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Canadian Hospitals and the Political Circus of Public Health Care. Overflowing emergency rooms, bed shortages, and hallway nursing are the norm in Canadian hospitals.

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Who Says Health Care Is A Right


  • Health care is only one facet of health
  • The role of government is not to guarantee its citizens a right to health or happiness, but rather to protect and promote rights and freedoms that allow for the individual pursuit of such ideals
  • Universal health care is a special wolf in sheep’s clothing – from the outside it appears to promote

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» Why We Need Health Care Advocates


  • The increasing demands on our health care system will increase our need to become more informed about the system and better prepared for making health care decisions
  • My searching led me to other patients at the same crossroads
  • People who felt their voices were being lost in the mayhem that has become the Canadian health care system.

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» Health Care Stories


The Unholy Alliance between Organized Medicine and Government: A Father’s Quest for Truth and Justice in Public Health Care. The Kilby family had just lost an angel from their lives and unanswered

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» Universal Health Care: Who Says It’s The Fairest Of Them


  • Health care is the business of the nation, to take care of its citizenry
  • Private insurance can have a role, as an adjunct to those fortunate enough to be able to pay extra
  • But at the very foundation, there is a human right to care, to access to healthcare, that is the very core of what a government is supposed to do.

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» Welcome To The Patient Factor Website


At some point in our lives each of us will assume the role of “patient”. The increasing demands on our health care system and the drive for more patient-focused health care will increase patients’ need to become more informed about the system and better prepared for making health care decisions.

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» World Health Organization’s Ranking Of The World’s


The World Health Organization said that Columbia has one of the worst health care systems in the world yet, they ranked them #22 because they had equal access to that terrible system. The USA was ranked number 1 in quality but was ranked #37 because quality only counts 10% toward the rating.

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» Funding For Health Care


The health authorities or networks are responsible for allocating their funds for the planning and delivery of publicly insured health care services through hospitals and other facilities. Each province/territory negotiates with their respective medical and dental associations regarding compensation for medical practitioners and dentists

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» When Improving Your Health Changes Your Life: A Canadian


  • When she’s not busy training for competition she’s helping others achieve their own personal health and fitness goals
  • “I am the new health care system
  • We may not all become bodybuilding champions, but Melina believes each of us can practice preventative health

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» Even A 35 Cm Tumor Didn’t Secure Her Care


  • Even A 35 cm Tumor Didn’t Secure Her Care
  • In 2006, Sylvia DeVries was gaining weight and convinced something was wrong
  • After doctors told her her nothing was wrong, she headed across the border
  • When an emergency room in Detroit diagnosed ovarian cancer, she brought the report back to her doctor in Windsor, Ontario.

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Know The Issues In Canadian Health Care


Health care remains one of the most important issues of concern for Canadians and for citizens in a number of countries throughout the world. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine the average lifespan will continue to grow as will the need for a sustainable health care system.

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» Patient Safety Advocate Leslie Worthington: Her Father’s


In November 2005 Leslie attends a session of the Manitoba Legislature with Gerrard who questions the lack of accountability of the health care system in implementing the recommendations from the Klassen case review; especially since these recommendations address issues of patient safety.

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» What Is Wrong With Canadian Health Care


Many health care stakeholders feel that the issues facing our Canadian health care system are too complex for people to understand. This viewpoint reminds me of the famous line from the 1992 movie A Few Good Men when actor Jack Nicholson yells “You can’t handle the truth!”

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Delivery Of Health Care Services


  • Delivery of Health Care Services
  • Administration of health care insurance and delivery of health care services
  • Each province and territory has jurisdiction over the administration of its own publicly funded health care insurance plan and the delivery of its health services including those insured by the plan and those that are not.

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Provincial Health Care Legislation


  • Provincial Health Care Legislation
  • Provincial and Territorial Legislation
  • The provinces and territories must administer their publicly funded health care insurance plan in accordance with the Canada Health Act in order to receive health care funding from the federal government.

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Stakeholders In Canadian Health Care


  • There are 17 publicly funded faculties of medicine in Canada providing education, research and health care services through their connected health care organizations
  • Each faculty accepts a limited number of students each year
  • Students of health care These stakeholders include all students pursuing studies in the area of health care.

