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Employee Mental Health And Wellbeing App Zenovate

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The Mental Health Solution for the Modern Workplace. Our employee wellness app provides everything your employees need to support their mental health and wellbeing. Plus, you get access to employee wellbeing and utilization data, flexible plan options, and over a decade of experience. Learn why we are the un-eap. 0000000.

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Employee Wellness Programs For Today’s Workplace Zenovate

Guided Zenovate.com

We take a holistic approach to a healthy workplace, with services for the whole employee. We offer the mental health care your team needs, plus the virtual yoga, guided meditations, personal training and more that they want.

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What Is An Onsite Health Clinic

Health Zenovate.com

Onsite health clinics are popping up in big companies across the nation. They are a solution to the problem of keeping company health care costs as low as possible, while also keeping employees as healthy as possible. Common features of an employee wellness clinic include: Primary care services. Lab work.

Health Insurance
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Wellness Incentives To Offer Your Employees Zenovate

Health Zenovate.com

When greater health and wellness isn’t enough of an incentive, companies turn to more tangible ideas. These kinds of incentives can be dolled out at any point in a wellness program — once someone has joined the program, after a certain length of time, or once they’ve met a personal health goal. Discounted healthcare premiums; Gift cards

Wellness Healthcare
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Can Massage Lower Your Healthcare Costs

Company Zenovate.com

Facebook0Tweet0LinkedIn0 Every business owner we’ve talked to is interested in ways to save their company money. Health care is one area that is often assessed for ways to reduce company spending. If you’re looking for unique ways to cut back on employee health care spending, consider the ways corporate massage can help. Can Corporate Massage Lower Your Company’s […]

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Why Strong Company Culture Depends On A Healthcare

Healthcare Zenovate.com

Related: How to Start an Onsite Health Clinic: 5 Essential Steps. Healthcare Improves Company Culture by Boosting Employee Morale. According to Dr. Milavetz, healthcare is a huge cost to employees and when their company provides some sort of healthcare benefit, it shows that they value the employee holistically.

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Pros & Cons Of Employee Assistance Programs Zenovate

You’ve Zenovate.com

If you’ve ever had an EAP at your company, perhaps you’ve experienced some of the pros and cons of an employee assistance program. While these programs provide much needed mental health support that helps keep employees working, healthy and happy, there are also issues with the current structure of most EAPs.

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Difference Between On Site Health Clinic & Corporate Spa

Health Zenovate.com

Facebook0Tweet0LinkedIn0 Keeping employees healthy, fit, and stress-free is a top priority for most HR managers. One key way some companies are tackling that problem is by creating employee-only services on site such as spas or health clinics. Both corporate spas and corporate health clinics offer unique employee health perks that can transform a company’s culture.

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Best Health Fair Ideas: Creative Vendors & Activities

Health Zenovate.com

The key to a successful company health fair is making it a fun and memorable experience. The best way to do that is by having the right vendors and the right activities. But when it comes to 2020 health fairs have taken on a different look, say hello to virtual health fairs.

Healthy Activities
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Corporate Chair Massage Zenovate

Massage Zenovate.com

With over 1200 massage therapists in 129 metro locations across North America, we’ve always got you covered. Book and manage massages for every company location in a single spot. One vendor, one invoice, one transaction, one portal. We did a 3-hour corporate chair massage event with 15 min. massages for everyone in our company.

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Coronavirus Anxiety

Anxiety Zenovate.com

Facebook0Tweet0LinkedIn0 The Coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19 has created truly stressful and anxiety inducing times for many employees! There’s worry for one’s own health and for loved ones, plus economic issues to contend with. Many companies have already had to furlough or downsize their teams. This means that people are dealing with the stress and anxiety […]

Coronavirus Health
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Irresistible Health Fair Giveaways To Boost Attendance

Health Zenovate.com

Each health fair vendor station can offer great giveaways in exchange for employee participation. Here are some ideas: A stack of best-selling personal health books can be a great gift for employees who want to get intellectual about their health. Two months of massages, paid for by the company, can help reduce stress and keep employees healthy.

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What Is Spiritual Wellness In The Workplace

Spiritual Zenovate.com

Spiritual wellness in the workplace is an easily overlooked, but essential part of your holistic wellbeing. Addressing your stress levels from every angle means you’ll be feeling better fast. So consider adding a spiritual practice into your weekly (or even daily!) routine to start reaping the benefits with our un-EAP.

Wellness Healthcare
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Do Onsite Health Clinics Work

Clinics Zenovate.com

Facebook0Tweet0LinkedIn0 The latest trend in workplace wellness is the creation of worksite health clinics. These clinics provide primary medical care and rehabilitation services to a company’s employees and their dependents. A new study reports the early results of some companies who created these onsite clinics for their workers. Q: What’s the Verdict on Onsite Health Clinics?

