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Microsoft's First 'vertical Cloud,' The Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft's Zdnet.com

Microsoft's Cloud for Healthcare builds on Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform and is designed to deal with both structured and unstructured health data.

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Healthcare Optimized: The Role Of Robots Post COVID ZDNet

Robots Zdnet.com

Healthcare optimized: The role of robots post-COVID As I wrote in October, robots can help health systems increase efficiency and enhance care while protecting patients and staff by

Covid 19 Health
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Healthcare Providers Must All Become Digital Companies ZDNet

Healthcare Zdnet.com

Healthcare providers must all become digital companies. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for health systems to create a "new exceptional" for …

Health Insurance
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Jabil Ups Outlook For Fiscal 2021, Sees Digitization Of

Health Zdnet.com

In health care today, the industry is undergoing tremendous change due to rising costs, aging populations, the demand for better health care in emerging markets and the accelerated pace of …

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How Elastic Is Health Care Demand

Goods Zdnet.com

How elastic is health care demand? (Comedian Soupy Sales, born Milton Supman , turned 82 in January.) The idea of price elasticity is essential to making markets in goods and services.

Health Insurance
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How Much Health Care Spending Is Discretionary

Health Zdnet.com

How much health care spending is discretionary? Real, meaningful health reform, whether done on the terms of doctors, liberals, insurers or …

Health Insurance
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Holistic Healthcare & The Role Of Information Technology

Holistic Zdnet.com

Holistic Healthcare & the Role of Information Technology. The emergence of precision medicine is marked by new partnerships across different groups in medicine, health

Health Insurance
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Smart Toilets Could Transform Health Tracking. Here's How

Heart Zdnet.com

Heart Health Intelligence, which makes a seat aimed at detecting cardiac problems, recently landed $2.2m in funding. The seat can measure a …

Health Insurance
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This Is How Hackers Make Money From Your Stolen Medical

Healthcare Zdnet.com

A person's digital (and often physical) health can be directly tied to the cybersecurity posture of their healthcare providers." A basic guide to diving in to the dark web SEE FULL GALLERY 1 - …

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What Is Digital Health

2025 Zdnet.com

Research and Markets' report into mobile health, for example, predicts a market of $189bn by 2025, driven by the healthcare industry's interest in cutting costs by moving to "patient-centric

Health Insurance
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ADHA Details My Health Record Breach Attempt ZDNet

Health Zdnet.com

ADHA details My Health Record breach attempt. The Australian Digital Health Agency also said it's working with healthcare providers to ensure they are cyber resilient.

Health Insurance
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IBM Is Reportedly Considering A Sale Of Its Watson Health

Considering Zdnet.com

IBM is reportedly mulling a sale of its Watson Health business unit, according to multiple media reports. Big Blue is said to be considering the sale as part of CEO Arvind Krishna's plan to focus

Health Insurance
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Moore's Law And Health Care ZDNet

Moore's Zdnet.com

Moore's Law and health care. In industrial terms, we're talking about mass customization. Each of us is unique, comprised of gigabytes of data which can be stored, manipulated, and turned into a

Health Insurance
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CVS Health And Aetna Bet $69 Billion Merger On Analytics

Vertically Zdnet.com

CVS Health and Aetna have merged in a bid to reinvent health care with a vertically integrated stack of services and touch points. And now comes …

Health Insurance
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Humana Taps Salesforce Health Cloud To Build Care

Health Zdnet.com

The health sector is an obvious target for Salesforce -- the US spent more than $3.5 trillion on health care in 2018. It's also an industry in clear need of a digital transformation.

Health Insurance
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Windows 7: Hospitals And Healthcare Aren't Ready To Say

500000 Zdnet.com

The company found that the healthcare sector is the "most Windows-dominated industry" of all with just over half of all "endpoints" running legacy Windows, amounting to 500,000 devices.

Health Insurance
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CVS Health Data May Signal Trouble For Chronic Health Care

Utilization Zdnet.com

CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo outlined how health care consumption has changed quickly. Utilization of telemedicine for virtual visits through MinuteClinic is up …

Health Insurance
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How Apple Watch Series 6 Advances Apple's Healthcare

Apple Zdnet.com

How Apple Watch Series 6 advances Apple's healthcare ambition. As Apple adds features like a blood oxygen sensor to the Watch, it's also forging new partnerships to use the device in health

Health Insurance
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Google's DeepMind And The NHS: A Glimpse Of What AI Means

Google's Zdnet.com

Google's DeepMind and the NHS: A glimpse of what AI means for the future of healthcare. The Google subsidiary has struck a series of deals with organisations in the UK health service -- so what's

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Big Data And Your Medical Records: Is It Time To Trust Big

Partnerships Zdnet.com

Partnerships between public health services and big tech will bring new treatments to patients faster. But sharing data is still the big stumbling block.

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Northern Territory Drone Trial To Deliver Health Services

Northern Zdnet.com

Northern Territory drone trial to deliver health services to remote communities. The trial is the result of a partnership between the Northern Territory government, iMove, and Charles Darwin

Liver Cancer Health
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AI, MD: Five Unexpected Ways That Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Zdnet.com

AI, MD: Five unexpected ways that artificial intelligence will make your healthcare better. In some areas, artificial intelligence can spot disease just as well as human doctors.