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Federal Health Care Legislation


  • Federal Health Care Legislation
  • The Canada Health Act is the federal health care insurance legislation passed in 1984 outlining the requirements the provinces and territories must meet in order to qualify for federal funding through the Canada Health Transfer
  • The act contains the following criteria and conditions: Five Criteria (Sections 8-12):

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» Canadian Healthcare 101


Canadian Healthcare 101. Costs; Delivery of Services; Federal Legislation; Funding for Health Care; Provincial Legislation; Stakeholders; The Issues; Contact; Health Care Stories; Videos; Why We Need Health Care Advocates

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» Universal Health Care And We The Patients


  • Universal Health Care and We the Patients
  • Since my youth I have heard politicians glorify universal health care
  • They say it’s a system based on Canadian values and part of our Canadian identity
  • All political parties are guilty of using access to health care as a bartering tool for elections
  • While politicians like to talk about the good

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» Patient Safety Advocate Leslie Worthington: Her Father’s


The call for accountability in the Canadian health care system can be heard from patients and their family members from across our nation. Leslie’s journey makes us mindful of the sacrifices for making this patient advocacy voice heard; a voice whose call must be answered.

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Canadian Health Care Costs


  • Canadian health care is funded through the general revenues of both the federal and provincial and territorial governments
  • The largest portions of general revenue come from income taxes and consumption taxes
  • In 2008, spending on health care in Canada was estimated to reach close to $172 billion.

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» The Truth Be Told About Canadian Health Care


Most disturbing is the myth that he continues to perpetuate – that the Canadian health care system is working. He adds to this myth many falsehoods such as no one is dying while waiting for care, that for many surgeries there are no waiting lists, and that Canadian health care outcomes are excellent.

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» The True Meaning Of Private Health Care


Colleen, You make some good points regarding access to health insurance but a government monopoly on health care and mandatory public health insurance not only limits an individual’s freedom of choice in the quality, quantity and price of their medical care, it also exacerbates problems within these areas.

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» Canada’s First Healthy Me Week


  • My family decided to recognize Canada’s first Healthy Me Week (June 4 to 10) by walking to our local park
  • According to the website of Concerned Children’s Advertisers, “This week is all about motivating and inspiring Canadian kids and their families to take action on their health.”
  • Childhood obesity is becoming a big health concern in Canada.

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» The Founder


  • In June 2006, I survived an adverse event in a hospital while giving birth to my daughter
  • In the weeks that followed my condition continued to deteriorate
  • A lack of accessibility and accountability in the Canadian health care system forced me to become my own patient advocate
  • Thanks to the internet, I was able to find

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» 5 Questions Patients Need To Ask About Unnecessary Care


  • Health care is not free and there are limited health care resources
  • The CWC program is less about doctor/patient conversations and more about interventions for saving Medicare money
  • It’s using electronic data and algorithms to form policies and practice guidelines in hospitals
  • It’s performing utilization audits on doctors.

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» Are We Missing The Mark On Patient Safety


With increasing health care budget deficits and funding cuts to hospitals across Canada, the only real cost for implementing checklists is the time required from health care providers to complete them. It is an easy sell in the name of patient safety but, in truth, the usefulness of checklists is limited.

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» The Path To Patient Centred Care


The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health website has a diagram showing the ten steps patients take on their path through diagnostic imaging in the public health care system. I decided to take a different path.

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» Of Hearts And Minds And Medicare


It’s a constant distraction that keeps us from thinking too much about the state of our current health care system. For the more time people spend thinking about their own medical needs and care the more likely they are to come to the realization that a government-run health care system doesn’t really make sense.

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» Surviving Canadian Medicare: Why Patients Must Fight For


From this so-called “health for all” philosophy stems other collectivist notions such as health care is a human right, population health supersedes that of the individual patient, government is responsible for the health and health care of its citizens, and coercion …

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» Parents Erring On The Side Of Caution: Vaccine Marketing


After glancing over the immunization package my daughter brought home from school a number of questions popped into my mind. The fact sheet included a brief overview of the diseases the vaccines are meant to prevent, but nothing about the prevalence of these diseases where we live or the risks of contracting them.