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How To Start Therapy: Common Questions Answered Zenovate

Should Zenovate.com

You should consult with a licensed professional before you rely on this website/blog’s information. All things written on this website should not be seen as therapy treatment and should not take place of therapy or any other health care or mental health advice. Always seek the advice of a mental health care professional or physician.

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Happy National Doctors Day! Zenovate

Meditation Zenovate.com

Invite your health care providers’ friends and family to join as well. Perhaps enjoy a National Doctors Day Zoom happy hour, or do a guided meditation or yoga session together over Zoom! You could also reflect on how much good your doctors have done for …

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How To Prioritize Self Care And Your Mental Health Zenovate

Mental Zenovate.com

Take a mental health day; Learn how to prioritize your mental health with Zenovate. Zenovate is the ultimate stress management tool for the workplace. We have 1000+ licensed practitioners who guide employees through meditation, yoga, counseling, financial coaching, and so much more!

Mens Health
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Benefits Of Corporate Chair Massage Zenovate

Massage Zenovate.com

5. Reduce Health Care Costs. In a recent study on the effects of corporate massage on health care costs, employees experiencing low back pain that received chair massage spent 31% less on doctor’s visits and prescription medication.

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Employee Assistance Program Frequently Asked Questions

Health Zenovate.com

Employee assistance programs cover a wide range of services, and address all sorts of issues, from mental health to financial help. substance abuse. occupational stress. emotional distress. grief counseling. life events (ie. pandemics, births, accidents, deaths) health care

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Wellness Program Ideas: 3 Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

Health Zenovate.com

The first step I wanted to take was to offer health care benefits, which I thought was the mark of a truly legit business. I got everything lined up and announced the benefit to my team. And their response was…unenthusiastic. They told me they didn’t need health insurance, because for the most part, they already had it through a spouse.

Wellness Healthcare
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Are Financial Wellness Programs Part Of Your Workplace EAP

Programs Zenovate.com

Though the programs can come in many forms, here’s what most EAPs with financial wellness programs at work help employees do: Understand and manage personal finances. Create and use budgets and savings plans. Map out plans to get out of debt and avoid bankruptcy. Plan for medical and health care spending.

Wellness Healthcare
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Workplace Benefits 101: Are Your Employees Covered

Counseling; Zenovate.com

health care anxiety counseling; family/personal relationship problem counseling; work relationship counseling; virtual wellness like yoga, guided meditation, and guided virtual or onsite massage for stress relief . Here is the kicker, Zenovate offers all of …

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15 Non Cash Employee Incentive Ideas Zenovate

Incentive Zenovate.com

Meeting a personal health goal, such as fat loss or muscle gain; The most effective incentive programs will be aligned with a company’s mission statement and values. Related: Wellness Incentive Ideas: The What and The Why . 15 Non-Cash Incentive Ideas to Boost Employee Morale.

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What Is An Employee Assistance Program

Stress Zenovate.com

The use of an EAP can result in an average decrease in absenteeism of 27 percent. This is a big deal, because absenteeism related to stress costs employers $225.8 billion each year! And stress related to work is the nation’s leading workplace health problem, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Utah Employee Assistance Program Zenovate

Employee Zenovate.com

Utah Employee Assistance Program. A Utah Employee Assistance Program (or EAP) is a workplace program that employees in the state of Utah can participate in voluntarily. These programs offer confidential resources and counseling for everything from stress, grief, and physiological disorders, to addiction and anger management for Utah residents.

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5 Reasons To Use A National Massage Company For Your

Massage Zenovate.com

Happier employees, higher morale, lower health care costs, and a renewed sense of employee loyalty are all benefits of corporate office massage. Because chair massage is increasingly popular, there are countless companies offering mobile massage to meet this growing need.

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How Long Should A Chair Massage Be

Massage Zenovate.com

20 minutes, the corporate chair massage standard. The most common length of time for a chair massage is undoubtedly 20 minutes. Twenty minutes is a good fit for many organizations because most employees get 20-minute breaks at various times throughout the day. If you are a company who prefers for their employees to utilize the massage program

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The More The Merrier Hospital Network Mobile Massages

Massage Zenovate.com

Benefits of Massage Service for Hospitals Benefit #1: Lower Cost. The most immediate benefit hospitals will see to bringing a massage company on board for their entire hospital network is a lower cost for massage services for all their hospitals, clinics, offices, and even individual departments.. When developing an established business partnership with a massage company, a health care

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Massage Therapist Resources Archives Zenovate

Health Zenovate.com

Massage therapists and other health care professionals often use SOAP notes to document clients' health records. SOAP notes (an acronym for subjective, objective, assessment, and…

Hiv Health
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What Is Employee Morale

Amelia Zenovate.com

Amelia Wilcox . Amelia Wilcox is the Founder and CEO of Zenovate formerly Incorporate Massage a leader in corporate massage since 2010. Her high-growth B2B company who’s platform provides employee stress management tools that arm businesses with actionable data and positive employee experiences to improve wellbeing, boost morale, and increase engagement.

