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IT Monitoring And AIOps For Health Care Organizations Zenoss

Health Zenoss.com

Parkview Health is northeast Indiana's largest not-for-profit health care provider, guided by a mission to improve the health of the communities it serves. St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Health Insurance
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WEX Health Migrates To Zenoss Cloud Based IT Monitoring

Their Zenoss.com

WEX Health (formerly Eveloution1) is simplifying the business of health care through innovative cloud-based payment and technology solutions. WEX Health recently migrated to Zenoss cloud-based IT monitoring. Hear how Zenoss-as-a-Service allows them to focus on their core competencies and deliver value to their customers.

Health Insurance
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Service Health Visibility With Dashboards Zenoss

Complex Zenoss.com

It is increasingly clear that tools developed to keep a single system or a small cluster running are no longer sufficient in today’s highly distributed, complex environment. The tools that offer service assurance must be able to move their way through complex systems and prevent slowdowns or application failures. These complex systems now include physical

Health Insurance
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Services Zenoss

Services Zenoss.com

services Professional Services We offer a broad range of comprehensive professional services to accelerate time to value and help organizations implement a more proactive and sustainable approach to unified monitoring. Deployment ServicesThese packages help you get set up and started with Zenoss and extend to cover all aspects of your deployment life cycle. Choose from

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Performance Monitoring Zenoss

INTEGRATE Zenoss.com

INTEGRATE + EXTEND. Zenoss offers the flexibility to meet your organization's unique and evolving needs. Our open platform accepts any data — models, metrics, events, logs and more — and can be customized via the user interface with standard API or through extensions called ZenPacks.

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Application Monitoring

Zenoss Zenoss.com

Zenoss Application Health Monitoring. Zenoss offers low-cost, low-friction application health monitoring for the other 85-95% of your applications. The Zenoss platform delivers the most comprehensive cloud and infrastructure monitoring. Through agents and ingestion of streaming data, it also provides application health monitoring that includes:

Cats Health
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Service Provider Partners Zenoss

Service Zenoss.com

Our service provider network is made up of companies that offer managed cloud and service programs built on Zenoss service-assurance technology. Their clients enjoy the advanced capabilities inherent in the elastically scalable Zenoss architecture.

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Dickerson's Hierarchy Of Service Reliability Zenoss

Needs Zenoss.com

From Wikipedia: "Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who was best known for creating Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority…" In developmental psychology, Maslow's hierarchy is a classification system that reflects the universal needs of society as its base and then proceeds to more

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Cloud Based, On Premises & Free Open Source IT Monitoring

Monitoring Zenoss.com

Whether you are a small business or enterprise, Zenoss has a package to fit your IT monitoring needs. Find out more about our cloud-based, on-premises and free open-source IT monitoring tools.

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3 Reasons Why Monitoring Has Failed Operations Zenoss

Monitoring Zenoss.com

These days it seems that the market is enamored with new technologies such as orchestration and provisioning. However, the reality is Operations relies heavily on monitoring solutions as the “nerve center” of their internal and/or external services. Sadly, monitoring has failed Operations and struggles to deliver a clear ROI. Let’s explore three reasons why monitoring

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Use Process Sets To Monitor More Efficiently And Reduce

Applications Zenoss.com

If you are like most IT Operations folks, you always have too much to do with too little time. Change management moves at the speed of light. New applications get deployed by someone on the business apps team, but this information never makes it over to the IT …

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Our Solution Partners Zenoss

Environments Zenoss.com

Our solution partners help enterprise organizations monitor, manage and optimize their hybrid IT environments and have certified expertise in delivering world-class, tailored solutions to …

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IBM Db2 Monitoring ZenPack Zenoss

Driver Zenoss.com

The IBM Db2 ZenPack monitors IBM Db2 databases on Linux, Unix or Windows hosts. Monitoring is performed using the IBM JDBC driver. Find out more.

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Time To Know Is The Most Critical Factor To Accelerate

Their Zenoss.com

By: Chuck Priddy >> Most organizations track a data center’s “Mean Time to Resolve” (MTTR), which is the measure of the average time it takes to detect and resolve a problem. IT Operations, for their part, can only control a portion of the overall MTTR interval, but their ability to …

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OpenStack Monitoring (Provider View) Zenoss

OpenStack Zenoss.com

This ZenPack allows for monitoring of OpenStack from a service provider perspective. This means that in addition to the user-oriented components supported in the regular OpenStack ZenPack (instances, flavors, images), the underlying OpenStack servers and software are monitored.. Features Summary:

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The End Of On Premises Enterprise Software Zenoss

