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United Kingdom's National Health Service Plans To

Climate Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • Yet with energy-intensive buildings and a vast need for supplies, the healthcare industry contributes to climate change
  • And in turn, climate change can make health problems like asthma and heart disease worse
  • “Everywhere you look, you can see climate change undermining or threatening to undermine the foundations of health,” says Doctor

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What If Medicaid Paid For Trees

Minimize Yaleclimateconnections.org

Cochran says there’s a precedent for using healthcare dollars on preventative measures that can reduce health-care costs. For example, he says that to help minimize emergency room visits for heat-related illness, “we have the authority in Oregon for Medicaid to pay for air conditioners.”

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How Climate Change Threatens Public Health » Yale Climate

Climate Yaleclimateconnections.org

Citing health threats posed by climate change, more than 70 major medical groups in the U.S. released a call to action in June 2019 declaring climate change “a true public health emergency.” Jonathan Patz, M.D., MPH, director of the Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin, is an expert on climate change and public health.

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12 Books And Reports On The COVID 19 Pandemic And The Long

Economic Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • The world is facing the worst public health and economic crisis in a century
  • As of June 20th, 2020, over 463,000 people had died from Covid19 across the world
  • And the measures taken to respond to the threat of Covid19 have led to a global economic crisis
  • This is a significant setback for sustainable development.

Covid 19 Health
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12 Major Climate Change Reports From 2019 » Yale Climate

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

Eighteen full-length case studies are presented on how various practitioners are integrating climate change into public health. Health Care’s Climate Footprint: How the Health Sector Contributes to the Global Climate Crisis and Opportunities for Action, by Health Care Without Harm (Arup/Health Care Without Harm 2019, 48 pages, free download

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How Climate Change Affects Mental Health » Yale Climate

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • Disasters affect individuals’ mental health differently
  • But certain factors make people more vulnerable to suffering from psychological impacts of natural disasters
  • In particular, Morganstein said, people with lower socio-economic status are more likely to live in risk-prone areas and have less access to health care after a disaster.

Mens Health
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Congress To Confront Climate/health Care Nexus » Yale

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

On health care, Democrats – albeit often with reluctance and only in the face of insurmountable opposition – cast aside their preference for universal health care or even a public option. They lent support instead to a more conservative policy based on “Romneycare,” named after 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s

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Biden's Climate Executive Orders Are A Mini Green New Deal

Underinvestment Yaleclimateconnections.org

The order outlines the administration’s policy “to secure environmental justice and spur economic opportunity for disadvantaged communities that have been historically marginalized and overburdened by pollution and underinvestment in housing, transportation, water and wastewater infrastructure, and health care.”

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Helping People Afford Healthcare Has Reduced Illegal

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • (Credit: Health In Harmony video)
  • Since the 1970s, about a third of Borneo’s forest cover has been destroyed by agriculture, fire, and logging
  • Kinari Webb of the nonprofit Health in Harmony says some residents of this Southeast Asian island feel they have no choice but to engage in illegal logging.
  • They log to pay for healthcare.

Health Insurance
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All Capitol Hill Eyes On Energy, Climate; Make That Health

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

And with the Congress and the Obama administration focusing first and foremost on health care reform – or “health insurance reform,” in the administration’s new preferred framing of the issue – many Hill watchers are painfully (or gleefully depending on one’s perspective) anticipating that as goes the health bill, so too may go the

Beauty Eyes
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Burning Fossil Fuels Heats The Climate. It Also Harms

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • Health problems inflict a financial toll because of health care costs, lost productivity from missed work days and school days, and reduced economic growth
  • The price tag for the health effects of human-caused air pollution in the U.S
  • is estimated at $886 billion to $1 trillion per year.

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Climate Change And Public Health Reporting » Yale Climate

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

The media can also help policy makers and the public better understand proactive and preventive health care strategies aimed to reduce health risks related to a warmer climate and help ensure that both climate change and public health issues are portrayed holistically and in context. It’s a responsibility and a challenge facing not just

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Farms Inside Shipping Containers Could Grow More Local

Greenery Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • “That’s at corporate campuses, university campuses, health care facilities,” says Brad McNamara, CEO of Freight Farms
  • The company sells what it calls the Greenery
  • The company sells what it calls the Greenery.