Oral Healthcare
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The Effects Of Mental Health In The Workplace: What

Health Zenovate.com

Mental health may be the most important workplace problem today. According to the Psychiatric Times, mental health may cost the global economy $16 trillion by 2030. Depression costs millions of lost workdays in the United States every year… 400 million. Poor mental health is the culprit of high turnover rates and mass reductions in productivity.

Mens Health
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Amelia Wilcox Of Zenovate Appears On KSL TV Zenovate

AMELIA Zenovate.com

AMELIA WILCOX DISCUSSES ZENOVATE'S SUCCESSFUL PIVOT DURING THE BEGINNING OF COVID. SALT LAKE CITY, March 29, 2021 – This week, Amelia Wilcox, CEO and Founder of Zenovate, appeared on KSL TV, a Salt Lake City news network, to discuss Zenovate’s massive and successful pivot from in-person massage to virtual mental health services.

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5 Company Culture Examples You Can Copy For Your Company

Onsite Zenovate.com

Onsite health care; Health support systems, such as smoking cessation groups; When employees are sick or burnt out, they perform poorly on the job, and they are unmotivated to excel. Not to mention how much quality of life can be lost when your workers are stressed out and unhealthy.

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What Is Office Massage

Employee Zenovate.com

Reduction in health care costs; Fewer repetitive strain injuries; Improved employee morale; Since 60% of Americans say work is a significant source of stress , a service like onsite seated massage is an effective way to lower employee stress. When workers have fewer physical complaints and lowered stress, the workday flows much easier.

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Delivering Office Massage: Massage Events Vs. Massage

Massage Zenovate.com

Reduced health care costs . Workplace Massage Programs vs. Chair Massage Events: Key Differences. As listed above, massage programs are able to deliver repeated doses of stress relief that have a positive impact on someone’s overall health. That’s not something that can happen with a …

Liver Cancer Health
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Pros And Cons Of Workplace Massage Programs An Honest

Workplace Zenovate.com

Facebook0Tweet0LinkedIn0 If you’re looking for the pros and cons of workplace massages, you’re off to a good start. As we’ve come to find out, a workplace massage program is not for every business. When evaluating if corporate massage is right for your organization, there is a lot to consider. Since we are committed to being brutally […]

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Benefits Of Massage Zenovate

Massage Zenovate.com

5. Reduce Health Care Costs. In a recent study on the effects of corporate massage on health care costs, employees experiencing low back pain that received chair massage spent 31% less on doctor’s visits and prescription medication. 6. Improve office morale. Noelle Bates, VP …

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Company Culture Ideas To Steal: How To Hire For Culture

Health Zenovate.com

I’m sure you’re probably familiar with a health savings account. It’s a triple taxed advantage account that lets people save money for health care expenses, either now or in retirement…” HealthEquity’s internal mentorship program lines up coworkers who wouldn’t otherwise work together, so employees can learn from each other.

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Twelve Months Of Wellness Zenovate

Happy Zenovate.com

Spread the love during Valentine’s Day on February 14, but don’t forget to also recognize Heart Health Month! One way to keep your employees healthy and happy is with wellness fairs. By bringing healthcare into the office, you’ll assure that your staff is well taken care of.

Wellness Healthcare
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On Site Massage Services: How Often Is Often Enough

Health Zenovate.com

And it won’t really make a dent in your employees’ health and wellness goals. Even so, a chair massage always feels great and will be much appreciated by your employees. But for greater return on investment regarding health care costs, a more frequent program may be better suited.

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Blog Page 8 Of 31 Zenovate

Incorporate Zenovate.com

The Incorporate Massage technology allows Utah residents to self-schedule their appointments, leaving health care staff free to focus on more important matters. As the state seeks to double COVID-19 testing capacity, the Incorporate Massage booking application will keep an influx of appointments organized.

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Corporate Wellness Laws Zenovate

HIPAA Zenovate.com

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), passed in 1996, affects the way healthcare is dealt with in the workplace as well as in a medical office. Among other things, HIPAA ensures that employees are able to continue their health coverage when changing jobs, through programs such as COBRA.

Wellness Healthcare
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Real ROI On Corporate Wellness: HR Experts Weigh In [video

Related Zenovate.com

Related: Onsite Care — Why Strong Culture Depends on a Healthcare Strategy . Employee Success Means Business Success. Chad Myler, Wellness Director at Usana Health Sciences has several examples of employees who have seen tremendous personal success through their …

Wellness Healthcare
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Incorporate Massage Supports Utah Testing Efforts During

Technology Zenovate.com

Facebook0Tweet0LinkedIn0 (Salt Lake City, UT, April, 6 2020) Incorporate Massage, the leader in corporate chair massage, is proud to announce that its scheduling technology will be used in Utah State’s efforts to expand coronavirus (COVID-19) testing capabilities. The Incorporate Massage technology allows Utah residents to self-schedule their appointments, leaving health care staff free to

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