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Health Care Lifeline For Rural Areas Languishes

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Source: Health Care Lifeline for Rural Areas Languishes Coronavirus concerns have kept many of Zimbabwe’s village health workers home. Their patients fear going without this key front-line resource. Photo Credit: Illustration by Matt Haney, Global Press Journal This story was originally published by Global Press Journal. MUROMBEDZI, ZIMBABWE — On a normal day, Bernard […]

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Scarred By COVID Battle, Health Workers Lack Support

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Zimbabwe has 44,067 health workers, which is 4,580 less than the country requires, says professor Auxilia Chideme Munodawafa, vice chairperson of the Health Service Board of Zimbabwe. More than 1,000 health care workers resigned in 2020, a slight increase over previous years.

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Corruption Bleeding Health Sector: TI Z

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1 day ago · Respondents who participated in the TI-Z study said they had resorted to paying bribes in cash or kind, including sex transactions to solicit for healthcare services from health workers. “Pharmaceutical companies are sometimes left out in the bidding process while briefcase companies with links to politically exposed persons are given

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‘Health Facilities Now Impressive’

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Medical professionals say Zimbabwe’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has improved facilities at health institutions, boosting the quality of health care and people will benefit long term. Latest news headlines from Zimbabwe Situation

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JUST IN: Covid 19 Boosts Zim Health System

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Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 response improved the quality of the country’s healthcare system and people will benefit from it beyond the pandemic, Midlands provincial medical director Dr Reginald Mhene has said. Several infrastructure developments were done at hospitals as well as the recruitment of more health personnel.

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COVID 19 Undercuts Health Gains

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The disease has stifled progress towards universal healthcare coverage,” Community Working Group on Health executive director Itai Rusike said. He said of concern too was the fact that the disease had had a knock-on effect on livelihoods, pushed more people into poverty, food insecurity, amplified gender, social and health inequities hence

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Health Workers Left On Their Own In COVID 19 Battle

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The country’s healthcare infrastructure has crumbled over the last two decades due to economic and political instability. Once-heralded public hospitals lack basic supplies such as personal protective gear, and ventilators. Many highly-trained health workers have fled the country in search of better jobs abroad.

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COVID 19 Worsens Zimbabwe's Health Crisis

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“The health system is on its knees”, says Ferrand. Services were overstretched before the COVID-19 epidemic, but this has now worsened dramatically as health-care workers are concerned about their risk, many have been infected, and there is no clear pathway for how to …

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‘Health Providers Must Embrace Technology’

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ZIMBABWE’S healthcare providers have been urged to embrace technology which would help them provide telehealth services following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. This comes as face-to-face meetings and gatherings are now generally discouraged by the World Health Organisation protocols on combating the spread of the virus.

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How Do We Deliver Health Services To People

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We simply cannot afford this level of care. Curative institutions are at the top end of the cost structure for health care, public health and home-based health care, at the other end – low-cost systems that can deliver a better quality of life and longer life, for the majority.

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Doctors Warn Zimbabwe Healthcare Could Face Collapse As

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Doctors warn Zimbabwe healthcare could face collapse as hospitals are overwhelmed amid Covid cases spike. 0 January 8, 2021 3:18 PM Doctors in Zimbabwe have said the health system is overwhelmed and could collapse as the country battles a new wave of infections that has prompted a strict new 30-day lockdown.

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A Perspective On Zim's Health Delivery System

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The government is committed to Agenda 2030 and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Goal number three focuses on good health and that access to health is a basic human right. According to the constitution healthcare is a right of every …

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COVID 19 Leaves Maternal Healthcare In A Coma

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“Citizens Health Watch implores the government to put in place urgent measures to reinforce provision of sexual reproductive health services. “SRHR [sexual health reproductive rights] must become an integral part of COVID-19 response planning, in particular the provision of free maternal health care,” Dube said.

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‘3rd Wave Already In Zim’

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1 day ago · HEALTH experts yesterday warned that the third wave of COVID-19 had already hit the country as evidenced by the surge in new infections in the past few weeks, a situation which poses a huge challenge to the already ailing public healthcare system. Stakeholders in the health

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Govt Urged To Finance Healthcare

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Provision of primary healthcare has been the preserve of local authorities as they are often cheaper than State-run facilities and private centres. Last year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa issued a directive that all healthcare facilities should provide free services to children under the age of five years, citizens over 65 years old and pregnant women.

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Inside Zimbabwe’s Healthcare Collapse

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Source: Inside Zimbabwe’s healthcare collapse – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 16, 2019 BY PHYLLIS MBANJE. A TWO-MONTH standoff between doctors and the government has brought the health delivery system in the country virtually to its knees, exposing the government’s non-commitment to guaranteeing universal healthcare.

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Masiyiwa Urges African Governments To Prioritise Health

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One way of doing this, Masiyiwa said, was the setting up of a 12-month emergency fund for health workers. “The fund should pay all healthcare workers a special allowance of not less than 100% their current salary, until this crisis is over,” he explained.

