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Being Black In America Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Kiarra Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

One bright day in late September, Kiarra returned to Bon Secours to see Ebony Hicks, a behavioral-health consultant who, like Kiarra’s doctor, works through Health Care for the Homeless, a Baltimore nonprofit that cares for the very poor. Hicks began by asking Kiarra what her goal was.

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Today’s Civil Rights Struggle: Saving Health Care Reform

Provide Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Here in Los Angeles County, we are striving to provide health care to one of the nation’s most diverse and underserved populations. We are breaking ground this year on a new Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital, a $400-million project that will provide quality medical care to a predominately minority community roughly the size of Philadelphia

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Doctors, Hospitals Say Latest Trumpcare Version A Bigger

Version Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

The latest version of the Trumpcare, has medical care providers mobilizing once again to derail what they say is an even worse version By Bruce Japsen / Forbes, Contributor / April 28, 2017 - I write about healthcare business and policy. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own The latest version of the American Health

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Lessons Learned From The Affordable Care Act – Internet

Learned Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Sen. Tom Carper: U.S. Senator from DelawarePosted: March 17, 2011 12:02 PM Yesterday one of the committees on which I serve, the Senate Finance Committee, held a hearing on the lessons learned from the first year of implementing of our comprehensive health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act. This is a welcome opportunity to take…

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How We All Got Stuck Paying The Medical Bills Of The Woman

Total Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Because of the absurd cost-shifting that is the hallmark of the U.S. health care system. If just one relatively small hospital in Panama City, Florida, has $30 million in “uncompensated” care every year, think of what the total amount is for all hospitals and doctors in this country.

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If You Repeal Affordable Care Act, You Must Replace

Health Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

As a candidate and president-elect, Donald Trump made promises that will be very hard to keep about what his health policy would accomplish. He vowed to sustain or broaden coverage, make health care more affordable, improve quality of care and cut government health-care spending. Achieving these goals simultaneously may be impossible.

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Recycling A Front Group To Cheat Us Out Of Benefits

Senate Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

The Patient’s Bill of Rights was popular with the public, health care providers and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. It attracted bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. The sponsors of the Senate version of the bill, in fact, were none other than Republican John McCain of Arizona and Democrat Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.

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Budget Cuts Kill The Middle Class – Internet Radio

Revenue Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Medicare provided health care for seniors. Social Security kept them out of extreme poverty. Other programs helped in various other ways. But all of the tax cuts meant government had less revenue to pay for this help to the middle class and those aspiring to join the middle class. For a time the loss of revenue to the government was made up for

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FOXLEAKS: Fox Boss Ordered Staff To Cast Doubt On Climate

Fox’s Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

That email echoed advice from a prominent Republican pollster on how to help turn public opinion against health care reform. Sources familiar with the situation in Fox’s Washington bureau have expressed concern about Sammon using his position to “slant” Fox’s …

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Wisconsin’s Billionaires Make A Sacrifice

Thirty Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Thirty million’s all the governor’s apparently going get out of the concessions he’s demanded from public sector workers on their pension and health care payments, and for some reason that’s beyond me, the unions have agreed to it. But here’s a much easier way to raise the dough. Just go back to 2008 levels of state-legislated estate

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It’s Been A Bad Week For GOP Lies About Obama – Internet

Accurate Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

A study came out this week demonstrating, not surprisingly, that pundits and politicians tend to be consistently wrong with their predictions. (As an aside, I was not surprised but quite happy to see that Paul Krugman was rated as the most accurate prognosticator, with former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, Sen. Charles Schumer, and House minority…

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Less Is More, For The Poor – Internet Radio United

Across Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

All of this is happening at a time when State and Local governments across the country are also cutting health care, welfare, education, and public sector pensions and jobs. This myriad of federal, state and local cuts across the country will absolutely mean thousands more people living (and dying) on our country’s streets.

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From Muslims To Medicare, Republicans Are Selling Fear

Medicare Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Medicare has an enormous cost problem, but it can’t be fixed without removing excessive profits and perverse incentives from the health care system. That’s something Republicans adamantly oppose and Democrats won’t unequivocally support. Ministry of Fear. The word “Medicare” appeared 41 times in the debate.