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Coronavirus Doubters Follow Climate Denial Playbook » Yale

(such Yaleclimateconnections.org

Some have proposed, once it became obvious that the coronavirus outbreak had become widespread, that governments should just maintain the status quo, try to build herd immunity, and cope with the consequences (such as overwhelmed health care systems that could result in …

Coronavirus Health
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Study: Renewables Save Americans Billions » Yale Climate

Clean Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • Millstein says by saving lives and reducing healthcare costs, the use of clean energy provided benefits worth between 30 and 110 billion dollars
  • Those big numbers indicate that investing in clean energy can pay off for the earth and public health
  • Reporting credit: Sarah Kennedy/ChavoBart Digital Media
  • Image graphic: Created by David McCarthy.

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Tiny Solar Cells Harvest Indoor Light » Yale Climate

Solar Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • 3G Solar Photovoltaics CEO Barry Breen (Credit: 3G Solar Photovoltaics video)
  • Solar panels are installed where they can absorb sunlight
  • But a different type of solar technology is designed to harvest indoor light instead.

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The Potential Health Costs Of Climate Change Are Huge

According Yaleclimateconnections.org

The potential health costs of climate change are huge, report finds Posted on Nov 7, 2019 Just 10 extreme events in 2012 cost $1.6 billion in healthcare and lost wages, according to …

Health Insurance
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Climate Framing: Public Health Rather Than Environment

National Yaleclimateconnections.org

Researchers say climate frames reflecting public health, rather than environmental or national security issues, may do more at persuading those ‘as yet unpersuaded.’ Cautions expressed about a ‘boomerang’ or backlash effect from national security framing.

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More Concerted Action On Public Health Coming From Medical

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • In 2008, the American Nurses Association declared that “Nurses have the responsibility to be aware of broader health concerns such as environmental pollution,” and acknowledged the “threats posed by global climate change on a massive human and environmental scale.”
  • A Critical Mass Expresses Concerns
  • In May 2009, the health community took an especially firm position on climate …

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The Links Between Racism And Climate Change » Yale Climate

Listen Yaleclimateconnections.org

For an excellent example of connecting a lot of dots (structural racism, poverty, health care, COVID-19, wildfire smoke, protests and tear gas, polluted air), read or listen to this radio piece from San Francisco’s KQED.

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Nurses Sounding Alarm On Climate Change » Yale Climate

Energy Yaleclimateconnections.org

A cornerstone of Wolff’s program is a council of 19 health care systems that represent 500 hospitals in 35 states and Washington, D.C. Council members experiment with ways to reduce energy use, implement clean-energy infrastructure, and become more resilient to climate change.

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Climate Change Could Make Children's Allergies Worse

Providers Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • In New York City, she said, the Department of Health alerts health care providers to pollen counts and times when allergies may be high
  • This advanced warning allows providers to be more prepared
  • And perhaps the biggest way to lessen the growing impact of pollen on health is to reduce the burning of fossil fuels to limit climate change.

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'Climate Desk' News Org Collaboration Launched: New Model

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

Health care insurers are woefully behind the curve when it comes to preparing for the risks that climate change poses to human health. Wine grapes, highly sensitive to extremes in temperature, may well foretell how continued warming will stress global agriculture.

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Clean Energy Facts Belie Common Myths » Yale Climate

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • For example, the price of fossil fuels does not reflect the financial burden of public health impacts from fossil fuel use
  • In 2012, the World Health Organization estimated there were 3.2 million premature deaths due to outdoor air pollution
  • Society bears those costs in the form of health care bills, missed work time, and shortened lifespans.

