Healthcare And Medical Job Titles And Descriptions


Others are technical jobs, such as phlebotomists and radiologists.A number of positions are healthcare support occupations, which involve helping other clinicians. These include home health aides, occupational therapy assistants, and physical …

Healthcare Jobs
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Health Care Job Skills For Resumes


  • Health Care Administration and Sales Job Skills
  • You can work in the health care field without ever seeing a drop of blood
  • From managing the vast administrative needs of a hospital to keeping a single medical office up and running, …

Healthcare Jobs
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Best Healthcare Executive Search Firms Of 2021


The Healthcare Services and Solutions team has consultants from hospitals, health systems, and executive ranks. It fills executive leadership roles in all facets of healthcare, including on hospital boards, within the healthcare IT and technology-enabled services, and other healthcare

Health Insurance
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Health Services Manager Job Description: Salary, Skills


  • A health services manager plans, directs, coordinates and supervises the delivery of health care in an entire facility or a single department
  • People who work in this profession are sometimes called health care managers or administrators
  • They may also have job titles that reflect their areas of …

Healthcare Jobs
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Healthcare Jobs For College Grads


The healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, even when other sectors were suffering from the effects of the recession. If you want a high-paying, fast-growing job that makes a real difference in the world, you can’t do better than healthcare jobs.

Healthcare Jobs
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Health Educator Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More


  • A health educator's goal is to provide people with tools that allow them to avoid developing life-threatening health issues
  • About 57,500 Americans worked in this occupation in 2016
  • Governments and hospitals employ the majority of health care educators.

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Free Healthcare When You Enlist In The Military


  • Up until the mid-1980s, recruiters touted the "free health care for life" benefits of military service
  • Your medical care was covered while on active duty and benefits extended into retirement
  • Any military retiree and their immediate family could get care (space available) at any military medical facility.

Health Insurance
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Online Medical Jobs You Can Do From Home


  • While most medical positions are on-site in doctors' offices or hospitals, work-from-home medical jobs are increasing
  • These jobs can range from telemedicine positions associated with hospitals to billing and coding for insurance companies
  • Though many require a degree or certification to qualify, once hired you can do all of them with only an internet connection and phone line.

Healthcare Jobs
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Resignation Letter Examples Due To Health Issues


  • When you need to leave your job due to health issues, you may choose to let your employer know the reason for your resignation letter
  • How much information you share is entirely personal
  • Some employees are comfortable discussing personal information with their managers, especially if they have a friendly relationship.

Health Insurance
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Medical Careers In The Air Force


  • Airmen in the medical service tech field are the Air Force's equivalent of Army medics or Navy hospital corpsmen.
  • Although the Navy corpsman rating covers a lot of specializations that the Air Force treats as separate career fields (like dentistry or biomedical equipment), Air Force medics still receive many similar opportunities to train, specialize, …

Healthcare Careers
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Things You Need To Know Before Taking A Company Buyout


These employee buyout packages can also include benefits such as extended health care insurance and educational and job search assistance through an outplacement company. Buyout offers are usually made to non-critical staff.

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Health Insurance Options When You Lose A Job


  • “Enroll in or Change 2020 Plans — Only With a Special Enrollment Period.” Accessed Feb
  • "FACT SHEET: President Biden to Sign Executive Orders Strengthening Americans' Access to Quality, Affordable Health Care." Accessed Feb
  • “Medicaid & CHIP Coverage.” Accessed Feb

Healthcare Jobs
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What Information Is Stored In Employee Medical Records


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires employers to protect employee medical records as confidential; medical records should be stored separately and apart from other business records. Never store employee medical records in the employee’s general personnel file.

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Job Description For Health Care Specialist (68W)


The Health Care Specialist is primarily responsible for providing emergency medical treatment, limited primary care, and health protection and evacuation from a point of injury or illness. Health Care Specialists are often called "combat medics" in the Army because some Soldiers in this MOS are assigned to deploy with Army combat units and

Healthcare Jobs
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Top 10 Short Term Career Training Programs


Search the state department of health in your area with a query that includes "accredited EMT training programs." Learn more about a career as an emergency medical technician . Job Outlook – Employment of EMTs is projected to grow much faster than average from 2016-2026 at 15%.