Medicare Health
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What Conservatives Really Want – Internet Radio United

February Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

George Lakoff - Author, The Political Mind, Moral Politics, Don't Think of an Elephant! Posted: February 19, 2011 10:37 AM --Dedicated to the peaceful protestors in Wisconsin, February 19, 2011. The central issue in our political life is not being discussed. At stake is the moral basis of American democracy. The individual issues are all too…

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How Trump’s White House Is Delegitimizing Anything That

President Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

President Donald Trump is one of the rare supporters of the proposal: Health care experts and reporters of all ideological stripes, health care industry stakeholders, and Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill promptly panned the legislation, with many noting that it fails to achieve any real policy aim other than providing tax cuts for

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Fox News’ Doug McKelway Spouts “Death Panel” Nonsense

January Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

January 05, 2011 2:42 pm ET by Simon Maloy Doug McKelway, the reporter who unknowingly aced a job interview with Roger Ailes when he was fired from WJLA last year for lying about President Obama, was on Fox News' America Live this afternoon reporting on the White House's reversal of course on Medicare reimbursements for…

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History Will Judge The Complicit – Internet Radio United

Because Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

He worked to dismantle the existing health-care system without offering anything better, as he’d promised to do, so that the number of uninsured people rose. All the while he fanned and encouraged xenophobia and racism, both because he found them politically useful and because they are part of his personal worldview.

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An Illuminating Expedition To The World Of The Uninsured

Reform Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Wendell Potter Former insurance company executive; author Posted: February 17, 2011 08:57 AM As Congressional Republicans seek ways to starve the new health care reform law of necessary funding -- and Democrats try to keep that from happening -- it's easy to lose sight of the reasons why reform was pursued in the first place.…

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Health Care Reform Claim From Republicans Appears Shaky

Health Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR - 01/18/11 11:25 AM WASHINGTON — Republicans pushing to repeal President Barack Obama's health care overhaul warn that 650,000 jobs will be lost if the law is allowed to stand. But the widely cited estimate by House GOP leaders is shaky. It's the latest creative use of statistics in the health care debate,…

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Obama’s Job New Job Is To Keep Democrats Together

Shouldn’t Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

(Obama is drawing criticism for planning to accept a $400,000 speaking fee from an investment firm to talk about health care. A few paid speeches for this already wealthy man are fine, but he shouldn’t revert to the buck-raking that got the Clintons in political trouble).

Healthcare Jobs
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Partial Obamacare Repeal Could Cost 13M Children Their

Their Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Bruce Japsen - CONTRIBUTOR : I write about health care and policies from the president's hometown. (Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own) A partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act could cost up to 13 million children to lose their health coverage if Congress scales back financial support of Medicaid for poor Americans and eligibility for kids’…

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How America Lost Faith In Expertise – Internet Radio

Brought Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

By definition, nobody can be an expert on China policy and health care and climate change and immigration and taxation, all at the same time—which is why during, say, congressional hearings on a subject, actual experts are usually brought in to advise the elected laypeople charged with making authoritative decisions.

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Chicago’s Deadly Summer: Guns, Gangs And The Legacy Of

Woman Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

A young black woman in shorts and a cropped white top decorated with a purple sequined dollar sign spins and pouts for her own camera as a rapper sings “you ain’t gonna see me fall”. Then the shooting starts. More than 30 shots rattle from what sounds like at least one semi-automatic gun as the video degenerates into blurred images of grass and concrete while the woman holding the camera

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Land Of The Free

It’s Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

It’s strong magic indeed that can sell this as a boon to working people while good, affordable health care, a living wage, collective bargaining, and a system of higher education that doesn’t sentence the country’s youth to years of debt servitude, get lost in …

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D Day For Public Employees – Internet Radio United

Aggressive Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

D-Day for Public Employees. What we are witnessing right now in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and other states is the final battle against the last bastion of union strength in this country. With the aggressive onslaught aimed at public employees and their unions that Republican governors have unleashed in recent weeks, it’s long past time for

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LeBron’s Radically Different Vision For Public Education

Community Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

The supports can range from health clinics, including vision, dental, and mental healthcare to washers and dryers to childcare to trauma-informed care. Many of these schools secure funding from federal programs, such as 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants, and Full Service Community Schools.

