valuesregarding life, health, suffering and death. The ethical and/or moral premises of healthcare are complex and intricate.

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Lean Healthcare Overview


References • The following book and presentation were used for examples and information in this presentation: – The Pittsburgh Way to Efficient Healthcare, Naida Grunden, Productivity Press – Utilizing Lean Principles to Improve Patient Flow in the ED, AME presentation by St. Mary’s Health Care, November 2006 Roper & Associates Inc. 30

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Health Disparities Power Point FINAL


Definitions Health: state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Healthcare: the prevention, treatment and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being; services offered by the medical and Allied health professions 5. Determinants of Health 1. Behavior 2. Physical environment 3. Social environment 4.

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Health Care Marketing Plan Presentation


Good Evening, Our presenters this evening are: Debbie Fernando, Diana Gutierrez, Gina Kelly-Vasques, Stacey Cradeur, and Joann Sanchez. This presentation covers the Health Care Marketing Plan for Ready Urgent Care 24/7. The teams will not only provide a historical background on Ready Urgent Care but will provide you an industry background, to give an idea of the competitive market. The SWOT

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Basic Concepts Of Health Planning


Health planning is a process culminating in decisions regarding the future provisions of health facilities and services to meet health needs of the community. 3. Types of health planning Based on time frame 1. Short term planning (generally 1-3 years) Meeting needs as defined by current trends Using available resources and re-allocation of

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Health Service Management (1)


Health Care in India • Less Expenditure on health by the Government. • Not viewed as an investment but as a dead loss! • Financial constraints cut expenditure on health • Growth in national income is not enough, if No sufficient food, No better access to health and education: Amartyo K Sen

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Supply Of Health And Medical Care


References Essential of health economics by Diane M. Dewar. Introduction to Health Economics by Gashaw Andargie. Health Economics for Developing Countries: A Survival Kit. The economics of health care an introductory text by Alistair McGuire, John Henderson and Gavin Mooney. Effect on Supply Curve due to Changes in Other Factors by Smirit chand

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Voluntary Health Agencies


Voluntary health agencies 1. VOLUNTARY HEALTH AGENCIES PRESENTER: DR. SUHASINI KANYADI 2. Introduction • Definition : An organization that is administered by an autonomous board which hold meeting, collects funds for its support chiefly from private sources & expends money, whether with or without paid workers, in conducting a programme directed primarily to furthering the public health

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Concept Of Health


Indicators of health These are the guidelines which indicate the health status of a country. USES To measure the health status of a country. To compare the health status of one country to another country. To assess the health care needs. To plan and implement health care services. To evaluate the health care services. 31.

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Health System Research Designs And Methods


Definition of HSR “the multidisciplinary field of scientific investigation that studies how social factors, financing systems, organizational structures and processes, health technologies, and personal behaviours affect access to health care, the quality and cost of health care, and ultimately our health and well-being.

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Health Literacy Presentation


Health literacy presentation 1. 1 HEALTH LITERACY FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS by Madalina Saracutu 2. 2 Objectives At the end of this presentation, you will be able to: v demonstrate a basic understanding of the concept of health literacy. v communicate the importance of health literacy to colleagues and patients. v identify specific ways to integrate health literacy into …

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Health Portal Ppt


Health Info On Portal Large company population is computer literate and uses emailand web extensively We Can take Up That As An Opportunity To Reach Many On Health Care Information Health Problems Does Not Allow PEOPLE To Live & Work To Best Of Their Capabilities. 40% of lost work days are dueto avoidable diseases. It Only Takes Creative & Bold

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Benefits Of Home Care


Benefits of Home Care. 1. Benefits of Home Care. 2. 1“ According to the AARP, 82% of people said that they would prefer to stay in their homes as long as possible. ”. 3. 1Home is always associated with comfort, security and positivefeeling.When we are not …

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Health Professionals


List of health professionals Occupations in this sub-major group are classified into several minor groups. To facilitate the development of the WHO guidelines for transforming and scaling up health professional education and training, the literature review will focus on the following list 4.

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Digital Healthcare


Digital Healthcare - Overview Digital Futures: - Creating new roles and value chains Novel and emerging Biomedical Health Technologies are transforming the way that Healthcare Providers can deliver Healthcare globally – with Digital Health Technology entrepreneurs and investors becoming increasingly attracted to this rapidly growing industry

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Moral Right To Health Care Power Point


Moral right to health care power point 1. Moral Right to HealthCare Khristopher Gonzalez HCA322: Health Care Ethics & Medical Law Jeff Kingsbury 08/01/2015 2. Moral Right to Health Care? This statement is a life long discussion in American history those who may not have the finances may not afford healthcare.

Oral Healthcare
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Impact Of Culture On Health


PHYSICAL CAUSES : (1) Effects of Weather : For heat stroke, application of oil and ghee on the soles of feet and administration of mango-phool with a pinch of salt. (2) Water : Impure water is associated with disease. (3) Impure blood : Skin diseases (scabies, acne, boil) are considered to be due to impure blood.