You’ve Zenoss.com

If you work closely with enterprise IT, you’ve likely said something like “that legacy functionality will be SaaS/cloud-based in the next five years,” and you’ve probably been wrong more times than you’d care to admit. Even though the first SaaS-based (not then cloud-based) IT operations products were available almost 20 years ago, most IT operations

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Don’t Monitor NFV With On Premises Software Zenoss

It’s Zenoss.com

Every organization looking at using network function virtualization (NFV) needs to consider monitoring. If you’re going to deploy a service, it’s really important that you know if it’s working — and what’s wrong if it’s not. That’s why monitoring — often called assurance — is …

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Ensuring Application Health With AI Driven Full Stack

Ensuring Zenoss.com

Ensuring Application Health With AI-Driven Full-Stack Monitoring Staying relevant in today's competitive business environment — while getting ready for an evermore-digital future — has essentially transformed companies of every stripe into technology companies.

Cats Health
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Cisco UCS Monitoring Zenoss

Cisco Zenoss.com

Cisco UCS Health & Performance Monitoring The Cisco UCS ZenPack provides UCS administrators with a detailed view of the health and performance of their UCS domains. This ZenPack provides a comprehensive view of the operations and status of large-scale Cisco UCS environments as well as an understanding of how problems in the UCS infrastructure

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IT Infrastructure Model

Organizations Zenoss.com

Enterprise monitoring solutions have heterogeneous roots across hybrid cloud environments and beyond the virtual layers into the deep infrastructure of data centers around the world. In such a complex and ever-changing environment, IT organizations are challenged to understand what the environment looks like and how its inner workings relate. At this point, the need for

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ZenPackLib ZenPack Zenoss

ZenPackLib Zenoss.com

ZenPackLib ZenPack is an open-source extension that can be used to extend Zenoss functionality. Find out more.

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Feast Of Sharing Is Caring Zenoss

Release Zenoss.com

By: Nada Lulic >> As Zenoss wraps up another amazing year, we can pause and reflect on all of the things we're grateful for: our talented team, our wonderful customers, and the opportunity to release new products that are changing the way global companies practice IT. This spirit of gratitude is something we strive to maintain throughout

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Spot The Difference: APM & ITIM Zenoss

Monitoring Zenoss.com

You’re told you need a unified monitoring solution. But here’s the problem: so many vendors say they do unified monitoring — especially IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) vendors and application performance monitoring (APM) vendors. What you do know is that you need to understand if an IT service is available, how it’s performing, and whether users

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The Body Count Of Industrial Scale Identity Theft Zenoss

Columns Zenoss.com

For financial services and health care providers, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) come into play — which is why they got their own columns — and the damages can cripple a company.

Healthy Body
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Our Strategic Alliances Zenoss

Platform Zenoss.com

You can now harness the powerful combination of the industry's leading unified monitoring and analytics platform with global, market-leading enterprise hardware through vendors like Cisco and Lenovo.

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Ensuring Service Chain Success Zenoss

Service Zenoss.com

In this final part of our three-article coverage of NFV monitoring (NFV Infrastructure, Service Chain Dependencies ) we focus on assuring service chain function. Quick refresher: A service chain delivers a service to your customers, like SMS messaging or video transmission or email, and it is composed of several virtual network functions (VNFs). VNFs typically

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Linux Monitoring Zenoss

Root-Cause Zenoss.com

In addition to system health, disks, LVM, services and processes are also monitored. This ZenPack provides a real-time, accurate view of dynamic infrastructures from a single dashboard. Service Impact and Root-Cause Analysis

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Service Provider Solution Brief Zenoss

Their Zenoss.com

Today’s service providers want to create unique and profitable offerings and services for their customers without competing solely on price. But most are spending far too much time and money managing their environments and dealing with the complexity and inherent limitations of legacy and/or piecemeal management solutions. Many are underdelivering, finding it too difficult to support

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Viptela And Zenoss Now Monitoring The World’s Largest SD

Around Zenoss.com

By: Kent Erickson >>Back in May Viptela and Zenoss announced a technology partnership around Viptela’s SD-WAN solution. If you look around you’ll see a ton of partnership announcements, and most of them never amount to anything. This one is different. Since May, we’ve jointly built and are managing the world’s largest SD-WAN network. 2,700 branch offices,

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AWS Performance Monitoring Zenoss

Amazon Zenoss.com

This ZenPack provides support for monitoring Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. Monitoring for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), AWS CloudFormation, and Amazon CloudWatch entities is provided through a combination of the EC2, RDS, CloudFormation and …

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Why Is Your Proprietary Website So Hard To Use

Microsoft Zenoss.com

By: Andrew Kirch >> Some History of the Proprietary Website Bear with me here, because you’re going to need some history. Recently, Microsoft released Windows 10, featuring the Microsoft Edge browser. Edge doesn’t support Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) — this includes items like Java and Flash. Simultaneously, Google Chrome removed Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface

