Silenced And Sacrificed: COVID 19 Health Care Workers


Health-care workers have been disproportionately infected, making up nearly 20 per cent of cases, higher than the global rate among health-care workers. Meanwhile, worldwide shortages of …

Covid 19 Health
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COVID 19 Public Health Messages Have Been All Over The


  • 2 days ago · Persuading people to get a COVID-19 vaccine remains a challenge even as more than a 120 million people in the U.S
  • have received at least one dose.
  • Public health officials have struggled to …

Covid 19 Health
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South Africans Must Be Healthier For Universal Healthcare


  • South Africans must be healthier for universal healthcare to succeed
  • People exercising in Ellis Park in Johannesburg, South Africa

Health Insurance
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How Leadership Matters In Healthcare – Especially In A Crisis


The healthcare sector should focus on employee engagement and fostering meaningful relationships between staff. Leaders must show empathy and …

Health Insurance
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Health Insurers Are Starting To Roll Back Coverage For


Health care providers and hospital systems are also in limbo. They don’t know whether they’ll lose telehealth payments when the federal public health

Health Insurance
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Health Care Workers Share Our Trauma During The


  • Health-care staff are trained to deal with whatever comes through the hospital doors
  • But COVID-19 is a completely different ballgame
  • During this pandemic, health-care workers are facing

Health Insurance
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How The US Could Afford 'Medicare For All'


Health care is Americans’ number-one priority, based on recent polls, so it’s no wonder it’s been a hot topic in the Democratic primary.. Every candidate is offering a plan, ranging from Joe

Medicare Health
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Mobile Technology Can Improve Access To Healthcare In


  • Mobile health consulting in Nigeria
  • The concept of mConsulting is still relatively new
  • But various forms of healthcare delivery through electronic platforms have been gradually introduced into

Health Insurance
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5 Charts Show Why The South Is The Least Healthy Region In


  • In fact, Alabama only has 85 mental health care providers per 100,000 people
  • Compare that to 547 per 100,000 in Massachusetts
  • Lack of routine health care can lead to an increase in preventable

Health Insurance
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Food And Healthcare In War Torn Tigray: Preliminary


Potential health and healthcare consequences. Access to food and healthcare – life essentials and the most basic human rights – are the first casualties of …

Beauty Food
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A 21st Century Health System Means Seamless Care And


If Australia’s new prime minister wishes to lead a successful 21st-century government, he must grapple with the changes of the past century and their profound implications for health care.

Health Insurance
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One Change That Could Help Nursing Homes Recover From


Leisure and hospitality is the most common industry from which health care has drawn workers, according to my research. [ The Conversation’s science, health

Home Healthcare
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Can Governments Mandate A COVID Vaccination


It is also important to distinguish between individual healthcare and public health. In Australia, informed consent, whether express or implied, is an essential pre-requisite of individual

Covid 19 Health
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Biased AI Can Be Bad For Your Health – Here's How To


The question is, when health care algorithms discriminate, what recourse do people have? A prominent example of this kind of discrimination …

Health Insurance
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Targeted Texts And Peer Support: How Smarter Health Care


Health data can also improve system coordination and design. Lumos, in New South Wales, uses anonymised data to help GPs better understand their client population, and to identify gaps in health

Health Insurance
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Creating A Better Health System: Lessons From The United


  • Creating a better health system: lessons from the United States
  • The US is the international outlier on returns on investments in health

Health Insurance
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Is The Cuban Healthcare System Really As Great As People


Though a noble sentiment, this is a main issue with the Cuban model. The government spends roughly US$300-$400 (£240-£320) per person each year on healthcare

Health Insurance
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Creating A Better Health System: Lessons From The Netherlands


Raising the money: By law, 50% of the Dutch health budget is raised by a payroll tax (currently 7.5%) and a tax on other income (currently 5.4%), up to an income ceiling. This way overall health

Health Insurance
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What Was Healthcare Like Before The NHS


What was healthcare like before the NHS? July 3, 2018 9.19am EDT. On the eve of the NHS, the British healthcare system was possibly the best …

Health Insurance
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Health Care Has A Huge Environmental Footprint, Which Then


  • Health care has a huge environmental footprint, which then harms health

Mens Health
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Creating A Better Health System: Lessons From Singapore


The heart of Singapore’s national health-care policy is a system based on balancing individual and household responsibility with state control (a single state – not the federated system that

Health Insurance
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Rural Health Is In Crisis – 5 Creative Ways The Biden


  • Rural health is in crisis – 5 creative ways the Biden administration can help it thrive

Health Insurance
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Budget 2020: Big Health Problems Lead To Big Health Spending


The pandemic – and developments in health care – have forced the Commonwealth government to commit to a massive increase in spending on health care this year. In …

Health Insurance
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Accessing Healthcare Is Challenging For Deaf People – But


One interviewee explained that many healthcare providers think all Deaf people can read, without realising that many BSL users don’t understand English – with many being given health

Health Insurance
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Structural Stigma Against Mental Illness Is 'baked In' To


Structural stigma is in the rules, policies and procedures of organizations and society. It's reflected in systems that treat people with mental illness as less treatable or less deserving of care.