Cats Health
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Obama’s Legacy: The Promises, Shortcomings And Fights To

Health Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Healthcare, and Americans’ lack of it, was a defining issue in the 2008 presidential campaign. Because there was no government-run health plan in America, people without commercial health insurance were at the mercy of the world’s most expensive health system.

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Lawmakers Reap Cash From Health Related Groups – Internet

Health-care Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

While it is well-known that health-care and health-insurance providers and companies donated heavily while the bill was being drafted, a new study of campaign spending makes clear that the health-care and health-insurance industries continued to give steadily after its approval, an apparent effort to influence its fate this year.

Health Insurance
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Obamacare: Trump Pushes Back Plan To Replace Legislation

Until Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

The president said new healthcare plan may not arrive until 2018 despite prior timelines, as Republicans face pressure to present alternative before repealing By Amanda Holpuch in New York / The Guardian / Monday 6 February 2017 16.51 EST Donald Trump’s comments on Sunday suggesting that a replacement for Obamacare may not arrive until 2018 coincides with…

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Obamacare – Internet Radio United States WBOB – Back

Their Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Bruce Japsen – CONTRIBUTOR : I write about health care and policies from the president’s hometown. (Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own) A partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act could cost up to 13 million children to lose their health coverage if Congress scales back financial support of Medicaid for poor Americans and eligibility for kids’…

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Obamacare V The Revised Republican Healthcare Bill: The

Program Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Expansion of Medicaid, the social healthcare program for low-income Americans ACA: A total of 32 states – including New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, Arizona and California – provided extra public money under the federal Medicaid program for health insurance and expanded eligibility, allowing millions more to afford coverage.

Health Insurance
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The GOP’s Obamacare Repeal Plan Could Hurt Republican

Health Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

For weeks now, Republicans have employed a range of tortured talking pointsdesigned to push one idea: The GOP repeal-and-delay plan will not leave anyone without health coverage, and is merely designed as a transition that will ultimately move us seamlessly to the new, improved health care system Republicans envision, with the details to be worked out later.

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Exposing ALEC’s Agenda To Defund And Dismantle Public

Important Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Dennis Van Roekel - President, National Education Association Posted: 05/07/2013 11:52 am Iron Man 3 just opened this past weekend, followed soon by more would-be blockbusters. I'm sure a lot of these movies will be entertaining, but none will be more important or relevant than a half-hour documentary I recently watched: The United States of ALEC.…

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Size Matters: The GOP And Health Care – Internet Radio

Health Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Ethan Rome; Executive Director, Health Care for America Now Posted: January 17, 2011 11:59 PM During the health care debate in 2009 and 2010, a serious issue emerged -- the number of pages in congressional bills. I'm not kidding. The Republicans wanted short bills, and the health care reform bill was way, way too long (proving…

Health Insurance
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Attacks On Unions Barking Up The Wrong Money Tree

Michael Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Michael Winship - President, Writers Guild of America, East; Former senior writer, Bill Moyers Journal - Posted: February 25, 2011 03:07 PM "More cheese, less sleaze!" That was the funniest group chant at Tuesday's rally of several hundred union and other progressive activists outside the Manhattan headquarters of Fox News. Several "cheeseheads" were in attendance, their noggins…

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Turning Progressive Activism Into A Winning Social

Progressive Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Progressive taxation, universal health care, action on climate, prison reform, drug legalization, marriage equality — maybe not every issue, but on most major social and economic issues, we have super-majority support. Going bold in the way that the tea party did but going bold for progressive values is not “extremist.” It’s not

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The Man Who Broke Politics – Internet Radio United

Course Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

There were real accomplishments during Gingrich’s speakership, too—a tax cut, a bipartisan health-care deal, even a balanced federal budget—and for a time, truly historic triumphs seemed within reach. Over the course of several secret meetings at the White House in the fall of 1997, Gingrich told me, he and Clinton sketched out plans for

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Republican Race To The Bottom On Education – Internet

Right Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

It’s been noted ad nauseam that the Tea Party has moved Republicans to the right on issues like health care, climate change, taxes, and corporate regulations. But on the issue that will literally determine our country’s long-term economic future, the Tea Party isn’t moving Republicans right or left. They are pushing America off a cliff.

