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blueEHR is Health IT as a Service blueEHR: HITaaS is a SaaS, platform that empowers healthcare service providers and innovators to quickly build and deploy their Health IT solutions using a set of tools and modules available on the cloud with minimal time and cost

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ZH Healthcare Academy Help

Engine Zhhealthcare.com

Gives you a snapshot of patient’s health record. giving a general and quick idea about the patient. CDR Engine. Clinical Decision Rule engine is the engine for the Clinical & Patient Reminders. Call us and speak with an healthcare solutions advisor who will answer any questions you might have. Call us : …

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EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

OpenEMR Zhhealthcare.com

ZH Healthcare is a leading contributor to the OpenEMR system having made substantial contributions in the areas of eRx, Lab Interface, charting, and the Patient Portal. Our development team has experience in every area of OpenEMR and can work with your practice to design, code and implement custom features to OpenEMR. Custom work includes items […]

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EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Certification Zhhealthcare.com

Vendor/Developer Name ZH HealthCare, LLC Certified Health IT/EHR Name blueEHR Certified Health IT/EHR Version 1.0 Certification ID 1314E01RM6AGEAT Certification Date January 5, 2016 Criteria Certified. 170.314(A)(1) Computerized Provider Order Entry 170.314(A)(2) Drug-Drug, Drug-Allergy Interactions Checks

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EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

OpenEMR Zhhealthcare.com

2012-2013 ONC-ATB Ambulatory EHR certified versions. OpenEMR 4.1.2 linux tar ball; OpenEMR 4.1.2 Debian – Ubuntu package; XAMPP – OpenEMR 4.1.2 Windows zip file

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EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Mother Zhhealthcare.com

History OpenEMR came into existence in 1998 when as Ted Dziuba put it: When I was 16 years old, myself and three friends spent a high school summer writing a piece of software. One of our group had a mother who was a physician in Cheshire CT, and we took it upon ourselves to write […]

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Introduction EHR Systems Medical Billing

Areas Zhhealthcare.com

The Analytics module provides you the information on the current financial status of the facility as well as the reports of various areas in the system.

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EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Document Zhhealthcare.com

The document tab allows you to add any document associated to the patient such as reports from other facilities, lab information, patient’s picture etc… You can upload the file with the patient’s information into the database. The figure below shows where the document tab is …

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Patient Portals Are

Patients Zhhealthcare.com

individual patient health information in a secure manner through the Internet. In addition, virtually all patient portals allow patients to interact in some way with the health care providers. Patient portals benefit both patients and providers by increasing efficiency and productivity. Patient portal applications enable patients to register and

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EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Results Zhhealthcare.com

Results Click the “Results” button to see the result for this particular patient that you had selected when you created this test. The result screen will show the results of just a single patient at a time. Batch Results There are other options like “Batch Results” and “Unassociated Results” that can be selected. When selecting […]

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Are We Ready For Data Driven ‪healthcare

Medical Zhhealthcare.com

The healthcare analytics technology uses data for an overall analysis in the field of medicine. Even the developing nations have emerged towards utilizing medical technologies to improve their medical care. A drastic improvement in the life style of the people being more health conscious has led to opportunities for health sector to be data-driven.

Health Insurance
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Current Board Members

Meaningful Zhhealthcare.com

Current Board Members Executive Committee Tony McCormick, Chairman (Vendor, Developer, Integrator) – Tony really is a vendor. He also worked tirelessly for two solid years to achieve the ONC-ATB Ambulatory Meaningful Use Certification and negotiated the donation that helped OEMR swing the certification fee without which Meaningful Use Certification would not have been achieved.

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PATIENT LEDGER EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Ledger Zhhealthcare.com

The patient ledger enables you to get the current billing details of the patient. The patient ledger is divided into basic ledger and detailed ledger. In the basic ledger you get a basic snapshot of the patient’s billing information. You will also have the option to edit the …

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Sleep Study Sleep Lab Mangement Software ZH Healthcare

HIPAA Zhhealthcare.com

Health IT as a Service (HITaaS) on a secure cloud. blueEHR is HITaaS (Health IT as a Service), and is on a HIPAA compliant secure cloud. Enhanced disaster recovery and point in time recovery options coupled with HIPAA Business associate agreements and …

Mens Health
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Appointments EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Appointment Zhhealthcare.com

The appointment option enables you to view multiple patients past appointment details. Here you can view the details on patient’s name, name of the encounter provider, time of visit etc… You can also use the filter option to locate a particular appointment on a specific date or …

Mens Health
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Daily Journal EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Report Zhhealthcare.com

The daily journal report provides you the details on the patient’s distributed or undistributed payments. You can view multiple patient details in this report. Here you will also have the option to filter your search options. This report is also good to identify the payment method as well as …

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Chief Complaints EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Parameter Zhhealthcare.com

This section of the Chart your way section enables you to start entering the Chief Complaints of the patient. Chief Complaints provides the list of complains the doctor can choose from the list above according to the patient complains. Once you select a complaint, the selected parameter will be highlighted noting that the parameter was […]

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Visits EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Option Zhhealthcare.com

Visits. The visits option enables you to view the patients previous visit details. The visit option is divided into appointments, daily journal, encounter detailed report and patient recall report.