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Home Health Aide Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More


  • Education: Although you don't need a high school diploma to become a home health aide, most people who work in this field have one
  • Training: Home health aides receive on-the-job training from registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or experienced aides.Health care facilities may offer training programs for new hires
  • Some states require anyone working in this occupation to have formal

Healthcare Jobs
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The 6 Most Dangerous Healthcare Careers


Many healthcare workers put their own safety, and even their own lives, on the line each day to help treat and care for others. While many healthcare careers entail some level of potential risk such as needle sticks or potential infection, this list explores the most dangerous, even deadly, of …

Healthcare Careers
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How To Get A Health Care Job Without Prior Experience


Many would-be healthcare professionals don’t have time, money, or even the desire to go to med school or nursing school to be a doctor or nurse. And that’s ok, because there are hundreds of jobs, especially in entry-level clinical roles, or in non-clinical support roles , that may be a nearly perfect fit for your existing skill set.

Experience Health
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Types Of Employee Benefits And Perks


  • Employer-Provided Health Insurance Requirements
  • Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), minimum standards are set for health insurance companies regarding services and coverage
  • Most employers with 50 or more employees are required to offer healthcare plans or pay a fine.

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Nursing Interviews: Why Do You Want To Work Here


Why Are You Interested in Health Care? A related question, especially if you are new to nursing, is about why you want to work in the healthcare industry . Great answers include wanting to make a difference in people’s wellness, wanting to make people feel better, and the desire to help certain populations, such as the indigent, diabetics, or

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Medical Biller Job Description And Duties


A medical biller is responsible for submitting medical claims to insurance companies and payers such as Medicare and Medicaid.   It is a position that is critical for the financial cycle of all health care providers, from single-provider practices through large medical centers.

Healthcare Jobs
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How To Change Careers To Healthcare


  • Next, examine your skills and experience and determine how you can best apply them to the healthcare field
  • Then you can decide if you want to aim for a health career that you can obtain without additional school or training, or if you're okay with going back to school, perhaps for a clinical role or more advanced position within the healthcare field.

Healthcare Careers
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Workplace Drug And Alcohol Abuse Laws And Regulations


Health Care Plan Requirements . The Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (MHPAEA) and later the Affordable Care Act mandated that non-grandfathered health care plans include mental health and substance abuse disorder services, including behavioral health treatment.

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Health Insurance Options For Unemployed Workers


  • Evaluate health plan options based on your individual (or family) healthcare needs
  • For example, health insurance plans might permit you to select a high deductible, say $5,000, in order to get a very low affordable premium
  • This type of plan will provide coverage if you face a catastrophic medical event but isn't going to cover your routine

Health Insurance
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Recruiting Healthcare Workers


Education and Training Problem . According to the Institute of Medicine’s: Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce, geriatric specialists are needed in all professions not only for their clinical expertise but also because they will be responsible to train the entire workforce in geriatric principles.However, only a small percentage of professional healthcare

Health Insurance
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Best U.S. States For Retiree Benefits


  • This state's greatest advantage might be its cost of living, however—an eye-popping 17% below the national average
  • Health care costs are among the cheapest you'll find anywhere
  • Unfortunately, Arkansas isn't tax-free
  • Only the first $6,000 a year of your retirement income is exempt from income tax.

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How Can I Make Best Use Of My Health Savings Account


A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a special arrangement that allows consumers of high deductible health care plans to put away a certain amount of pre-tax earnings each year for personal health expenses. According to most recent surveys, 24% of workers covered by employer-sponsored plans were enrolled in an HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) in 2020 (up from 6% in …

Health Insurance
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What Does ERISA Cover


  • The protective laws under ERISA only apply to non-government, private-industry employers that offer employer-sponsored health insurance coverage and certain other benefit plans to employees
  • ERISA does not require employers to offer any plans for either health insurance or retirement
  • ERISA only sets rules (minimum standards) for certain types of benefits that …

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Pandemic Unemployment Insurance Benefits


The Department of Labor's Economy Recovery portal has information on filing for unemployment in your state, plus resources for housing, food, finances, health care, and more. Sick Leave Programs Family and Medical Leave Benefits

Mens Health
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The 6 Best Online Medical Billing And Coding Classes Of 2021


Originally founded in 1928, the American Health Information Management Association, more commonly abbreviated as AHIMA, is a premier nonprofit membership association of healthcare professionals. Similar to AAPC, AHIMA administers exams to earn industry certifications in health information management, coding, and specialty coding.

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Why Employers Are Offering More Telemedicine Benefits


Better access to health care services: One particular benefit of telemedicine is the ability for employees who live in remote regions or those where doctor’s offices are limited, to access the proper care. This is especially important if the group health plan doesn't have enough participation or if participation changes in a specific region.