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Climate Change Web Videos: Advocacy Edition » Yale Climate

Climate Yaleclimateconnections.org

During the past five years, Web video has emerged as a battleground in climate communication. Journalists, comedians, artists, businesses, governments, climate contrarians and advocacy groups alike are competing to produce the medium’s …

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Kaiser Permanente Is Worried About The Climate » Yale

Disease Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • For some healthcare providers, climate change is an urgent concern
  • Gerwig: “We see increased cases of asthma, other respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease
  • The wildfires and severe storms that are happening … those also have health impacts

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What Do The American People Want

Closer Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • There is a saying that time is what prevents everything from happening at once
  • On today’s Capitol Hill, nothing could be more true
  • The battle over health care alone is likely to continue pushing other issues to the standby list, and closer to a congressional election year session
  • Other concerns also may compromise the likelihood of a

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A Health Insurance Company's Climate Worries » Yale

Climate Yaleclimateconnections.org

It might seem strange for a health insurance company to take action on climate change, but Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts considers it a good investment. Cahill: “We know that there are certain things climate change-related that ultimately can impact someone’s health.”

Health Insurance
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From Social Change To Climate Change: Lessons From The

Climate Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • The long-term success of the new national health care program, for example, may play a bigger role in determining future climate policy in the U.S
  • than will the next round of climate assessments
  • Much more may be learned as Americans continue to revisit the social changes brought about by the 1960s, but one lesson already seems clear: Making

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Presbyterians And Climate Change » Yale Climate Connections

Argue Yaleclimateconnections.org

(Critics, of course, will argue that health care costs associated with coal are externalized and therefore not adequately included in the economics of coal mining and combustion, and they will argue too that “proper stewardship” too often is lacking.) Divisions among Presbyterians are also surfacing on hydrofracking.

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'U Dub' Professor Stephen Gardiner Sees Climate Change As

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

Health Care Debate: Long Term, Big Picture Lessons. Are there lessons to be learned from the health care debate this summer as climate change bills inch their way through Capital Hill and as the December Copenhagen convention approaches? Gardiner thinks so.

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Matt Damon's Funny Ish Climate Change Film » Yale Climate

Climate Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • There are several reasons climate communicators and activists, and not just cli-fi aficionados, could benefit by seeing Downsizing, the end-of-2017 movie starring Matt Damon and directed by Alexander Payne – to be released March 20 on disk
  • 1) It is one of the few films that addresses climate change mitigation (i.e
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions).

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Inaction On The Climate Threat Is NOT An Option » Yale

Public Yaleclimateconnections.org

Such investments will help with both public health and climate risks because our ability to respond to either or both depends on: equitable access to available resources; educational, socioeconomic and employment opportunities; and quality public safety, public health, and health care services.

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Scientists' 'Open Letter' To Obama, Congress: Waxman

Singling Yaleclimateconnections.org

Singling out Obama’s high-profile recent role on health care reform, they urged an effort “at least comparable” on climate change. Their point here echoes concerns expressed by some others that the President so far appears to have deferred largely to Democratic legislative leaders to shape the legislation rather than putting his own stamp

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Investors Flee Big Oil As Portfolios Get Drilled » Yale

Retirees Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • Coal companies have returned even less to investors
  • The stock price of Peabody Energy fell by 91% since 2017
  • In November of last year, the company announced major cuts in health care and life insurance benefits for its retirees, after determining those programs were “not sustainable.” Cutting costs and cutting jobs

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Nonprofit Journalism Model: A Future Of Environmental

Without Yaleclimateconnections.org

More than a few news reporters “down-sized” from traditional newsrooms over the past few years have found themselves freelancing or blogging and often without the kinds of health care and leave benefits they had become accustomed to as employees …

Mens Health
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Seeking 'common Ground' In Climate Change Dialogues » Yale

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

Health care suffers the same plight, along with guns, some old monuments and statues, immigration, and tax policy. And of course, those working on climate change are no strangers to the endless, shrill controversy, even around long-understood concepts in physics and chemistry.