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Major Stakeholders In Health Care System


Major stakeholders in Health care system 1. MAJOR STAKEHOLDERS IN HEALTH CARE SYSTEM GOVERNMENT , NON- GOVERNMENT, INDUSTRY & OTHER PROFESSIONALS BY : ABHISHEK MASIH M.SC NURSING 1ST YEAR 2. INTRODUCTION The health care delivery system is intended to provide services and resources for better health.

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Information Technology In Hospitals


HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HIT) Health Information Technology uses computers and computer programs to store, protect, retrieve, and transfer clinical, administrative, and financial information electronically. Health Information Technology (HIT) has the potential to improve the health of individuals and the performance of providers, yielding improved quality, cost savings of patients in their own health

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Health System Of Bangladesh


Healthcare Workforce Distribution Bangladesh is characterized by: -“shortage, inappropriate skill mix and inequitable distribution” of its health workforce. -Health workforce is skewed towards doctors with a ratio of doctors to nurses to technologists of 1:0.4:0.24, in stark contrast to the WHO recommended ratio of …

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Health System Of Nepal


A health system, also sometimes referred to as health care system or as healthcare system, is the organization of people, institutions, and resources that deliver health care services to meet the health needs of target populations. There is a wide variety of health systems around the world, with as many histories and organizational structures as

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Project Proposal On Promotion Of School Health And


Studies carried out in many developed and developing countries have shown that School Health and Nutrition Project is crucial to address many health and nutrition problems such as malnutrition, short-term hunger, helminthes infection, poor sanitation and food safety, lack of immunizations, poor oral health, infectious and endemic diseases, problems associated with lack of …

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The Biggest Healthcare Trends Of 2019 And What's To Come


© 2018 Health Catalyst • Overall increase in 2019 – 5% • Workers’ share increased by 8% • Employer’s share increased by 3% Family Coverage for Health Care Tops $20,000 34 Average Annual Worker and Employer Contributions to Premiums and Total Premiums for Family Coverage, 1999-2019 Source: Kaiser Family Foundation …

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Supply of health care goods and services is different from other commodities because it is composed of MULTIPLE INPUTS. 3. • Cars need steel, rubber, wires and garments and uses labor to have an end product – a CAR• Health care goods and services are inputs that need to be combined with each other to produce an end product – BETTER HEALTH

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Health Career Pathways


Health Career Pathways Disease Prevention and Control Nutrition Dental Health 6. Deals with various oral conditions. SAMPLE CAREERS: Dental Hygiene Dental Nursing Dental Health Support 7. Health Career Pathways Disease Prevention and Control Nutrition Dental Health Environmental Healthcare Management 8.

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BTEC H&SC Unit 5 Section B Review


Health and Social Care Induction Lesson SimonBalle Follow 8 Comments 1 Like Statistics Notes Full Name. Comment goes here. 12 hours ago Delete Reply Block. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Your message goes here Post. Login to see the comments. BethLah1. 12 months ago

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Quality Improvement In Healthcare: Where Is The Best Place


One of the biggest challenges providers face in their quality improvement efforts is knowing where to get started. In my experience, one of the best ways to overcome that “where do we begin?” factor is by using data from an enterprise data warehouse to look for high-cost areas where there are large variations in how health care is delivered.

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Cultural Competency And Health Education


Standards for Cultural and Linguistic Appropriate Services • CLAS serves as a blueprint for individuals, health and health care organizations to implement culturally and linguistically appropriate services • CLAS are structured: • Principal Standard (standard 1), • Governance, Leadership, and Workforce (standards 2–4), • Communication and Language Assistance (standards 5–8), and • …

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The Future Health Ecosystem Today



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Health Inequalities In India


The health care system is a mix of public and private providers India’s national health care system aspires to provide a comprehensive array of services to all and at no cost, but struggles to do so in practice. India is able to procure medicines at lower unit prices than other low and middle income countries, which suggests drug affordability ought to be less of an issue. OOP payments on drugs are …

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Data Mining In Healthcare: How Health Systems Can Improve


Brian Eliason brings more than 10 years of Healthcare IT experience to Health Catalyst, specializing in data warehousing and data architecture. His work has been presented at HDWA and AMIA. Prior to coming to Catalyst, Mr. Eliason was the technical lead at The Children's Hospital at Denver with experience using I2B2.

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Healthcare Technology In The Philippines


National eHealth Vision Philippines Photo by Doun, By 2020, eHealth will enable widespread access to health care services, health information and securely share and exchange patient information in support of safer, quality health care, more equitable and responsive health system for all the Filipino people by transforming the way information is used to plan, manage, deliver and monitor health

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Maternal And Child Health


Maternal Health Child Health Family planning 4. Maternal health care include care of women during pregnancy, child birth and after child birth. It also includes treatment of child-less couples. 5. Maternal risk is defined as the probability of dying or experiencing serious injury as a …

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Iot And Healthcare


The big data generated, provides the medical staff with both real time info on daily basis, categorizations and risk analysis, long term trend analysis, and population health anonymized data streams. Healthcare focus now includes proactive wellness efforts.

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