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The Most Wanted Employee Benefits


  • Health Care and Personal Welfare
  • Health care is the most sought after benefit of all employees
  • If an employee's health suffers, their ability to work will suffer
  • They need to know that their families health is taken care of as well.

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What Does A Pre Employment Physical Include


Pre-employment examinations may include physical exams as well as health inquiries including drug and alcohol tests, psychological tests, and physical or mental health assessments. Additionally, employees may be required to have physicals if health or fitness is a job requirement.

Mens Health
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The 5 Best CPR Certifications Of 2021


The American Safety & Health Institute’s CPR certification program was designed specifically for people who have no previous experience and need a flexible choice. In addition to learning CPR, you can learn AED use, First Aid, and how to help someone who is choking.

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The Basics Of Health Maintenance Organization Plans


The US Department of Labor advises that fee-for-service plans accounted for 96% of health care plans offered by medium and large public employers in 1984 and 20 years later they account for less than 15% of employer-provided health insurance. Managed health care policies continue to replace former cash-for-service health programs.

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Emergency Medicine Health Careers


Cavan Images / Iconica / Getty Images. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics work the "front lines" of emergency medicine.Known as "first responders", these healthcare professionals are specially trained to quickly assess an emergency situation and stabilize and transport the victims to the hospital emergency department if needed.

Healthcare Careers
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Where To Find Medical Jobs And Employers


  • Healthcare is such a big business and is in such high demand, that even drugstore chains, grocery stores, and department stores are getting into the business of providing health care
  • Chains like Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens, Kroger, and more are employing healthcare professionals in mini-clinics and urgent care centers within their stores.

Healthcare Jobs
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How To Communicate Mental Health To Your Employees


  • Mental health in the workplace is an important issue
  • Companies have realized this for a long time, and many have Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) that can help employees with mental health
  • But, in light of an ongoing public health and economic crisis, employee mental health has been at the forefront of office problems.

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Licensed Practical Nurse Job Description, Salary, And Skills


LPNs work in a variety of health care environments as part of a team that includes doctors, registered nurses, and others. They serve in settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, health clinics, and private physician practices.

Healthcare Jobs
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Career Options For The Animal Health Field


  • Pet insurance agents market health insurance policies to pet owners
  • Insurance agents advise owners on the variety of coverage options available (including mortality, surgery, and preventative care coverage)
  • Most insurance positions are inside sales jobs, with sales primarily completed over the phone or via the web.

Healthcare Careers
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Medical Call Center Work At Home Jobs


  • Citra Health Solutions is a healthcare service and technology company
  • It hires registered nurses for at-home positions in Maine, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas
  • Employees must complete a three-week training program in South Portland, Maine, before working from home
  • See more call center jobs in Maine.

Healthcare Jobs
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How To Choose The Employee Health Benefits For Your Family


With health care premiums on the rise and employer group benefit plans offering less in terms of actual coverage, many consumers have found themselves struggling to choose the right benefits to meet their families' needs. Should you accept the group benefits offered by an employer, or would you be better off selecting a plan that’s offered by a state-approved marketplace to take advantage of

Health Insurance
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3 Ways To Create A Workplace Culture Of Wellness


  • Recognize that health and wellness require effort from both the grassroots and the executive suite
  • Health and wellness thrive as a team sport, in which everyone at every level has a role to play
  • Employees talk about health and wellness as a critical personal and organizational imperative in a wellness supporting culture.

Wellness Healthcare
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FAQ health

What is health care and why is it important?

Health care is the most sought after benefit of all employees. If an employee's health suffers, their ability to work will suffer. They need to know that their families health is taken care of as well.

What is health insurance?

Health Insurance Is the Foundation of a Comprehensive Benefits Package. Health insurance is the foundation of a comprehensive benefits package for employees. It is the preferred benefit of the majority of people who work. Health insurance marks an employer as an employer of choice when desirable candidates select job opportunities.

What are the benefits of employee health care?

Other desired benefits include generous leave policies, career guidance, travel expense compensation, and relocation assistance. Health care is the most sought after benefit of all employees. If an employee's health suffers, their ability to work will suffer. They need to know that their families health is taken care of as well.

What is free health care for life?

Up until the mid-1980s, recruiters touted the "free health care for life" benefits of military service. Your medical care was covered while on active duty and benefits extended into retirement.

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