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  • Montana’s Health Policy MVP Takes Her Playbook on the Road
  • Dan Gorenstein, Marilyn Bartlett, credited with saving Montana’s state employee health plan millions of dollars, is a busy consultant now, as states, counties and big businesses try …

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Veterans Affairs Opens New Health Care Clinic In Helena YPR

Helena Ypradio.org

The Montana Veterans Affairs Health Care System opened a new primary care clinic in Helena Tuesday. The new clinic at Fort Harrison VA Medical Center will serve about 5,000 veterans living in the Helena area, according to a VA press release.

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How Blackfeet Nation Vaccinated So Many So Quickly YPR

Vaccination Ypradio.org

  • 10 hours ago · Within days of Montana’s first confirmed COVID-19 case, Blackfeet Nation declared a state of emergency and closed down
  • One year later, Blackfeet Nation is one area leading the country in high vaccination rates
  • Community buy-in is one of the reasons health care workers can now turn their vaccination efforts toward those outside of the reservation.

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Spurred By Pandemic, Little Shell Tribe Fast Tracks Its

Members Ypradio.org

  • As the newest federally recognized tribe, the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana is starting from scratch to deliver health care to members
  • While COVID-19 has been devastating, it has sped up the tribe's ability to build a clinic
  • Yet, lacking a reservation, the tribe faces challenges reaching its scattered members.

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Montana’s Health Care Staffing Issues Persist, Despite

Hospitals Ypradio.org

Montana’s frontline health care workers are receiving their second doses of COVID-19 vaccines, guaranteeing fewer will become infected with the virus. But hospitals are not changing quarantine policies for vaccinated workers exposed to COVID-19, meaning staffing capacity will likely continue to be an issue in hospitals across the state.

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High End Medical Provider Let Ineligible People Skip COVID

People Ypradio.org

A national health care provider has administered COVID-19 vaccinations to people deemed ineligible for the scarce vaccine by local health departments, including people with connections to company leaders and customers of its concierge medical service, according to internal communications leaked to NPR.

Covid 19 Health
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They're A Precious Commodity, So Why Are Some COVID 19

Staff Ypradio.org

  • For example, health care workers in Oregon on Tuesday got resourceful with expiring vaccine doses
  • A team of Josephine County Public Health staff was driving back from a vaccination event when an accident halted traffic during a snowstorm
  • Josephine County Public Health Director Michael Weber realized it would be hours before his staff could

Covid 19 Health
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Montana Releases Updated COVID 19 Vaccine Distribution

Health Ypradio.org

  • And county health departments are also receiving the vaccine for health care workers who come in direct contact with patients or might be exposed to the virus
  • Aaron: So, the state expects we'll get through the 60,000 people in phase one by Jan

Covid 19 Health
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Gianforte's Revised COVID 19 Vaccination Plan Diverges

Gianforte Ypradio.org

  • Gianforte says once health care workers who have direct contact or exposure to the virus are vaccinated, he’s prioritizing “the most vulnerable” and moving certain groups to the front of the vaccination eligibility line
  • A list of eligible underlying health conditions was not available by publication
  • Gianforte says the changes mean

Covid 19 Health
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To Vaccinate Veterans, Health Care Workers Must Cross

Health Ypradio.org

An additional 2 million veterans live in remote areas who do not receive their health care from VA, according to the department. To ensure these rural vets have access to the covid vaccines, the VA is relying on a mix of tools, like charter and commercial aircraft and partnerships with civilian health

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'The Separate And Unequal Health System' Highlighted By

Facility Ypradio.org

Health care workers have gotten it here, but no one knows how long it will be before this community has access. / Gabriella Angotti-Jones for NPR Exacerbating the COVID-19 crisis at the MLK facility is that it is essentially the only medical game in town as doctors are reluctant to set up a practice where they cannot be paid.

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As Demand For Mental Health Care Spikes, Budget Ax Set To

Health Ypradio.org

HELENA, Mont. — When the pandemic hit, health officials in Montana’s Beaverhead County had barely begun to fill a hole left by the 2017 closure of the local public assistance office, mental health clinic, chemical dependency center and job placement office after the state’s last budget shortfall.

