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How To Verify Patient Eligibility Under The HRSA Uninsured

COVID-19 Zolldata.com

Health care providers who have conducted COVID-19 testing or provided treatment for uninsured individuals with a COVID-19 diagnosis on or after February 4, 2020 can request claims reimbursement through the program electronically and will be …

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Change How You Communicate With Hospitals & Healthcare

Exchange Zolldata.com

ZOLL Care Exchange Changes How EMS Communicate with Healthcare Providers. Through the implementation of InterSystems HealthShare, we created the ZOLL Care Exchange to change how EMS providers communicate with hospitals and health care providers. ZOLL Care Exchange will also improve EMS quality and reimbursement efficiency by providing more timely and complete …

Cats Health
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HL7 Integration Care Exchange ZOLL

Collaboration Zolldata.com

Up-to-date, aggregated patient information from many sources is essential for continuity of care, as well as for revenue cycle efficiency and clinical quality improvement. ZOLL Data Systems is transforming healthcare collaboration between EMS partners with its proven HL7 …

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A Patient Centered Learning Healthcare System: The EMS Of

Healthcare Zolldata.com

Welcome to part three of the three-part series focusing on healthcare reform and the future of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In part one, we reviewed the key concepts of healthcare reform, including the Triple Aim, patient navigation, and the ability to access a patient’s electronic health information.In part two, we focused specifically on Health Information Exchange (HIE) and four key

Health Insurance
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How Health Care Fits Into The Internet Of Things

Health Zolldata.com

Real-time healthcare. This is what people are calling the “real-time health care system” where a collection of different technologies and health practices are generating data and responding to events in real-time, and then applying those insights to the care of the patient. That will eventually be true across the entirety of the healthcare

Health Insurance
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Integrating EMS Into The Healthcare System

Healthcare Zolldata.com

Welcome to part one of a three-part series focusing on healthcare reform and the future of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). In the near future, a second post, we will explore how integration of healthcare systems and health information exchange (HIE) will bring new …

Health Insurance
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Integrating EMS Into Healthcare EMS & Fire Software

System Zolldata.com

Integrating EMS with the Healthcare System- Lessons learned from two organizations that got the job done! Hear how a large EMS service and fire department are integrating with the healthcare system: Why they made it a priority to connect to the health care system now; Their practical tips on setting your journey up for success

Health Insurance
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Aggregating COVID 19 Data For A More Holistic View Of The

COVID-19 Zolldata.com

COVID-19 has made significant impact in healthcare, from clinical to financial, and operational to workforce management. Aggregating data from multiple sources enables new levels of reporting.

Covid 19 Health
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What Does Integration Into The Healthcare System Look Like

Healthcare Zolldata.com

EMS is the only acute healthcare provider where the care is physically delivered to the patient, as oppose to the patient physically traveling to the healthcare provider. At the community level, healthcare is typically organized into Systems of Care. A System of Care is a coordinated network of hospitals, providers and healthcare resources.

Health Insurance
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ZOLL EmsCharts EPCR Patient Care Reports

Healthcare Zolldata.com

Interoperability with other healthcare providers and technologies is a key enabler for care coordination, which leads to better clinical outcomes, as well as improved patient experiences. ZOLL emsCharts is built for HL7 healthcare information exchange (HIE), enabling bi-directional data transfer between technologies and healthcare providers.

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July Roundup: The Integration Of EMS Into Healthcare For

Health Zolldata.com

The future of healthcare is often described by combining these two concepts into a Patient-Centered Learning Healthcare System. To be successful, we must leverage healthcare Information Technology (IT) including electronic health records and health information exchange to improve health, health care quality, safety, and communication for all

Health Insurance
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What Does Hospital Data & HIE Really Mean To EMS

Health Zolldata.com

Health Information Exchange allows healthcare professionals and patients to appropriately access and securely share a patient’s vital medical information electronically. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has established requirements for the exchange of electronic health records.

