Set Up Healthcare DFI To Improve Medical Services: Finance


"The health sector is in dire need of a health developmental financial institution (DFI). Budget 2021-22 mentioned setting up a DFI to stimulate investments with an …

Health Insurance
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How Technology Will Transform Healthcare After The


  • A significant learning from our current healthcare crisis is to be prepared for a world after the COVID-19 pandemic

Health Insurance
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Amazon Enters Healthcare With Telemedicine Initiative In


Helton said the product is designed to be a supplement or an additional benefit to existing coverage provided by an employer. Consumer demand for telemedicine and virtual health

Health Insurance
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‘Health Is No More About Medicines; It Is Now A Way Of


Health is no more about medicines; it is now a way of life. - Sanjaya Mariwala, OmniActive Health Technologies The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the lives of people with disabilities.

Health Insurance
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How The Healthcare Industry Is Preparing For Post COVID 19


How the healthcare industry is preparing for post COVID-19 lockdown era. In the short term, healthcare experts and organisations should be prepared for the possibility in spurt of COVID-19 cases

Covid 19 Health
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These 5 Startups Are Monitoring India’s Health With AI


Healthcare starts with preventive care, which basically includes keeping a check on various health conditions and taking proactive steps to nip diseases in the bud.

Health Insurance
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Top 5 Startups For Elderly Care Giving & Home Healthcare


  • These are top 5 startup and leading Health care agencies in India who are offering the professional health care services to the needy
  • It is a Hyderabad based company

Elderly Health
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This Startup Is Leveraging IoT Technology To Help Improve


This startup is leveraging IoT technology to help improve healthcare. By Team YS

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This Wharton Grad’s Healthcare Financing Startup Offers


Good healthcare is an expensive proposition. Despite the multitude of health insurers out there, less than five percent of India’s population has access to private insurance.And, almost two

Health Insurance
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Reimagining Digital Healthcare In India For The New Normal


The current healthcare system is plagued by several problems, including the absence of an integrated health system, no district-level electronic database, no personal health records systems and …

Health Insurance
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Rajya Sabha Passes National Commission For Allied And


Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed a Bill which seeks to provide for regulation and maintenance of standards of education and services by allied and healthcare professionals.. Union Health Minister, Dr

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The Importance Of Market Research For The Healthcare Sector


The cultural, structural, and environmental influences on health and health care in the target market Whether or not there is a market for a product or service that a provider wants to launch

Health Insurance
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Govt Allows COVID 19 Vaccination For People Aged 18 Years


5 hours ago · Vaccination shall continue as before in Govt of India vaccination centres, provided free of cost to the eligible population as defined earlier i.e. Health Care Workers (HCWs), Front Line Workers

Covid 19 Health
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Proactive Health360: The Preventive Health Monitoring


Healthcare is moving from the doctor’s clinic to home, with many people assessing their health regularly. There is a whole slew of apps to measure your fitness and determining whether sugar

Health Insurance
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Backed By Apollo Group, This Edtech Startup Aims To Bridge


The coronavirus pandemic has put the spotlight on the importance of quality healthcare to promote and maintain good health, prevent and manage diseases, reduce disability and premature death, and

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How AI Is Leading The Revolution To Help Improve


The fastest growth of healthcare AI is emerging in Asia, where leading tech players have consumer-focused offerings. AI offers wide scope - from online symptom checkers and apps that help manage

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Top 15 Healthcare Software App Companies In India/USA For


10. Dogtown Media: (A top healthcare app software company in India) This agency is the best healthcare mobile app development company in India providing a wide variety of healthcare

Health Insurance
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How Blockchain Will Affect Healthcare Industry


  • One of the reasons why the health care industry is showing its interest in blockchain is that it helps in data transparency
  • With the use of this technology, you can record each

Health Insurance
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Cognate Health Services YourStory


"With an aim to make quality health care affordable and accessible, Cognate Healthcare Services discounted prepaid health packages provide access to quality preventive and health solutions. Their

Health Insurance
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Healthcare Trends That Will Shape The Industry In 2019


It is hence speculated that 5 percent to 10 percent of health insurance plans will be linked to lifestyle and health data-driven interactive policies in some form by the end of 2019.