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» Do You Hear What I Hear


  • Our aging population, a decreasing workforce and increasing rates of health care spending means that our current taxpayer funded health care system is not sustainable
  • Sadly, it is failing both patients and providers

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» The Canadian Identity And Medicare


There are government-run health care systems throughout the world. If Medicare is viewed as the most important measure for defining us as Canadians then we have failed to realize our full potential in creating the Canadian identity.

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» Hand Hygiene In Health Care: Don’t Stop Using Common Sense


Participating Canadian health care organizations and facilities have access to a variety of tools for monitoring compliance to the program including various checklists to be completed by health care providers. For those short on time, a condensed “on the spot” version of the checklist is available.

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Right To Know” And Other Words That Sound Good


My request to the Saskatoon Health Region asked for information on a number of their policies and procedures. My request to the Ministry of Health asked for written reports on critical incidents submitted to them by regional health authorities and health care organizations in Saskatchewan for 2008 and 2009.

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» How To Be A Queue Jumper In Canada’s Public Health Care


The claim that Canada’s public health care system provides equal access to health care for all of its citizens is untrue. What is true is that when your life or the life of someone you love is on the line, you may need to jump a public health care queue.

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» Is Hallway Medicine Part Of Our Canadian Identity


Romanow’s staunch defence of a universal, government-run health care system includes the die-hard notions that Medicare is a social good, a necessity for national unity and a part of our Canadian identity. Perhaps he should ask the patients receiving hallway medicine in his home province of Saskatchewan if they agree that it’s just part of

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» Medicare Fifty Years Later: A Celebration Of Intentions


Fifty years ago health care in Saskatchewan became a socialized commodity to be bought and sold by government under the banner of Medicare. Warnings about the dangers of socialized medicine came from doctors and patients whose voices were quickly drowned out by political promises; the same hollow promises echoing across Canada today.

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» The Road To Patient Safety: Halfway Between Nowhere And


From the outset of the Canadian Adverse Events Study, its funding bodies and researchers worked with health care stakeholders to enable them to prepare responses and launch various safety initiatives and projects. By the time the study results were published in 2004, the federal and provincial governments, professional, regulatory, and health

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» Socialized Medicine And Harm Reduction For The Rest Of Us


A few weeks ago the public health director in Montreal and the provincial minister of health put out the call for new safe injection sites in Quebec as a harm reduction measure aimed at improving population health and minimizing public health care costs. Another danger of socialized medicine is that it makes all of us more vulnerable.

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» In The Absence Of Trust: What Has Happened To The Doctor


In our current health care system the collaborative doctor-patient relationship based on trust and open communication seems more like the exception rather than the norm. There was a time when doctors were considered to be a patient’s best advocate.

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» A Patient Safety Advocate Talks About The Bureaucracy In


With health care spending now consuming close to half of our provincial budgets it’s time for us to start asking the right questions. In today’s video clips Charles Cruden talks about the bureaucracy in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority in Manitoba.

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» Life On The List For Lyall, Part III


  • Lyall’s condition continues to deteriorate and he remains in hospital
  • He wants to see his granddaughter one more time
  • After a brief return to work my husband comes home and we prepare to travel with our toddler for one last visit with Grandpa.

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» Table Of Contents: Listing Of Blog Posts


Universal Health Care and We the Patients Health Care Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Access Based on Need and Ability to Pay Toronto Zoo Provides Patient-Centered Care Canadian Hospitals and the Political Circus of Public Health Care When Improving Your Health Changes Your Life: A Canadian Champ Shares Her Story Physician-Assisted Suicide Unmasked

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» Doctors Adverse To Mixed Martial Arts Fights In Canada


In the Vancouver Sun article you linked to, Marc Ratner (VP/UFC) says “a ban would only drive the sport underground, depriving fighters of the protections provided by sanctioning and regulating the fights” – and he’s absolutely right.Shouldn’t doctors (of all people) know that?? How many medical procedures are and have been “underground” because they’re not legal?

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» Parents Erring On The Side Of Caution: Vaccine Marketing


  • My child’s health is my business and my only motive is parental love
  • Under a universal health care system like we have in Canada, the government is always looking for ways of cutting health care costs
  • Public Health immunization programs focusing on prevention …

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