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Mitigate Risks And Improve MTTR With AIOps Zenoss

Processes Zenoss.com

In our previous blog post, we discussed how AIOps functionality has been used primarily in support of IT Ops processes that enable monitoring or observation of IT infrastructure, application behavior or digital experience. IT Ops teams need solutions to help them throughout their deductive problem-solving processes — accelerating resolution by streamlining investigation and collaborating

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Monitoring Video Quality Of Experience Zenoss

(cable Zenoss.com

By: David Stevenson >> Video continues to grow as a proportion of network traffic and SOPRIS Technologies has been working with Carrier Service Providers (cable, DSL, satellite and wireless) to build solutions for monitoring the end to end user Quality of Experience linked to …

Experience Health
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Lessons From Citrix Synergy: OpenStack Vs. CloudStack Zenoss

Citrix’s Zenoss.com

This past week, I had the privilege of attending Citrix Synergy 2012 in San Francisco, California. My intent was to explore Citrix’s strategy of mobile and cloud-based solutions while presenting the case for cloud monitoring at CloudStack’s Build a Cloud Day.. This was my first Synergy, and while I had relatively low expectations, I was excited by Citrix’s vision, solutions, and roadmap.

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Real World Benefits Of Unified Monitoring Part 2

Benefit Zenoss.com

In Part 1 of this blog series we discussed how some of the largest Zenoss customers were experiencing significant productivity gains from their adoption of Unified Monitoring. The second benefit that these enterprises highlighted was monitoring reach. Monitoring reach isn’t really a benefit that immediately comes to mind when you think of unified monitoring, but

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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring Zenoss

Cloud Zenoss.com

Health and performance monitoring for hybrid cloud — public cloud, multicloud, private cloud — and on-premises environments.

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National IT Professionals Day Zenoss

Business Zenoss.com

Happy National IT Professionals Day! By the time most of the world wakes up and settles in at work, many IT professionals are already bogged down with issues — assessing new directions and creating more efficient processes to improve every facet of business. Not to mention, being the superheroes who safeguard the data centers, networks, and

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Improving ZenPack Quality Zenoss

Software Zenoss.com

This was originally posted on the Zenoss Google+ Page. Go ahead, Circle Us! Part of my job at Zenoss is creating and managing ZenPacks. You can refer to my last blog post on configuration management for a summary of what a ZenPack is if needed. ZenPacks can be thought of as each being isolated software projects, so a lot of standard software development practices can be applied to them.

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Infographic: The History And Expansion Of Virtualized

Enhance Zenoss.com

By: John Boyle >> The virtualization of physical computers has become the backbone of public and private cloud computing from desktops to data centers, enabling organizations to optimize hardware utilization, enhance security, support multi-tenancy and more. These environments are complex and ephemeral, creating requirements and challenges beyond the capability of traditional monitoring tools

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Zenoss Learning Center Access Request Zenoss

Zenoss Zenoss.com

Zenoss learning center access request Please complete this form to request access to the Zenoss Learning Center.

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Dell Monitor (Core) ZenPack Zenoss

Agents Zenoss.com

Dell Monitor (Core) ZenPack is an extension that provides custom modeling of devices running the Dell OpenManage agents. Find out more.

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IBM Power Systems Server Monitoring ZenPack Zenoss

Power Zenoss.com

The IBM Power ZenPack provides support for monitoring IBM Power Systems servers (P5/P6/P7) via the IBM HMC interface. Find out more.

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Site Reliability Engineering Meets Traditional Operations

Reliability Zenoss.com

Google has effectively made the discipline of site reliability engineering (SRE) a DevOps best practice by publishing two decades’ worth of lessons in keeping alive the most scalable apps on the planet. As more organizations make the shift (or “transformation,” as it were) to becoming IT organizations, the demand for reliability increases substantially for customer-facing

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IT Operational Analytics Just Got A Bit More Predictive

Capacity Zenoss.com

In IT Operations, whatever you can do to pinpoint problems before they happen is priceless. Take, for instance, capacity planning. When IT Operations teams don’t have the necessary insight they need into capacity trends, IT resources can grind to an unexpected halt when unplanned demand occurs. (This also explains why unplanned capacity is cited as

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring Integration Partner

Zenoss Zenoss.com

Zenoss monitoring for Amazon Web Services provides insight into potentially affected applications and services on AWS, which enables enterprises to address …

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Cisco ACI Monitoring With Zenoss Zenoss

Cisco Zenoss.com

Zenoss provides Cisco ACI monitoring for Cisco customers to automate IT tasks and reduce total cost of ownership. Find out more.

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