Health Department, Genesis Will Begin J&J COVID Inoculations


On Tuesday, 200 doses of the single-dose vaccine were delivered to the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department. Genesis HealthCare System received 300 doses this week, according to marketing

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Health Care Workers Get First COVID 19 Vaccines


Health care workers get first COVID-19 vaccines Genesis is the designated vaccine site for the Ohio Department of Health's region eight, …

Covid 19 Health
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General Public Could Receive Vaccines By Second Quarter


Genesis HealthCare System CEO Matt Perry said that Genesis has vaccinated 1,500 health care workers as of Tuesday, and Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department Medical Director Dr. Jack

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More Vaccines Available For First Responders


The department has received an additional 500 doses of vaccines allocated to phase 1a, and opened registration to health care workers, EMS responders, staff and …

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COVID 19 In Muskingum County: 6 Deaths Reported, 114 New


'Very exciting day for us':Health care workers get first COVID-19 vaccines Additionally, 114 residents have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the active case count up to 1,195 with 50

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Putnam Mobile Rapid Test And Vaccine Clinic From MVHC


ZANESVILLE - Muskingum Valley Health Centers is establishing a mobile COVID-19 vaccine clinic Thursday in Putnam. The clinic, which will also offer COVID rapid tests, will …

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Few Blacks Receiving COVID Vaccine Than Whites


A longstanding focus for Muskingum Valley Health Centers has been patient education. CEO Dan Atkinson said vaccine safety is a concern among some patients the health

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COVID Front Line Health Workers Need Your Support. Mask Up


Unity makes sacrifices meaningful. After 9/11, our unity transcended our disagreements. Ideologically, we were diverse; but e pluribus, we were unum.The …

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Holmes, Swope Battle For The 97th Ohio House District Seat


I am wholly against for-profit health care and our current health care system in this country’s privatized health care system is built on unsustainable, unaffordable administrative costs.

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Health Center Opens New Pharmacy In Zanesville


The pharmacy was funded in part with a $250,000 grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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Cambridge Behavioral Hospital Placed On Probation By State


Not having the hospital available makes finding inpatient care for mental health patients even more challenging, Carrel added. [email protected] 740-450-6758

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Zanesville's Decade Marked By Strides In Education, Healthcare


Additionally, people from Muskingum, Morgan, Perry, Coshocton, Noble and Guernsey Counties come to the city for health care, as Genesis is the largest provider in the six-county region.

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Continuing Healthcare Takes Over For Zandex


Continuing Healthcare Solutions is a relatively new company, only six years old, but since starting with nine nursing facilities has grown to 33 properties throughout Ohio.

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OPERS: Changes Coming To Ohio Public Employees' Retirement


OPERS trustees voted 9-2 last month to make changes to the health care benefits as a means of shoring up the health care fund in the future. Without the changes, OPERS projected that its …

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Local News Briefs: Dresden Road Closed For Culvert Work


The anonymous survey asks participants to answer questions about general health, risk and preventive health factors and access to health care. The results will guide many public and private

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Genesis HealthCare System Celebrates National Nurses Week


ZANESVILLE - Director of pulmonary and critical care, Tisha Babcock, RN, has been with Genesis HealthCare System for 22 years. "Nursing is a calling, I truly believe people are drawn into the

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Doctors Closely Keep Watch In Examining Coronavirus


Matt Perry, president and CEO at Genesis HealthCare System said while there have been no confirmed cases locally the hospital is in constant contact with the health

Coronavirus Health
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Doctors On Drugs Put Patients At Risk


Disciplinary action for drug abuse by health care providers, such as suspension of a license to practice, is rare and often doesn’t occur until a …

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Genesis Hospital Prepared For Spike In Coronavirus Cases


Reaching four figures for the first time, state health officials reported Friday afternoon that another 270 residents -- a 31% increase -- have been diagnosed with COVID-19 -- bringing the

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Flu Shots Highly Stressed To Distinguish Symptoms From


The importance of getting a flu shot is being stressed by health care experts more than ever this season to help differentiate symptoms from COVID-19, …

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Yolanda Taylor To Lead Behavioral Health When Carrel Retires


"Learning the inner workings of MBH in that position, her past work in the health care field, and her vision for MBH in the future uniquely qualified her for this position," Joel Linnabary, board

Oral Healthcare
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New Procedure Less Invasive Than Traditional Open Heart


Genesis is the largest health care provider in its region, which includes Muskingum, Morgan, Perry, Coshocton, Noble and Guernsey counties. However, the …

Heart Disease Health
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Telehealth Is Nearly As Old As The Telephone, But What Is


Rural as compared to urban Americans face unique challenges that limit their access to health care and telemedicine, including unemployment, …

Health Insurance
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'This Is A Problem Across The Country': Health


The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living, which represents more than 14,000 nursing homes and assisted …

Health Insurance
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Coronavirus In Ohio: Mental Health Services Remain Open


The State of Ohio and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services have long been the leading edge of ensuring the availability of high-quality health care services for the citizens

Coronavirus Health
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Medicaid Is Rural American's Financial Midwife


This 300-bed hospital, the flagship of a larger Ohio health system, is the main source of health care across six counties — a quarter million people — and it delivers 1,500 babies per year.