Mens Health
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Helena's St. Peter’s Health Expects Most Employees To Get

Percent Ypradio.org

  • It also found a slightly higher than average hesitancy to get vaccinated among health care workers
  • Twenty-nine percent said they probably or definitely wouldn’t get the vaccine
  • Experts estimate around 70 percent of the population needs to get vaccinated for herd immunity, the point at which the virus can be held in check.

Health Insurance
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History Of Employer Based Health Insurance In The U.S. YPR

Health Ypradio.org

  • STARR: So many people are very anxious about health care
  • And whenever the issue comes up politically, that anxiety makes people very reluctant to endorse big changes
  • Although, you know, this pandemic is, I think, bringing out such serious problems with the way health care and public health work in this country.

Health Insurance
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Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Can Help You Get

Montanans Ypradio.org

  • The window to sign up for a plan on the federal Health Insurance Marketplace will open Feb
  • MT Navigator is a free service that assists Montanans with shopping for health care coverage under the marketplace exchange created by the Affordable Care Act
  • The assistance program said more than 44,000 Montanans have signed

Health Insurance
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Montana VA Hosts First Clinic With Johnson And Johnson

Montana Ypradio.org

  • Montana VA Health Care System staff will call each enrolled veteran to schedule an appointment
  • If a Montana Veteran is not enrolled in VHA healthcare, they can call (877) 468-8387 and select Option 4 or call (406) 447-7325 to find out if they are eligible
  • Unenrolled Veterans are encouraged to call as soon as possible.

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First COVID 19 Vaccines Arrive In Montana YPR

Health Ypradio.org

Bozeman Health Deaconess is using guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state health department and other sources to design a chart prioritizing which health care workers are first in line for the vaccine.

Covid 19 Health
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Montana’s Health Policy MVP Takes Her Playbook On The Road

(Kaiser Ypradio.org

  • 18 episode profiles employers’ efforts to purchase health care in new ways
  • KHN (Kaiser Health News) is a nonprofit news service covering health issues
  • It is an editorially independent program of KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) that is not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente.

Health Insurance
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Yellowstone County Rescinds All Local COVID 19 Health

Yellowstone Ypradio.org

Yellowstone County Health Officer John Felton noted active COVID-19 cases decreased in the last month at a press conference Thursday, and removed all local mandates effective immediately. "I issued the latest Yellowstone County health officer order in November, when cases were rising rapidly in our county and extended it in an effort to ensure

Covid 19 Health
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Montana Hospitals Facing Staff Shortages Amid COVID 19

Healthcare’s Ypradio.org

  • But a shortage of health care workers to staff and watch over patients in those beds is already a problem in some areas of the state
  • Eric Vezina is a registered nurse in Kalispell Regional Healthcare’s COVID-19 unit
  • He says that unit has been growing …

Covid 19 Health
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Tester: GOP Healthcare Bill 'Is Not A Step Forward' YPR

Republican Ypradio.org

  • Democratic Senator Jon Tester held a digital town hall Tuesday night to answer questions about the Republican health care proposal awaiting action in the U.S
  • The hour long Facebook live event came hours after Senate Republican leaders announced a delay on the vote for their long-awaited plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”.

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One Medical Faces Accusations Of Giving COVID 19 Vaccines

Health Ypradio.org

  • A massive American health care provider named One Medical has been letting people jump the line for COVID-19 vaccines, according to internal communications leaked to NPR
  • One Medical is a boutique primary health care provider that promises concierge services for an annual fee
  • This is a growing segment of the U.S

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Rural Americans In Pharmacy Deserts Hurting For Covid

Colorado Ypradio.org

In Colorado, pharmacies give over a million flu shots a year, said Emily Zadvorny, executive director of the Colorado Pharmacists Society, and, particularly in smaller towns, have a much closer relationship with their customers than larger health care providers do. She pointed to a pharmacist in Kiowa County, Colorado, who pulled a list of all

Covid 19 Health
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Could A Single Dose Of COVID 19 Vaccine After Illness

Health Ypradio.org

  • A health care worker draws a dose of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine into a syringe for an immunization event in the parking lot of the L.A
  • Public health officials say it's important to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible to reduce the risk posed by new coronavirus variants.