Mens Health
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Ten Ways South Africa Can Step Up Care For Its Healthcare


Step up mental health and support services: Healthcare workers are exposed to high levels of work stress. This can lead to mental exhaustion, anxiety and …

Health Insurance
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The Shocking State Of Oral Health In Our Nursing Homes


  • The shocking state of oral health in our nursing homes, and how family members can help
  • The recent report of a nursing home resident found with maggots in …

Home Healthcare
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Burnout In Healthcare Staff Is Common And Can Make


  • These sorts of problems in care can also contribute to burnout, which is common in healthcare workers
  • Symptoms of burnout can include exhaustion, detachment, cynicism and a

Health Insurance
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What The US Could Learn From Thailand About Health Care


The number of people being impoverished by health care payments also declined dramatically, particularly among the poor. However, Thailand’s reform had …

Health Insurance
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Why South Africa's Plans For Universal Healthcare Are Pie


Public health care failures. Institutionalised patronage within provincial and national government has destroyed the capabilities of public health organisations – both national and provincial.

Health Insurance
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Canadians Should Be Able To Access Dental Care With A


Oral health is a key part of overall health, but many Canadians skip dental care due to the cost, resulting in emergency room visits and health issues. It's time for a dental care plan for all

Dental Healthcare
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Community Health – News, Research And Analysis – The


Legal services in partnership with health-care providers can have a significant impact on the health of disadvantaged people. Secom Bahia November 15, …

Health Insurance
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Why Scientists And Public Health Officials Need To Address


Personal health care decisions have a lasting impact on our kids and our families, so let’s rise to the occasion and utilize this unique opportunity to reframe the conversation about vaccines

Health Insurance
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Ontario’s Digital Health Program Has A Data Quality


Digital health technology, such as electronic health records, is believed to enhance patient-centred care, improve integrated care and ensure financial sustainability of our health

Health Insurance
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Explainer: What Is Health Rationing


  • With a finite budget, rationing in health care occurs every day
  • Every decision a doctor makes, such as whether to prescribe a drug, order a test, make a

Health Insurance
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What Are The Major Parties Promising On Health This Election


In health care, this spending-light approach has led to a focus on re-announcing existing policy, and spending down the Medical Research Future …

Health Insurance
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Healthy Outrage: The Story Of A Pioneer Of Community


Healthy Outrage is an apt title for a story that describes the journey Dr Trudy Thomas travelled during the various stages of her life. Thomas was the pioneer of community health programmes in

Health Insurance
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Coronavirus: As A Health Economist, I'm Not Convinced The


Coronavirus: as a health economist, I’m not convinced the case for mass testing stacks up April 1, 2020 11.24am EDT Cam Donaldson , Glasgow Caledonian University

Coronavirus Health
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How A Lack Of Competition In South Africa's Private Health


An extensive inquiry into South Africa’s health market was recently concluded – the first ever process in the country that involved gathering evidence and then studying the private healthcare

Health Insurance
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Why Private Alternatives To The NHS Are So Much More Expensive


The UK is heading for a total health bill of £200 billion per annum, but even that is actually great value for money. The US highlights the alternative – spend twice as much and fail to provide

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Why Kenyan Health Workers Are On Strike And What Can Be


The national government has the mandate to ensure Kenyans get the highest standard of health care as envisaged in the constitution. But it has done little to streamline the health

Health Insurance
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Australian Hospitals Are Under Constant Cyber Attack. The


  • Health-care providers face two significant consequences of cyber compromise
  • First, personal or sensitive data are valuable to criminals

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The State Of Australia: Health


Health systems, however, do have an influence on health outcomes. A large study of 136 countries found that there was a correlation between rates of death and certain health

Health Insurance
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First World Problems: China's Lifestyle Contributes To Ill


  • Stroke is now China’s biggest killer, causing 1.7m deaths in 2010
  • Diseases such as diabetes and cancer are also up

Healthy Lifestyle
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South African Health – News, Research And Analysis – The


  • South Africa’s universal health care plan falls short of fixing an ailing system
  • Laetitia Rispel, University of the Witwatersrand
  • The bill to provide universal health care in South Africa is

Health Insurance
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