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Before You Practice Yin Yoga

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If you have any questions, please talk to a teacher or your health care professional . If you are pregnant or have serious health concerns such as joint injury, recent surgery, epilepsy, diabetes, or any cardiovascular diseases (especially high blood pressure), be sure to discuss your intention to practice yoga with your health care professional.

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Warnings Yin Yoga

Health Yinyoga.com

  • Please Note! Before embarking on this practice, please make sure you are able to do so: check with your doctor, or health care professional, before starting any yoga practice
  • The guidance given in this site is not meant to replace medical advice and should be used only as a supplement if you are under the care of a health care professional.

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Yin Yoga For The Wrists Yin Yoga

Free Yinyoga.com

  • Yin Yoga exercise is not designed as a yoga therapy, but rather as an aid to make your healthy tissues healthier
  • If you are currently experiencing pain, your health care provider may recommend that you rest the area until you are pain free, and then begin movement exercises
  • It is at this time that these Yin Yoga positions will prove helpful.

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Sciatica & Yoga Yin Yoga

Health Yinyoga.com

Check with a knowledgeable health care professional or yoga teacher. The advice offered here are just some ideas and guidance that you can use, in consultation with your health care team, to see if you can avoid the more drastic remedies of surgery or steroids.

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Theory Of Exercise Yin Yoga

Exercise Yinyoga.com

  • Many health care professionals shudder at the thought of exercising joints; they have the mistaken view that all exercise is yang exercise
  • Despite this concern it is possible to exercise ligaments, bones, and joints
  • However, being yin tissues means we must exercise them in a yin way.

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Issues In Our Tissues Yin Yoga

Cannot Yinyoga.com

The second thing to be aware of is taking advice over the internet on matters of personal health: I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose you or prescribe what you should do for your physical health, nor am I a psychotherapist and cannot give you the personal counseling you may need to help you through an emotional or mental crises; and even if I

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Yin Yoga For Low Back Pain Yin Yoga

Shown Yinyoga.com

  • Check with your health care provider
  • If he or she agrees that it is worthwhile to try Yoga, try the short Yin Yoga practice targeting the spine as shown in our YouTube channel, and work your way up to longer practices
  • Or, try out the flow for the spine shown below,

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People With Fibromyalgia Should Not Do Yin Yoga Yin Yoga

Fibromyalgia Yinyoga.com

  • Last updated: March 20, 2020 This concern is pretty straightforward: Anyone with fibromyalgia should avoid Yin Yoga because it will make his or her condition and pain worse
  • Before replying to this concern, let’s define what fibromyalgia is
  • According to the Mayo Clinic, “Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by […]

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Tingling & Numbness In Yoga Poses Yin Yoga

Cause Yinyoga.com

  • Dietary deficiencies such as a lack of vitamin E, B1 of B12 or too much B6 can be a cause
  • Alcohol abuse, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines or certain medications can be a cause
  • Animal bites or nerve damage might be the cause
  • It would be wise to check with your health care provider if you experience any of the following symptoms or

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Bulging Disc In Lower Back

Caused Yinyoga.com

  • Of course she should be talking to her health care professional to determine just how bad her condition is
  • The causes of this condition are many: it could be caused by overly straining the back while bending forward, perhaps by trying to lift up something heavy
  • It could be caused by repetitive forward movements such as lots of sun salutations.

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Balancing Energy Yin Yoga

These Yinyoga.com

  • Caution is advised for students taking insulin, sedatives, or cardiovascular medications
  • Check with your health care professional before beginning a yoga practice if you are on medication
  • These occurrences are rare, but it is good to be aware that adverse reactions can happen
  • If the situation warrants help, seek it.

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Yin Yoga For The Knees Yin Yoga

Issues Yinyoga.com

If you suffer from pain in the knees due to meniscus damage, knee cap issues, gout or arthritis, this practice may help you, however, as always, if you have significant issues, please check first with your health care provider before doing this exercise. [This may not be a good idea, for example, if you have cruciate ligament damage.]