Covid 19 Health
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Montana Providers Awarded $500,000 For Health Insurance

Insurance Ypradio.org

Montana has awarded more than $540,000 in grants to health care providers so they can help people find affordable insurance plans. Hospitals, clinics and tribal nations will use the money to train or hire counselors through June who can guide Montanans through the health care insurance application process, including on the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

Health Insurance
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Montana VA Leading Pilot Program For Rural Vaccine

Montana Ypradio.org

The Montana Veterans Affairs Health Care system is leading a national pilot program to bring the COVID-19 vaccine to rural veterans. The Montana VA spent the past two and a half weeks planning the delivery trip to Havre and making a blueprint for getting the vaccine into rural areas.

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The Boom In Out Of State Telehealth Threatens In State

Health Ypradio.org

The prospect of unfettered interstate virtual health care worries some health industry officials. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana spokesperson John Doran said he shares Kosovich’s concerns that local providers could suffer or be driven out of business, particularly in smaller states.

Health Insurance
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Telemedicine And Montana’s Digital Divide YPR

Health Ypradio.org

Telehealth isn’t appropriate for all forms of health care, and there will always be patients and providers who prefer in person visits, but Stergar said it should be a part of the mix going forward. “If there’s a silver lining [to COVID-19] in health care, it’s that it made everybody go to telehealth,” she said.

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Hospital Cultural Liaison Helps Breakdown Barriers So

Healthcare Ypradio.org

Saint Vincent Healthcare in Billings joins Benefis Healthcare in Great Falls in employing a health disparities coordinator. Kassie Runsabove, in conversation with Jackie Yamanaka, talks about her work as a cultural liaison for Montana’s largest minority population – Native Americans.

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Looking To Kentucky’s Past To Understand Montana Health

Health Ypradio.org

Montana’s pick for health director has garnered both praise and criticism for his past in Kentucky, where he sought to add work requirements to the state’s Medicaid program and was a top health official amid a hepatitis A outbreak.

Health Insurance
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Coronavirus Strains Montana Hospitals Heading Into Flu

Hospital Ypradio.org

Hospital administrators in Montana say the recent rise in COVID-19 infections statewide could strain the health care system in coming weeks as patients become more ill and cold and flu season picks up. Health experts are making a plea for Montanans to “do their part” after more than 700 people have been hospitalized with the virus since it arrived in the state.

Coronavirus Health
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Amid Slashed Budgets And Virtual Barriers, Mental Health

Mental Ypradio.org

Demand for mental health care has been rising through the coronavirus pandemic after months of job loss, climbing death rates and loneliness. Now, despite dwindling funds and technical difficulties, Montana mental health providers are using unusual strategies to reach isolated patients.

Mens Health
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Riverstone Health YPR

Starting Ypradio.org

Starting Tuesday, Billings Clinic, St. Vincent Healthcare and RiverStone Health will staff Cedar Hall on the MetraPark fairgrounds, where they’ll administer first doses to residents in the Phase 1B category three days a week by appointment only.

Health Insurance
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State Auditor Candidates Compare Resumes During Weekend

Montana’s Ypradio.org

Montana’s current state auditor, Matt Rosendale, has been critical of the Affordable Care Act and has sought to offer options outside of the government health care program. Downing voiced support for that effort, said having choices is “fundamentally American,” and stated he would prioritize educating Montanans on those choices.

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Montana Hospitals Resuming Elective Procedures YPR

Start Ypradio.org

  • Kevin Harada with Northern Montana Health Care in Havre says NMHC don’t have the ability to give every patient a COVID-19 test but they are still screening everyone extensively
  • "When we start opening our doors and we start opening services we are saying that we have evaluated things and we think we have the ability to keep you as the

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Montana Sticks To Its Patchwork Covid Vaccine Rollout As

State Ypradio.org

Montana’s success may be partly due to officials’ familiarity with the inherent challenges that come with delivering health care in the fourth-largest state by land, yet eighth-smallest state by population. Public health workers have long worked to reach isolated people and spot hurdles to accessing care, such as a lack of internet access.