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Wind And Solar Energy Are Job Creators. Which States Are

Building Yaleclimateconnections.org

At the same time, it’s worth noting that the oil and gas industry is well known for boom-and-bust employment cycles, and coal company bankruptcies are notorious for abandoning workers’ health care and benefits while often doling out lucrative bonuses to executives. There is enormous room for improvement in building an inclusive and

Healthcare Jobs
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The New Bjorn Lomborg: 'Only One Option' Fix Global

Health Yaleclimateconnections.org

He proposes spending $100 billion a year to develop clean energy technology for wind, wave, solar, and nuclear power, and also for climate engineering ideas such as whitening clouds to increase their reflectivity. The money would also be used to help society adapt to inevitable changes, such as rising seas, and global health care problems.

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Post Election 'new Realities' » Yale Climate Connections

Public Yaleclimateconnections.org

It’s hard to think straight in the aftermath of an election virtually certain to lead to major, and perhaps paralyzing, public policy shifts involving everything from economic and financial regulation, public health and health care generally, international trade, civil rights, highway and workplace safety, and, yes, energy and climate.

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Climate Change Disasters Won't Be 'just' Ecological » Yale

Women Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • My previous work has been about motherhood and the crisis affecting maternal health care in the U.S
  • Unequal access to basic prenatal and postnatal care, right here in the U.S
  • in 2018, means 700-800 women die of preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth every year, and women of color are three times as likely to die of

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Early Headlines On New IPCC Report

Early Yaleclimateconnections.org

Early headlines on new IPCC report Posted on Oct 3, 2013 Timing, stiff competition for finite news 'holes,' earlier leaks of major news, and the absence of a real 'headline grabber' all contributed to a relative dearth of front-page media attention to the first installment of IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report.

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Finding Common Ground Amid Climate Controversy » Yale

Madsen Yaleclimateconnections.org

Madsen advocated that cleaning up our energy supply now saves money now, as a result of lowered health care costs, job growth, and consumer savings. Agle was swayed by the idea of immediate benefits, rather than distant intangibles.

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Is Malaria More Likely In A Warmer U.S.

Housing Yaleclimateconnections.org

  • – Talk to your doctor about your health concerns
  • Remember, I’m an advice columnist, not a medical professional
  • – To the extent you’re able, give time or money to groups that are improving access to affordable housing and healthcare
  • As I’ve explained, both are key to controlling malaria.

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Climate Concerns Raised At Many 'town Halls' » Yale

Trump Yaleclimateconnections.org

Climate change – with a push from the activist “indivisible” effort leading resistance to various Trump administration initiatives – is being raised along with health care, taxes, and concerns in some quarters about possible Trump campaign involvement with Russia, Sinclair reports. He says that when his own representative, Republican

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Puerto Rico's Solar Powered Energy Oasis » Yale Climate

Solar Yaleclimateconnections.org

The group also distributed nearly 10,000 solar lamps to local residents, and installed emergency solar systems to power home health care equipment. Casa Pueblo wanted to help people in need after Hurricane Maria struck.

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Foundation Funded Health News Service, Free Blogs For

TypePad Yaleclimateconnections.org

“It’s a long way from $700 billion ….” With that glib lead paragraph, the presumably still-employed Jenna Wortham reported in the November 24 New York Times that TypePad publisher Six Apart has started “its own economic bailout plan” for recently axed bloggers and journalists. The TypePad Journalist Bailout Program consists of TypePad Pro, generally retailing for $150 a year.

Health Insurance
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The Unique Tools Of The Artist In A Dying World » Yale

Novel Yaleclimateconnections.org

Set in Berlin in the near future, Oval is a wry and timely novel that speaks to some of the biggest issues shaping today’s society: the effects of climate change, the growth of corporate conglomerations, the (over)reach of health care, and the role of the artist who explores all of this. The novel introduces us to Anja and Louis who share a rent-free, eco-friendly home built on the side of

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Confronting The 'isolated, Lonely, Painful Deaths' From

General Yaleclimateconnections.org

Hondula emphasizes the broad impact of heat: “Emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and other formal medical treatment and services accumulate significant costs and can strain the health care system. More broadly, heat causes stress, worry, anxiety, and general reductions in quality of life for many people in hot cities.”

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