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Why Some Can Continue To Work After Being Exposed To The


Workers in health care, law enforcement, first responders, transportation, and the food industry are considered vital by the Centers for Disease Control, and allowed to work while being

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Neil Armstrong: Mercy Health Paid His Family $6 Million


More stories about health care in Greater Cincinnati with a digital subscription.. Nanette Bentley, spokeswoman for the hospital system, issued a statement late Tuesday: “Our commitment to

Health Insurance
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Muskingum Valley Health Center Adds Vans To Transport Patients


So the health care facility - which has centers in Muskingum, Guernsey, Morgan and Coshocton counties - has added four handicap accessible transport vans to offer free, non-emergency

Skin Healthcare
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Gov. Abbott Ends Mask Mandate, Moves To 'open Texas 100%


Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday it's time to "open Texas 100%" and end the statewide mask order, citing declining hospitalizations across the …

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High Coronavirus Case Count Keeps Seniors From Loved Ones


Highland Oaks Health Center- Two residents and two staff members have tested positive for COVID-19, no current cases Muskingum County Adams Lane Care Center - …

Coronavirus Health
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Families Not Satisfied By BCMH Explanation


Today the program is known as the Bureau of Children with Medical Handicaps and is housed within the Ohio Department of Health. BCMH pays for health care services for children with special health

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Paying The Price For Independent Health Care


Steve Wagner, executive director of UHCAN, said having that local control over health care decisions is a big, maybe the biggest, advantage that comes with independence. "It really is about

Health Insurance
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Genesis Disinfecting N95 Masks For Frontline Workers


ZANESVILLE - Genesis Hospital is assisting health care professionals and first responders in the fight against COVID-19. The Ohio Department of Health recognized Genesis as a regional center of

Beauty Mask
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MVHC Looks To Expand To South Zanesville


Last year, MVHC opened an additional health care facility in Guernsey County with funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Other locations are in …

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"It's Got To Stop" Says Grandmother Of An Overdose Victim


Health care professionals recommend anyone who knows a heroin user have a Narcan kit. The next meeting of Project Dawn will be held at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, April 27, at Zanesville-Muskingum County

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Genesis Approves 5 Year Strategic Plan


In health care, Perry said often facilities and companies expand because of seeking cheaper services, including staff and equipment. At Genesis, though, he …

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House Rejects Kasich's Plan To Reorganize BCMH


ZANESVILLE - Area families with children with special health care needs are breathing a sigh of relief - at least for now. The Ohio Health and Human …

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From Hero To Homeless


Adam received mental health care from the VA for 11 years, and said treatment is less than adequate. "I guarantee there are a lot more of us who …

Home Healthcare
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Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All Bill: What Would It Mean


Support for single-payer health coverage has been growing, with 33% of those surveyed favoring this approach to health insurance compared with 21% in 2014, a …

Medicare Health
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Social Factors Can Have Negative Impact On Health


It will require focused and ongoing societal efforts to recognize historical and contemporary injustices, change avoidable inequities and eliminate health and health care disparities.

Health Insurance
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Flu Is Deadlier, More Widespread Than Coronavirus


At the beginning of flu season, in October, health care providers test for confirmed cases. However, by mid-season, they are no longer testing but symptomatically confirming.

Coronavirus Health
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Boxes Of N95 Masks Forfeited By Ohio Man Accused Of Price


The 560 masks transferred under the settlement could result in more than 11,000 uses for first responders and health care professionals. The attorney general’s office investigation stemmed from

Beauty Mask
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Genesis Closes Its Rehab Unit


Genesis officials did warn local health care providers such as Zandex Health Care Corp. and Trilogy Health Services about the possible increase in patients, she said, and were met with no …

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Overdose Took Son From His Mother On Christmas Day


Health care professionals recommend anyone who knows a heroin user have a Narcan kit. The next meeting of Project Dawn will be held at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, March 23, at Zanesville-Muskingum County

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Officers Trained To Help Mentally Ill


Through working with law enforcement, patients and staff can also get through some of the health care processes quicker, Sheffield said. With an officer's presence and cooperation, a …

Mens Health
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Obamacare Options To Shrink For Many In Ohio


There are 17 health insurers offering coverage through Obamacare in Ohio in 2016, with six expected to drop out for 2017, according to the Ohio Department of Insurance. They are United Healthcare

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Health Commissioner: 'Tsunami' Of COVID 19 Cases Expected


Currently, the health department is in Phase 1A of the vaccination rollout, making it available to EMS workers and health care providers who aren't associated with a hospital or a nursing home — such as people who work at independent physician offices and pharmacies, traveling nurses, dentists, eye doctors or dialysis center staffs.

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