Covid 19 Health
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Why Issues With Medical Records Interfere With Vaccine

Health Ypradio.org

  • BOB KOCHER: Electronic health records are the tools that doctors use to take notes on patient care, to share information with other doctors, to track your lab results, to order prescriptions
  • They're really the workflow software that health care providers use
  • KING: You heard him say it - to share information.

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What Is Political Messaging Around Affordable Care Act

Health Ypradio.org

  • PAVIOUR: If the health law is struck down, Pollitz says the cost of plans would skyrocket
  • Medicaid expansion could be threatened
  • Insurance companies warn that repealing the ACA would wreak havoc on the U.S
  • And with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Pollitz says it's a real possibility.

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Senate Questions Health Secretary Nominee Xavier Becerra

Experience Ypradio.org

Democratic senators had counterarguments ready. They said Becerra does have the experience - he worked in the weeds on implementing the Affordable Care Act - that he had the necessary leadership experience and that many health secretaries were not physicians or health care professionals before they took this job.

Health Insurance
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Campaign Beat: Health Care, Supreme Court Fights

Sally Ypradio.org

  • Health care and science dominate the race for governor
  • And marijuana returns to the ballot
  • Listen now on Campaign Beat with Sally Mauk, Rob Saldin and Holly Michels
  • Sally Mauk Rob, the two candidates for the U.S
  • House, Democrat Kathleen Williams and Republican Matt Rosendale, had their first debate this week

Health Insurance
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Connecticut Breaks Federal Guidelines By Vaccinating

Workers Ypradio.org

MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Several states are starting to vaccinate people by age, which is a break from federal guidelines. In Connecticut, educators are still prioritized, but essential workers like grocers, security officers, janitors who would have been next, they will have to wait until their age group comes up.

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News Brief: Capitol Security Hearing, N.Y. Grand Jury

KING Ypradio.org

  • KING: An American health care provider has been letting some people skip the COVID vaccine line
  • MARTIN: That's according to internal communications leaked to NPR
  • The company, One Medical, is based in San Francisco but has offices across the country.

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Montana Nurses Association Calls For Five Week Pause To

Asking Ypradio.org

  • That’s what the Montana Nurses Association is asking Montanans to do for the next few weeks as coronavirus cases continue to surge and strain the state’s health care system
  • YPR News’ Nicky Ouellet spoke with MNA Chief Executive Officer Vicky Byrd over Zoom about the mitigation efforts they’re asking the public and elected officials to take now to save lives.

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VA Working Overtime To Vaccinate At Risk Vets For COVID 19

Potential Ypradio.org

  • Montana VA Health Care’s Chief of staff, Dr
  • JP Maganito responded by saying the vaccines have been fully tested, evaluated and shown to be effective
  • He added that the data also show the vaccine’s known and potential benefits outweigh any potential risks.

Covid 19 Health
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News Brief: CDC Guidelines, Venezuelans Protected Status

Really Ypradio.org

  • MANN: Yeah, and that's - also even though these health care and drug companies have done really well financially over the last year, Cardinal Health has confirmed it plans to use that pandemic tax benefit to recoup as much as $420 million
  • Members of Congress have started looking at this
  • They call it outrageous and wrong.

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After Crippling Winter Storm, Recovery Neglects

Shalina Ypradio.org

Shalina Chatlani is the health care reporter for the Gulf States Newsroom, a collaboration between NPR, WWNO in New Orleans, WBHM in Birmingham, Alabama and MPB-Mississippi Public Broadcasting in Jackson.

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As Addiction Deaths Surge, Profit Driven Rehab Industry

After Ypradio.org

  • After decades of being treated separately from mainstream health care, studies show many physicians are still unwilling, or lack the training, to treat patients suffering substance use disorders
  • "That's part of the stigma of addiction," said Earley with ASAM
  • "Addiction is a treatable brain disease.

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Healthcare Spending 'Busting The Budget,' Daines Tells

Daines Ypradio.org

  • Senator Steve Daines says he wants to hear from Montanans before deciding how he’ll vote on the Republican health care proposal currently stalled in the U.S
  • And hear from them, Daines did Wednesday night during his 17th live healthcare tele-town hall meeting
  • Daines faced an earnest and sometimes feisty series of questions from Montanans trying to make sense of the …

Health Insurance
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