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Health Care Reels From Underfunding


Source: Health care reels from underfunding

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Health Workers Are The Frontline Soldiers Against COVID 19

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Spain reported that more than 3,900 health care workers have become infected, We need a whole-of-society resolve that we will not let our frontline soldiers become patients. We must do everything to support health workers who, despite their own well-founded fears, are stepping directly into COVID-19’s path to aid the afflicted and help halt the virus’s spread.

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US Firms To Set Up US$100m Health Facility


Source: US firms to set up US$100m health facility

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COVID 19 Worsens Zimbabwe’s Health Crisis

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In addition, the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) is insufficient, and most community health workers are not aware of the correct infection prevention and control measures, said Ferrand. The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights said on July 28 that 200 health workers in Zimbabwe had so far tested positive for COVID-19.

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Zimbabwe's Hospitals 'overwhelmed' As Health Workers

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“The situation at the hospitals is now dire. There is no care available as health-care workers cannot afford to come to work anymore,” it said. The recent Covid-19 looting scandal makes it worse. Health and childcare minister Obadiah Moyo appeared in court on …

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Govt, Health Firm In US$5 Million Partnership Deal

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Healthcare in Zimbabwe has been in a shambles due to underfunding of the sector turning the country’s major hospitals into death traps. The parlous state of the public health system has left most people relying on private hospitals.

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Why Public Hospitals Are Congested

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About 80 percent of income to private health care providers in Zimbabwe comes from Medical Aid Societies and they contribute more than 20 percent of the country’s total health expenditure. The reality is that the high share of private health insurance spending is not reflected in equally significant coverage rates because the 20 percent covers less than 10 percent of the population.

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Drs Anita Makkenchery And Brandy Farrar: The Role Of

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The Centre for Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Research Zimbabwe (CeSHHAR), founded in 2012 and headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, conducts evidence-based research related to HIV/AIDS, its prevention, and policy making, as well as provides and implements sexual and reproductive health education and interventions in several key research streams: sex workers, masculinity, and …

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‘2020 Marks Death Of Public Health System’

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Fungisayi Dube (trustee Citizens Health Watch) “The coronavirus pandemic has further incapacitated our healthcare system. 2020 marked the death of our public health system. We witnessed a further increase in maternal mortality and in July, there was an unprecedented number of …

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WHO Urges Govts To Prioritise Safety Of Healthcare Workers

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THE World Health Organisation (WHO) has made a clarion call on governments and healthcare leaders to prioritise the safety of workers and patients. Healthcare workers have been the most affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic and in Zimbabwe, over 400 health workers have been infected with the virus, a situation which forced nurses and doctors

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Challenges Public Health Sector: CWGH

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Zimbabwe needs sustained investments in primary health care to revitalise the health system to close gaps in access to services and to address the causes of ill health. Presenetly, infrastructure in hospitals is dilapidated, some is obsolete; medicines and supplies are in short supply; doctors, laboratorians, pharmacists, paramedics and nurses are inadequate and poorly motivated.

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Bon Vie Medical Aid Rolls Out Primary Health Facilities

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Med Access opens up health care to a lot more people that are vulnerable. It’s a package, which is only $5 per member per month and you are able to access health care services from all our clinics, Government clinics, districts and mission hospitals.

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The Devastating Effects Of COVID 19 On Maternal Health In

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Already Zimbabwe is battling high maternal mortality rates. During the ongoing lockdown period, the government has been urged to prioritise maternal health care. Authorities must make arrangements to ensure women and girls have to access antenatal care, maternity waiting homes and skilled medical care to give birth.

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Zimbabwe Doctors, Nurses Decry Government Rule That Aims

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The ministry said last month that health care workers must get official signatures to receive a “Certificate of Good Standing” – a needed reference to get work abroad. A doctors group says it’s an attempt to stop a mass exodus after poor treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Corona Haunts Health Workers

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Health workers are now also spreading the disease. Look at a small hospital like Chinhoyi where 66 nurses were reported positive. Also look at Lupane and Jotsholo health care centres which were closed after 11 workers tested positive. “You can imagine the scores of people that they had interacted with.

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VP Chiwenga Restructures Health Ministry

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The Zimbabwe national health care system traditionally had four levels: primary health centres, district and mission hospitals, provincial hospitals; and central or teaching hospitals. “We have now added the fifth level or the quaternary hospital which is …

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Profiteering In Health Sector Morally Wrong

Anniversary Zimbabwesituation.com

Health minister Obadiah Moyo, as reported in our Monday edition, expressed concern — while speaking at the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ) 50th anniversary in Bulawayo recently — over the pricing structures being used by some health care

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Health Sector Gets $6,5bn

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They will receive assisted health care under the Assisted Medical Treatment Orders (AMTO) facility and cash transfers among other social protection benefits. “The Abuja Target remains an elusive target for the country as Government expenditure on health is still less than 15 percent, (Abuja target) over the period 2012-2019,” said Prof Ncube.