Cats Health
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EDITORIAL: The Guardian View On Donald Trump’s Team: Not

Safety Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Tom Price at health and human services is both an arch-critic of Mr Obama’s affordable care programme and a privatiser of the Medicare retirement care programme. Ben Carson at housing and urban development does not agree with government safety nets. Overall, the military will prosper at the expense of the poor. Guns not healthcare.

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Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.: Rick Perry Sounds Like

Amanda Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Amanda Terkel: [email protected] - Become a fan of this reporter First Posted: 9/1/11 02:32 PM ET /Updated: 9/2/11 01:33 AM ET WASHINGTON -- Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.) is calling out Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) for his full-throated heralding of the 10th Amendment, saying his statements echo rhetoric used by slavery-defending Confederate leaders.

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Sarah Palin’s Death Panel Claim Resurrected – Internet

Palin Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

by Benjamin Sarlin The much-discredited yet widely-believed "death panels" Sarah Palin warned about are back in the news this week as the White House is set to approve health-care regulations that she falsely characterized as mandated euthanasia last year. Or maybe they aren't. It depends which Palin quote you're going by. Palin coined the "death…

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The Wall Street Occupiers And The Democratic Party

Ending Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

And after losing his bid for universal health care, Clinton himself announced that the “era of big government” was over — and he proved it by ending welfare. Democrats have not been the ones to engage in class warfare. That was the distinct product of right-wing Republican populism.

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Myth, Politics And The Erosion Of The American Dream

There Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

There has been much myth making during the latest political cycle. Public figures like Sarah Palin, Mick Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, John Boehner and Michelle Bachman, among many others, have suggested both directly and indirectly that the United States is “broke,” that global warming is a scientific fiction, that President Obama’s health care reform legislation is an example of socialism

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Meyerson: “The Political Slanting Of News From News Corp

Consider Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Consider, for instance, the memo (subsequently leaked) that Fox News Vice President Bill Sammon sent at the height of the health-care debate, shortly after Republican pollster Frank Luntz said on Sean Hannity’s Fox show that Americans were split on a “public” option but that when it was called a “government option,” voters

Healthy Eyes
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Universal Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

In a private health-care market, the only way to guarantee universal, or near universal, coverage is to employ mandates, subsidies, taxes, and legal directives—the very tools employed in the A.C.A. At some point, presumably, the Trump Administration and the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill will cobble together some sort of proposal.

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A Progressive Primer On The Issue Of America’s Debt

Resolve Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

David Coates: Worrell Professor of Anglo-American Studies, Wake Forest University, Department of Politics - Posted: 09/22/2012 9:01 am Central to the Republican critique of the Obama Administration in this election cycle has been the Administration's supposed failure to address and resolve the problem of America's growing debt. There is much wild and loose talk in beltway circles…

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Republicans Protect Billions In Health Insurance Company

Ethan Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Ethan Rome - Executive Director, Health Care for America Now Posted: March 4, 2011 01:03 PM In a week when the Republicans attacked Planned Parenthood, the freedom of workers to bargain for a better life, programs that help middle class families and a whole lot more, the one thing they didn't challenge was the excessive profits…

Health Insurance
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Congress Must Investigate Trump. But It Must Also Be

Rarely Tenthltr2u.wordpress.com

Rarely have the demands of constitutional democracy and the rule of law been in greater tension with the imperatives of progressive politics. Fidelity to the constitution and the primacy of law over naked power call for a determined effort by Congress to unearth the full truth about Donald Trump’s actions leading up to the election, and since assuming office.

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