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Healthcare Credit Checks Benefit Patients And Providers

Patient Zolldata.com

(4 min read) When a patient checks in to see a new healthcare provider, there is the inevitable package of new patient paperwork. Along with the patient health history forms and HIPPA disclosures, there may also be a financial policy. Patients may not remember signing it, let alone reading the details, which include consenting to a credit report.

Health Insurance
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ZOLL® AR Boost: Accounts Receivable Management

Professionals Zolldata.com

ZOLL AR Boost’s Deductible Monitoring tool equips health care systems and providers with real-time intelligence around a patient’s deductible fulfillment. This allows revenue cycle professionals to drop claims with surgical precision increasing the likelihood of receiving proper reimbursement while reduce self-pay collections costs.

Mens Health
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A Look Back At 2017 From An EMS & Healthcare Perspective

Health Zolldata.com

Early in 2017, bills were crafted, all with similar components aimed at removing the individual mandate to maintain health insurance, removing subsidies to assist those low-income individuals with the purchase of health insurance and providing federal healthcare funding for each state to administer.

Health Insurance
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EMS & Healthcare In 2018: A Look Into The Near Future

Healthcare Zolldata.com

Healthcare reform using value-based reimbursement and population health models is altering the healthcare landscape. At the healthcare system level, there is a movement toward mergers or partnerships (i.e. UNC & Carolinas Healthcare). Through this consolidation, healthcare systems feel they can improve access to care, improve quality and better

Health Insurance
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EMS Mobile Health

Patient Zolldata.com

With EMS Mobile Health, users can: Review a patient’s medical history including vital signs, lab values and medications ; Easily document the assessments and treatments performed in the field; Inventory medications a patient is taking; Email patient assessment reports to healthcare providers

Health Insurance
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How EMS Providers Can Spend CARES Act Relief Funds And

Funds Zolldata.com

HHS further states that it “encourages the use of funds to cover lost revenue so that providers can respond to the coronavirus public health emergency by maintaining healthcare delivery capacity (EMS translation: cost of readiness to prepare for possible increased call volume). Specific examples of categories where funds could be properly

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Interoperability Has Come A Long Way, But There Is Much To

Healthcare Zolldata.com

Even national healthcare exchanges, such as CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality, have produced lackluster results when it comes to the vision for a single connection that enables EMS agencies to exchange timely, meaningful information with every hospital and healthcare

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EMS And Healthcare In 2019: A Glimpse Into The Future

Health Zolldata.com

Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Another key to success for EMS in 2019 will be interoperability with other healthcare providers and electronic health records. Standards such as HL7 and IHE, along with regional, state, and national health information exchanges will allow EMS to better exchange important patient demographic and

Health Insurance
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EMSA's Experience Getting EMS Connected To The Healthcare

About Zolldata.com

I became really passionate about health information exchange (HIE) about 8 years ago. HIE is defined in its purest form as mobilization of healthcare information electronically across the region or community. The more I learned about it, the more I realized it will be a game changer in healthcare in the U.S. as it has in other places in the world.

Experience Health
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Mobile “Interoperable” Healthcare: An Alternative

Become Zolldata.com

Health Information Exchange (HIE) has become a new buzzword within the EMS industry, and interoperability is a key driver behind it. We’ve progressed from a purely transport-based industry into one that has become a mobile “interoperable” healthcare profession. There’s certainly more progress to come! Share this Article: Related Post.

Health Insurance
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Data Sharing Myth: HIPAA Prevents Bi Directional Health

Exchange Zolldata.com

The Federal privacy law permits and endorses bi-directional health information exchange (HIE) between EMS and healthcare facilities. Misconceptions about HIPAA have created an artificial barrier to vital bi-directional data exchange between care providers that could improve patient outcomes and advance evidence-based practices in prehospital care.