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Good Pain, Bad Pain

People Yinyoga.com

  • FIGURE 2 —The faces pain scale [5]
  • Neil Pearson has noticed in his work as a yoga teacher, physical therapist and pain researcher that some people have two scales: a pain scale and a discomfort scale
  • [6] For these people, many sensations are not considered painful at all, but rather uncomfortable
  • In yoga, we do take people outside their comfort zone: we need to challenge them; they need

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Yin Yoga And Fibromyalgia

Really Yinyoga.com

  • She really needs to 1) talk to her health care providers and see what they think and 2) try it a little, going really slow
  • Maybe she should start with a good Yoga Therapist and see how it goes
  • My intuition is that she will benefit from yoga as have so many other people with cancer, but she has to make sure that the yoga she does works for her.

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Yin Yoga And Pain In Throat/shoulders

Throat Yinyoga.com

If the condition keeps occurring, you may want to advise her to see her health care provider for a more thorough investigation. It could be related to muscle tension in the throat (some sort of cramping happening there), squeezing of arteries in that area that block blood flow, swollen lymph nodes or glands in the throat area, and good old

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Moving Energy Yin Yoga

Health Yinyoga.com

  • If you plan to experiment with some of the procedures, go slowly and observe the results carefully
  • If you start to feel uncomfortable for any reason, stop
  • If you have any health concerns, do see your health care professional before beginning any energy work.

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The Practice Of Yin Yoga Yin Yoga

Health Yinyoga.com

The guidance given in this book is not meant to replace medical advice, and should be used only as a supplement if you are under the care of a health care professional. While care has been taken in compiling the guidance, we cannot take any responsibility …

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When Is Yin Yoga Contraindicated

Surgery Yinyoga.com

There will be exceptions to every generalization and yoga, like health care, is best tailored specifically to the individual student. For someone just coming out of major surgery, whether heart surgery, hip replacement, etc or under going cancer treatments and a host of other serious situations, the doctor or surgeon must be involved in

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Spinal Curves Yin Yoga

Dollars Yinyoga.com

The financial impact in terms of health care dollars and lost work hours reaches billions of dollars each year in this country.” That is a lot of people with lower back problems but when you watch virtually everybody who sits in a chair today, you can see one possible source of the problem.

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Forward Yinyoga.com

  • The student's health care provider may suggest, to avoid any possibility of a "wedge fracture" of the vertebrae, that all forward bends should be eliminated for now
  • This would then includes Yin Yoga forward bends
  • A wedge fracture is where the vertebra gets thinner in the front of the spine, until eventually it fails and fractures

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Yin Sequence For Brain Injury

Increase Yinyoga.com

  • If you have suffered a neck injury, then all inversions should be avoided until you and your health care provider are convinced it is safe to do them
  • You can get almost as much benefit from simply doing the old viparita karani (legs up the wall pose) without the risks
  • If your goal is to increase potential blood flow to the brain and you have

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Yin Yoga For The Neck Yin Yoga

People Yinyoga.com

  • The main caution here is – if you have any neck issues already, don’t try these until you have checked with your health care provider
  • The neck is not as strong as the rest of the spine, and while for most people there is no problem at all doing these poses, for some people this will not be good for them

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3 Things I Learned From A Weekend With Spine Biomechanic

Yogis Yinyoga.com

3) The answer to every health question is, “It depends…” 1) Intentions matter! One of the great treasures of physical yoga practice is the strength and mobility developed in the spine. We have all seen amazing yogis who can drop back from standing into the Wheel Pose and come back up again.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis And Yin Yoga

SallyJ Yinyoga.com

  • Again, best to ask your health care pro
  • Let us know how it goes! Cheers Bernie
  • SallyJ Posts: 2 Joined: Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:35 pm
  • Post by SallyJ » Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:59 pm
  • Thank you so very much for such a helpful reply to my AS question! That is some of the most helpful advice I have ever received and I have made note of