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Repairing A Broken Health System: Lessons From Rwanda

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People feel more comfortable in seeking out healthcare at health facilities and they trust the advice given to them by health professionals. More work remains. There have been tangible benefits to this rebuilding. Life expectancy has doubled. Immunisation coverage rates also increased from less than 30% in 1995 (with five kinds of vaccines

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323 Health Workers Test Positive For Covid 19

Kenya Zimbabwesituation.com

In South Africa, more than 3 500 health professionals have been infected by the novel coronavirus according to the country’s Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, with 34 fatalities having been recorded so far. Kenya has seen 257 infections among healthcare workers while …

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Zimbabwe's Health Care Crisis Deepens As Virus Rage

Zimbabwe’s Zimbabwesituation.com

Zimbabwe’s health care crisis deepens as virus rage Source: Zimbabwe’s health care crisis deepens as virus rage – France 24 Harare (AFP) Gut-wrenching images of seven stillborn infants wrapped separately in green sheets and laid out in a row on a hospital counter in Zimbabwe have drawn public outrage. Seven of the eight births in […]

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Doctors: Collapse Of The Health System And Withdrawal Of

Develop Zimbabwesituation.com

Develop a sustainable health care reform strategy to ensure that every Zimbabwean enjoys the right to basic health care as enshrined in the Constitution. 4. Develop a conflict transformation strategy for government in dealing with grievances to avoid disastrous unilateral approach to conflict as witnessed in handling the strike by medical

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Redirect Funds Toward Maternal Health Services

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Health system is on its knees.” Source: Redirect funds toward maternal health services – The Zimbabwean Recently I read an article about a woman who delivered twins at one of the Harare City Council clinic’s gate because the clinic had been closed. I shuddered to think how much worse it may get unless the new national health leaders redirect some resources toward maternal health

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Health Budget Slated As 'grossly Inadequate'

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HARARE – Zimbabwe’s 2019 health budget remains grossly inadequate to fund the critical needs in the sector, the Community Working Group on Health has said. CWG executive director Itai Rusike told the Daily News that government continues its over reliance on development partners, which raises the spectre of a health emergency should donor funding be withdrawn.

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Taking Equitable Health To Prisons The Malawian Way

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‘The provision of health care for prisoners is a State responsibility. Prisoners should enjoy the same standards of health care that are available in the community and should have access to necessary health-care services free of charge without discrimination on the grounds of their legal status.

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In Zimbabwe, A Talk Therapy Program Provides Mental Health

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“[The program] came from the necessity to find a space to offer this mental health program, which was not present at the primary health care clinics before,” explained Ruth Verhey, a clinical psychologist based in Harare, the capital, and Friendship Bench’s program director. Mental health services can be difficult to obtain in Zimbabwe.

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Solutions Lie In Appreciating The Importance Of Health

Starting Zimbabwesituation.com

Solutions lie in appreciating the importance of health. It is important to adhere to the Abuja Declaration as the starting point. Further, we must craft a healthcare policy framework that places health at the centre of economic development starting with the budget allocation.

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VP Chiwenga Outlines Health Policy To Partners

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“The desire is to have a national health care system that ensures equitable access to health care services of sufficient quality to all, thereby, leaving no-one behind. “Our vision is, therefore, underpinned by the requirement to restructure the Ministry and introduce a new working culture premised on sound work ethics reflecting

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China Helps Reduce Maternal Deaths In Chimanimani

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Most infrastructure, including clinics, hospitals and schools were levelled by the heavy rains and mudslides, leaving residents, particularly pregnant women without any form of health care facility. However, with the aid of the Chinese government and other well-wishers, maternal deaths in Chimanimani and Chipinge dropped by 46 percent in 2020

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Zim Slashes Healthcare Budget

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The health sector is heavily dependent on the international donor funding while staff morale is low due to poor remuneration. The majority of Zimbabweans cannot afford basic health care services and government is financially crippled to subsidise services.

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Inadequate Examination Causing Maternal Deaths

Source Zimbabwesituation.com

Source: Inadequate examination causing maternal deaths – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 23, 2019 BY PRIMROSE HAISA. STATE-RUN antenatal care facilities are failing to provide essential services to pregnant women, with 90% of patients not being examined properly due to chronic shortages of medical equipment and lack of skilled staff, leading to preventable deaths, the Auditor …

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Boost Health Spending: Doctors

Abuja Zimbabwesituation.com

national health budget allocation to meet the Abuja Declaration of 15 percent. Seventeen years after the Zimbabwe government pledged in the Abuja declaration to allocate at least 15 percent of their annual budgets to healthcare by 2015, it has dismally failed to meet this goal. Last year, Treasury allocated $400 million to the Health and Child Care

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