Health Insurance
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The Never Quite Forgotten Compliance Risk

Health Zolldata.com

According to a white paper published onJuly 24, 2019, by Leavitt Partners, “Patients who are low-income, who have multiple chronic conditions, or who face challenges related to the social determinants of health are too often challenged in accessing reliable transportation to and from health care providers.” They state, NEMT “enables

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ZOLL Care Exchange Integrated Healthcare Infographic ZOLL

Healthcare Zolldata.com

This is where EMS will finally be adopted, accepted, crowned and rewarded as a formal member of the healthcare community. Find out: How EMS fits into the vision of healthcare reform; What opportunities the integration of healthcare systems and health information exchange (HIE) will bring to EMS operations and clinical care

Health Insurance
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5 Obstacles To EMS And Hospital Interoperability

There’s Zolldata.com

There’s general agreement that both EMS and healthcare providers can realize key benefits from such an exchange of health information: improved care and patient outcomes, streamlined operational efficiencies, reduced time to reimbursement.

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Repeal. Replace. Repeat

Hospital Zolldata.com

A member of the firm's Healthcare & Life Sciences Team, which is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the United States, she has extensive experience representing state and national healthcare organizations, individual hospital and health systems, and prior to joining the firm, served in several in-house hospital senior government

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Consider Community Paramedicine To Tackle Rising

Visits Zolldata.com

Save health care dollars by preventing unnecessary ambulance transports, emergency room visits and inpatient hospitalizations. A key theme in our community paramedicine program is overcoming geographic and transportation barriers through outreach and home visits to meet the needs of low-income residents in county locations where primary care

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Participating In The ET3 Model

Health Zolldata.com

It is a voluntary, program designed to provide greater flexibility to EMS agencies to address emergency health care needs following a 911 call. CMS will, for the first time, pay participants to transport to an alternative destination partner, such as a primary care office, urgent care clinic, or a community mental health center (CMHC).

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Why Healthcare Is Taking Its Business To The Cloud

Cloud-based Zolldata.com

Cloud-based solutions offer many advantages for the healthcare industry, but also require unique considerations. Planning for an orderly transition from on-premise to the cloud may mean a hybrid approach tailored to your needs.

Health Insurance
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7 Steps To Bring Your EMS Billing In House EMS Billing

Billing Zolldata.com

How to Bring Your Billing In-House Bring Your EMS Billing In-House with These 7 Steps. If you currently outsource your billing and collections functions, and are considering the option of bringing your billing in-house, it’s imperative that you assess the entire billing process prior to making any changes.

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Show Me The Money! How To Maximize Payment For Community

Mobile Zolldata.com

“Show me the money” echoed by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the hit movie Jerry Maguire, is a great quote to echo that work well done deserves compensation.Well, in the days of transition of EMS toward Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine (MIH/CP) this age ole adage has once again become a current day mantra; all of EMS needs the business of healthcare to “show them the …

Mens Health
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New Rules: How Will The New CMS/ONC Interoperability Rules

Healthcare Zolldata.com

Ideally, this fosters the ability of a patient’s caregiver and healthcare provider to securely access and share health information to better service their patient’s needs. Key components include: Making the patient the center of the healthcare system.

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EMS Data: An Integral Part Of The Health Data Ecosystem

HIMSS Zolldata.com

Each year, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference and Exhibition brings together health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. One of the specialty exhibit areas is dedicated solely to interoperability Feb. 20-22: HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. ZOLL will again be sending a group of ambassadors to this …

Health Insurance
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HIPAA, Privacy, And You

Healthcare Zolldata.com

Healthcare organizations routinely work with some of the most sensitive data you’ll ever see - information that includes names, addresses, social security numbers, and intricate details about personal health. The sort of stuff that could fetch a tidy profit on the black market.

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EMS Mobile App Roundup – Check Out The Latest & Greatest

Resuscitation Zolldata.com

Resuscitation gives you a case presentation of a patient who is ill, and you play the role of the health care provider. You are in control and can take a history, perform a physical exam, develop a differential diagnosis and administer therapy to treat the patient’s underlying problem.