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I Know Someone Who Was Hurt Doing Yin Yoga Yin Yoga

Regrettable Yinyoga.com

  • Last updated: March 20, 2020 This concern can take the form of I know of a student doing Yin Yoga who hurt herself while she was coming out of a posture and she had pain for weeks afterwards
  • Any injury occurring in a yoga class is regrettable and unfortunate
  • However, injuries can happen in […]

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Yin Yoga Is Not Good For People With Cancer Yin Yoga

Cancer Yinyoga.com

  • Last updated: March 20, 2020 This concern is pretty straightforward: People with cancer should avoid Yin Yoga
  • The long-held stresses are contraindicated
  • A major fear in working with yoga students who have cancer is the interaction between their cancer therapy and the physical stresses of their yoga practice
  • For example, chemotherapy uses toxic drugs […]

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Yin Yoga Extension Poses For People With Some Lumbar Pain

Spinal Yinyoga.com

  • I can offer my thoughts however, and leave you to use your inner guru, and your health care provider, to work out what to do
  • I know that to "stenose" means to narrow, and so spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal causing pressure on the spinal cord
  • This can manifest as pain in many areas of the lower body.

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Cancer And Yin Yoga

People Yinyoga.com

  • The best person to work out the answer is your health care provider
  • Tell her what you want to do and see what she thinks? As I mentioned above, for people with breast cancer, Yin Yoga may be a great way to deal with the stress of the treatment
  • Restorative yoga may be even better.

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Headaches During Yoga Practice Yin Yoga

Headache Yinyoga.com

  • Headaches are not unusual and can happen to anybody at various times
  • The International Headache Society in their International Classification of Headache Disorders 3 rd edition, identify 14 different types of headaches with many sub-classifications
  • There are 2 basic categories of headaches, primary and secondary.

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Spinal Flossing (aka: Neurodynamics) Yin Yoga

Spinal Yinyoga.com

  • Spinal flossing is a therapeutic gliding of the spinal cord and major nerves
  • Spinal nerves are mobile and dynamic
  • This is a good thing because as we flex, extend and twist the spine during our yoga practice, the spinal canal through which the spinal cord runs is constantly changing its length
  • While the spinal cord has some ability to stretch, it accommodates most of the spine’s length

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Static Progressive Stress And Yin Yoga Yin Yoga

Patients Yinyoga.com

The JAS Ankle system utilizes Static Progressive Stretch to achieve permanent restoration of joint ROM in three 30-minute sessions per day. SPS is one of a group of therapeutic interventions used to help patients regain lost range of motion while decreasing pain,stiffness and swelling.

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Hypermobility And Yoga Yin Yoga

Before Yinyoga.com

  • Before starting any exercise practice, yoga or otherwise, it is wise to check with your health care provider to make sure this is a good idea
  • If you are hypermobile and choose to do Yin Yoga, practice with attention and intention.

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Playing Your Edge Yin Yoga

Emotional Yinyoga.com

“The mystic swims in the waters where the psychotic drowns.” It is not surprising that, along with physical and emotional edges, we all hav If one is not prepared, a leap off this edge can lead to psychosis. The ego will not willingly go there and a sign that the edge is close is a strong physical and emotional signal: a visceral sense of danger, of fear, a compulsion to withdraw.

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Yin Yoga And Arthritis

Include Yinyoga.com

  • She should first check with her health care professional
  • I know, this is a vague answer, but without knowing the exact condition of the student, where the arthritis is, and how severe it is, it is impossible to suggest a detailed approach
  • But let me talk about the 4 reasons people may want to include Yin Yoga as part of their

Arthritis Health
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Energy, Chakras And The Endocrine System Yin Yoga

System Yinyoga.com

Traditionally the chakra system is considered quite distinct from the glandular system: chakras are found in the subtle body (the pranamaya kosha), while the endocrine system is definitely part of the physical body (the annamaya kosha.)They are not the same thing, although some teachers do link them. Many years ago, in an anatomy lab lead by Gil Hedley, I listened intently to a correlation he

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Yin Yoga Is Not Good For Hypermobile Students Yin Yoga

Easy—short Yinyoga.com

  • Before starting any exercise practice, yoga or otherwise, it is wise to check with your health care provider to make sure this is a good idea
  • If you are hypermobile and choose to do Yin Yoga, practice with attention and intention
  • Start easy—short holds at first of 1 to 2 minutes, only going halfway to your end range of motion.