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Medical Software’s Free Future EHR Systems Medical

Systems Zhhealthcare.com

Medical Software’s Free Future BMJ 2000;321:976 ( 21 October ) Editorials Medical software’s free future Open collaboration over the internet is changing development methods The government in the United Kingdom spent £7.1bn ($9.9bn) on information systems in 1998-9, of which £1bn was in health care. Yet information systems are difficult to commission, purchase, and evaluate, […]

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Provider And Facility Setup BlueEHR Calendar


ZH Healthcare. Provider and facility setup

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Encounter Detail Report EHR Systems Medical Billing

Details Zhhealthcare.com

The encounter details allow you to view the details on the previous encounter. You can view multiple encounters at one time. You also have the filter option to view a particular encounter details. The line item wise details of an encounter will be displayed here. …

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EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Patient Zhhealthcare.com

ZH Healthcare developed and provided the OpenEMR Patient Portal to the OpenEMR community and it is free for all to use. Installation of the Patient Portal is an important element of getting your patients to use the portal. ZH Healthcare will: Connect your OpenEMR system with the blueEHR Patient Portal Configure your Patient Portal for use […]

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Save Without Justify EHR Systems Medical Billing BlueEHR

Diagnosis Zhhealthcare.com

The fee sheet has an inbuilt justify function, the use of which is as follows. When the encounter is created and the save is done without entering the procedure or diagnosis and the user wants to save the temporary work then this can be used. When either the procedure or the diagnosis is missing then […]

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Your Patient, Your Data! EHR Systems Medical Billing

About Zhhealthcare.com

Fortunately for her, we at ZH Healthcare, have made an art of extracting data from such type of databases, and we did the entire transition for her in about four weeks. The process cost the doctor a …

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Achieve Meaningful Use! EHR Systems Medical Billing

Health Zhhealthcare.com

Meaningful Use Stage 1 certified. blueEHR (formerly ZH- OpenEMR) is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). (See Certificate). ICSA labs web listing The phrase “Meaningful Use” has become a focal point of providers interested in participating in the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Program.

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E Prescription Setup And Training EHR Systems Medical

OpenEMR Zhhealthcare.com

ZH Healthcare provides an integrated ePrescription subscription for OpenEMR on-premise installations. With the ZH Healthcare NewCrop eRx interface, Physicians can create, sign and transmit electronic prescriptions to a patients’ pharmacy of choice. ZH Healthcare will: Connect your OpenEMR system with the NewCrop eRx service Configure your OpenEMR to use the NewCrop eRx service Test your […]

Beauty Training
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Combination Form

Selecting Zhhealthcare.com

The user can also Edit an existing Encounter Form in the combination form area by clicking on the dropdown and then selecting the form to be edited.

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Fair Oaks Psychiatric Associates (FOPA) CA USA EHR

Psychiatric Zhhealthcare.com

Fair Oaks Psychiatric Associates (FOPA) CA USA. The growing Mental Health Clinic, Fair Oaks Psychiatric Associates (FOPA), is located in Sacramento, California and led by Medical Director, Dr. Janak Mehtani, a distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association with more than 20 years of …

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Login Preferences BlueEHR Calendar


ZH Healthcare. Login Preferences

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Lab Interface Setup And Training EHR Systems Medical

Interface Zhhealthcare.com

ZH Healthcare provides Lab Interface installation services and monthly subscriptions for OpenEMR on-premise installations. With the ZH Healthcare Lab Interface providers can post orders and receive results directly integrated into OpenEMR. ZH Healthcare will: Connect your OpenEMR system with Lab Interface service Configure your OpenEMR to use the lab Interface Test your Lab Interface Provide […]

Beauty Face
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Webinar On Form Builder In BlueEHR

Forms Zhhealthcare.com

Webinar on Form Builder in blueEHR. blueEHR allows you to create forms that are similar to the paper forms that you are used to for a long time.

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Webinar: BlueEHR Calendar Module

+1-703-340-8065 Zhhealthcare.com

You may also call +1-703-340-8065 to speak to a support representative or email [email protected]

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BlueEHR Training: Form Builder

BlueEHR Zhhealthcare.com

blueEHR training: form builder. Watch the recording of our live client training webinar demonstrating the blueEHR form builder. Follow along as Enoch Francis shows some of the capability and explains how custom forms can help your practice

Beauty Training
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Instructions For Using BlueEHR In Amazon Web Services

Instance Zhhealthcare.com

Once a new instance is launched from the AMI, blueEHR can be accessed using the following URL. https://<public_dns or public IP >/public/index.php (Public DNS of your aws instance is displayed in the aws control panel). The default username is : admin The default Password is : aws instanceId (Will get from the AWS Control Panel.

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