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How To Identify & Manage The Top 5 Risks Of A HIPAA Breach

Breach Zolldata.com

One of the largest HIPAA settlements to date involved an assessment of $5.55 million in penalties against Advocate Health Care Network. That settlement came about after several breach incidents, including the loss of an unencrypted laptop that was left in an unlocked vehicle overnight that contained records on thousands of patients.

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Observations On EMS Differences

Hospital Zolldata.com

The absence of nationalized health care allows private, hospital or hospital chains to vie for paying patients. Draws such as TV and newspaper advertising highlighting services combined with the promotion of ‘rockstar’ like physicians to bill boards and web sites displaying current emergency department wait times abound.

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Interoperability Part 2: What’s Next

Conference Zolldata.com

Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is the largest healthcare conference in the world with 42,000 attendees, 1,200 exhibitors. The conference features an interoperability showcase with 19 demonstrations, 117 systems integrated across 66 organizations and 7,482 visitors.

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EMS Mobile Health Community Paramedicine

Health Zolldata.com

A Guided Path to Better Health Outcomes. With EMS Mobile Health, medics are guided through the charting process, with features that streamline each visit and support improved health care for patients. Spend More Time with Patients and Less On Documentation. EMS Mobile Health helps organizations quickly scale their paramedicine programs to address

Health Insurance
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The Latest Compliance Tips For Successful EMS Operations

Administration Zolldata.com

Healthcare Reform: Changing an Era or Error? One of the prime objectives of the new administration was to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Round 1 went to the ACA, as the new administration was unable to obtain the needed votes to pass the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the administration’s replacement for the ACA.

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How EMS Mobile Health Guided An Arizona Agency To Better

Community Zolldata.com

GRFD Launches a Community Integrated Healthcare Program. After a year spent in development, the Community Integrated Healthcare Program (CIHP) at GRFD began operations on June 30, 2014, with the goals of improving the overall health of the community, right sizing the care of patients and reducing hospital readmissions.

Health Insurance
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Resources Library: EMS, EMTs & Paramedics Resources

ZOLL® Zolldata.com

Take a look at some of our resources, covering topics such as ZOLL® Dispatch, EMS billing, fire operations, fleet management, healthcare and more.

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New Perspectives Call For New EMS Practices In 2021

Public Zolldata.com

Regardless of our public safety roots, we are a part of the healthcare and public health systems, and we deserve recognition, funding, and representation as a result. After all, our numbers have suffered during this pandemic just like those of the hospitals. Now, with a spotlight shown on us, hospitals can see that we are one of “them” and

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Interoperability Part 1: What Is It & How Does It Relate

Information Zolldata.com

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and patient privacy laws have been used as an excuse to shut down information sharing. Now, with the new legislation mandating information sharing, the government is helping to educate healthcare providers and patients about how they can protect their information while still

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ResponderStrong Report: Mental Health & Emergency Responders

Mental Zolldata.com

Telehealth-based mental healthcare, which has proven effective within other niches, including the military; Innovative new training platforms including mobile and digital technologies like virtual reality; Ongoing mental health components within training schedules . The report goes in to a lot more detail than this summary.

Mens Health
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Tackling Hospital Readmissions, How Is EMS Positioned

Takes Zolldata.com

Here are a few suggestions to better position your organization to help your local hospital(s) reduce emergency room readmissions as health care reform takes shape. Begin Now : It takes time to understand specific needs, build trust and establish value, therefore be proactive in setting an appointment with the Emergency Room Medical Director

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ZOLL Pulse Blog: Insights For EMS ZOLL Data Systems


Health Information Exchange; 5 Blogs from SUMMIT 2019 Speakers to Help Get You Pumped for SUMMIT 2020. Bridget Yoder

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