Health Insurance
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From Promoting Good Health To Being Environmentally


Naresh is the founder of Zyro Health Care Pvt Ltd, a Delhi-based company that provides food and herbal supplements. Similar to allopathy and homoeopathy, he has come up with the term Zyropathy

Mens Health
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12 Quotes Reminding Women To Care For Themselves In The


- Byllye Avery, health care activist “Women’s health needs to be front and centre - it often isn’t, but it needs to be.” - Cynthia Nixon, actress and activist

Mens Health
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[Funding Alert] Healthtech Startup MFine Raises $16M Led


It added that global venture capital funding in digital health came to $14.8 billion, a 66 percent increase compared to $8.9 billion in 2019, according to Mercom Capital’s annual report on

Health Insurance
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Making Universal Health Coverage A Reality


Healthcare delivery system: According to Rural Health Statistics 2015, at least 6 large states had almost 40% shortfall of community health centers and Bihar has the highest shortfall at 91%.

Health Insurance
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This Startup Is Enabling People To Access Resources For


Practo, an integrated healthcare platform, reported a 665 percent jump in the number of mental health queries compared to 2019, with more than two-thirds of them coming from individuals aged 21 to

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Union Budget 2019 For Healthcare Industry


There is a whopping 16 percent increase over the 2018-2019 allocation which was Rs 54,302.50 crores. In this article, we are showing how the industry experts and leaders in the Healthcare industry

Health Insurance
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Meet The 8 Women Who Are Revolutionising Healthcare In India


  • Neerja is the Founder and Chairperson of Mpower, an organisation that works towards tackling mental health issues among the youth

Mens Health
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How Two IIM Alumni Plan To Disrupt The Personal Healthcare


DRiefcase digitises personal health records and provides patients with single-point, easy-to-use access to their medical data through a mobile app. The records are stored securely, available

Personal Healthcare
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Culture And Enterprise: How These Founders Are Finding


Vivekananda Health Global, a chain of centres headquartered in Bengaluru, is a brand of Vyasa Health Care providing evidence-based integrative medicine. Team Vyasa Health

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‘Predictive Health Is The Future Of Medicine’– 30 Quotes


  • Predictive health is the future of medicine
  • - Greg Moon, SoftBank Investment Advisers
  • YourStory has also published the pocketbook ‘Proverbs and Quotes for Entrepreneurs: A World of Inspiration

Health Insurance
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Preventive Healthcare Market In India To Be $100B


Health insurance, telemedicine, physiotherapy and mental healthcare have currently low penetration in the country, but technology is playing a game-changing role in each of these sectors to spill

Health Insurance
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These 8 Healthtech Startups Raised Funding Amid


Bengaluru-based women's healthcare startup Zealthy is a women-only platform that aims to understand, share, and learn health issues specific to women in their local languages. It …

Health Insurance
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Estonia Based VIVEO Health Partners With Voll Sante To


Founded in 2017 by Raul Källo, VIVEO Health is aimed at making healthcare accessible to all through its telemedicine platform, and by bridging the gap between the medical network and patients.

Health Insurance
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Founders Of Mumbai Based Aara Health Discuss Being


Founded in March 2020, Aara Health aims to bridge the gender gap in healthcare by building an inclusive, sustainable, judgment-free platform for women in India. Edited by Suman Singh women

Health Insurance
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Employee Engagement And Innovation: COVID 19 Resilience


Work from home due to COVID-19 is not an option for frontline healthcare workers. Hear how this leading hospital weathered the storm at the Intrapreneurship Conclave 2021.

Covid 19 Health
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Why This Yuvraj Singh Backed Healthtech Startup Is Looking


This growth is likely to be driven by improving healthcare facilities, medical diagnostic and pathological laboratories, private-public projects, and the health insurance sector.

Health Insurance
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HealthAssure Offers Corporate Employees Easy Access To


Varun and his colleagues from United Healthcare India—Ninad Raje, Delly D’Souza and Satish Prabhu—realised that most of the health insurances and benefits focussed on special and specific care.

Health Insurance
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