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Facebook Moves Into The Digital Health Market With

According Zdnet.com

According to Freddy Abnousi, MD, Head of Healthcare Research at Facebook, Preventive Health can be used "to find affordable places to receive care, set …

Beauty Face
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Can AI Make Your Health Insurance Better

Healthcare Zdnet.com

Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are each very much in the news right now. The United States Senate has released draft legislation for the …

Health Insurance
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Health Data In The Cloud ZDNet

Improved Zdnet.com

Health data in the cloud. An overview of healthcare data repositories (EHR and EMR) and how research facilities are leveraging these stores for improved analytics.

Health Insurance
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Desktop Metal Forms Desktop Health, Aims To Expand Into

Desktop Zdnet.com

Desktop Metal said it will form a unit that will focus on additive manufacturing for healthcare. The unit, Desktop Health, will be run by Michael Jafar, who will become CEO.Desktop Health

Health Insurance
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Digital Health Agency To Link Aussie Wide Clinical Systems

Healthcare Zdnet.com

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) has kicked off a program aimed at modernising the national digital health infrastructure, aiming to better connect Australia's healthcare

Health Insurance
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Microsoft Announces First Vertical Cloud Offering

Microsoft Zdnet.com

Microsoft announces first vertical cloud offering: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. At Build 2020, Microsoft is taking the wraps off the first of its planned industry-specific clouds, the Microsoft

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As Salesforce Builds Up Industry Specific Focus, Health

Health Zdnet.com

The health sector is an obvious target for Salesforce -- the US spent more than $3.5 trillion on health care in 2018. It's also an industry in clear need of a digital transformation.

Health Insurance
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The Alliances Between Public Cloud And EHR Providers Will

Public Zdnet.com

Public cloud providers, like Microsoft, are establishing health IT vendor alliances as the race to win the enterprise healthcare market intensifies. Health systems need to fully consider the

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Google Forges Cloud, Data Deal With Major US Health

Including Zdnet.com

The WSJ reports that the partnership gives Google access to health data including lab results, diagnoses and hospitalization records, as well as …

Health Insurance
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Google's Plan To Collect Health Data On Millions Of

Google Zdnet.com

The healthcare deal is a major win for Google's cloud business, Google Cloud, but it has immediately raised concerns over the level of access Google will have to patient data.

Health Insurance
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Microsoft And Digital Health: AI, IoT And Cloud Computing

Create Zdnet.com

Think tech and health and you might think of Apple's work on chronic disease, Amazon's plans to create a Prime for healthcare, or even Google-affiliated Calico Labs' attempts to defeat death itself.

Health Insurance
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HealthEngine Fined For Sharing Patient Data Without

Health Zdnet.com

HealthEngine provides a booking system for patients and an online health care directory that lists over 70,000 health practices and practitioners in Australia. which describes itself as

Health Insurance
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Medicare For All Faces Big Data, Privacy, Technology

Medicare Zdnet.com

Medicare for All faces big data, privacy, technology hurdles, says CBO. The Congressional Budget Office highlighted the IT challenges with a single payer healthcare

Beauty Face
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Salesforce Builds Out Ecosystem For Health Cloud, Adds

Vendor's Zdnet.com

In some ways, Health Cloud is a bit of a departure for Salesforce, but the enterprise software vendor's bet is that healthcare is in dire need of modern customer relationship management.

Health Insurance
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Fitbit Buys Startup Twine Health To Grow Health Services

Health Zdnet.com

Organizationally, the Twine Health team will join Fitbit's Health Solutions group, and the startup's CEO John Moore will serve as Fitbit's medical director. More healthcare: Why swallowable robots

Health Insurance
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Germany's AOK Enhances Healthcare With Innovation ZDNet

Public Zdnet.com

In Germany, healthcare is not a privilege, but a right, and health insurance providers are a non-governmental and not-for-profit public sector body regulated by public law.

Health Insurance
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The Rapid Rise Of Smartphone Health Care ZDNet

Smartphone Zdnet.com

Smartphone health care is becoming a big business, with the global venture capital community pumping almost $300 million into the sector in Q1 …

Health Insurance
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Salesforce Warns The Health Industry: The Tech World Is

Health Zdnet.com

As Salesforce expands its business into industry-specific products and services, the health sector is an obvious target -- the US spent more than $3.5 trillion on health

Health Insurance
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DeepMind And The NHS: What It's Really Like To Use Google

Google's Zdnet.com

DeepMind and the NHS: What it's really like to use Google's kidney health app. The Royal Free was one of Google's first healthcare partners. Two years on, how is …

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SAS And Allies To Fight Healthcare Fraud ZDNet

Effort Zdnet.com

SAS Institute, Trap Systems, Inc. and Optenberg & Associates(O&A) are allying to provide a comprehensive health care fraud control solution in the U.S. . Bringing to the joint effort will be SAS

Health Insurance
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EHealth NSW's New Service Management Platform Used By Over

EHealth Zdnet.com

eHealth NSW's new service management platform used by over 140,000 staff. It hopes to eventually save healthcare staff around 500,000 hours of work.

Mens Health
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Apple Watch Series 4 Doubles Down On Digital Health

Apple Zdnet.com

Apple Watch Series 4: Apple aims to be part of health care system. As Apple walked through the health features added to the Apple Watch, it …

Health Insurance
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