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Rita Lester Yin Yoga

Certified Yinyoga.com

  • John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador based Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Certified Yin Yoga Teacher(2013); Since 1998 I have been designing and delivering Yoga Classes to the Community young and old, able and disabled; and in recent years Yoga for Workplaces, in Health Care Settings, for Mental Health, for Autism, for Fertility and Yoga in Schools…

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Yin Yoga And Energy

Still Yinyoga.com

  • Given your experiences, I would also suggest skipping your Yin Yoga practice for a while (a week or two) and then re-introduce it slowly: maybe once a week for 30 minutes at a time
  • If you find that you still experience this ongoing lethargy even when you are not doing yin, then it is time to check-in with your health care team.

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Yin Yoga And Heart Problems And Students With Diastasis

However Yinyoga.com

  • However, as with all things in yoga, we are not doctors or therapists so the best answer is - what does your student's health care professional say? She will know the student much better than you
  • I would be surprised, however, if there were any concerns
  • Indeed, usually for heart patients, activity is prescribed, so yoga in most forms should

Heart Disease Health
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Yin Yoga During Pregnancy

Pills Yinyoga.com

Some pills may have too little estrogen, which can cause missed periods, and some pills are progestin only, which can also caused skipped periods. But I would think missing your period is not a good sign and you may want to check with your health care professional and …

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Yin Yoga Poses For Bursitis Of The Hips

Worse Yinyoga.com

  • Naturally, she should ask her health care professional what she thinks about doing exercise, but normally exercises can help, but the kind of exercise is important
  • Walking and stair climbing can make this condition worse
  • Bursae are pads found between tendons/ligaments and bony surfaces.

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Joanne Astley Yin Yoga

Joanne Yinyoga.com

Joanne Astley Guelph, Ontario Joanne is a graduate of 500 hours of teacher training at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre in Toronto, as well as advanced trainings in restorative, yin and yoga nidra. In addition to teaching in the Moksha community, Joanne has guided yoga classes in mental health care settings to assist people dealing with […]

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Question About Emotional Releases

Emotions Yinyoga.com

re-reading the other replies, i should add that while mindfulness is certainly useful, if you're dealing with traumas or have any kind of history of mental illness (of which i have both), it's very, very important to experience the emotions and honor them, even though it can be excruciatingly difficult. in as much as we can't let our emotions run everything for us, which is what mindfulness is

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No Movement L5/Sacrum

Sacrum Yinyoga.com

  • Before doing more yoga poses, make sure your physio or health care professional is onside with it
  • The idea would be to slide the L5 vertebrae back "out" while pushing the sacrum "in"
  • Butterfly could move the L5 backwards but it also pushes the sacrum backwards
  • Seal pose could push the sacrum in, but it also pushes the L5 in.

Mens Health
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Negative Energy Being Released During Asanas

There Yinyoga.com

  • If your student continuously feels nausea, she really should go see a professional health care provider to make sure there is nothing serious going on
  • If her doctor finds no pathology, then we can speculate that there is something in the practice affecting her
  • The abdomen contains our "second brain" - the enteric nervous system.

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Things To Know About Visiting Vancouver

Health Yinyoga.com

  • Health It’s not a nice thought when you’re on holiday, but things can go wrong
  • If you’re a non-Canadian resident you must have adequate health insurance cover because although Canada has a very good health service, there are no free services for non-residents and charges can be very high

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